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Waker of Presidents
Brent Scowcroft, a career Air Force officer and two-time White House national security adviser who died last week at 95, set the gold standard for running the National Security Council. He established a disciplined and focused process during eventful
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Restoring The Idea Of Character-Formation
Michael Brendan Dougherty discussed the future of cities, pandemic-era Ireland, the idea of character-formation, and more, with Charles F. McElwee, assistant editor of City Journal. Dougherty is a senior writer at National Review. In addition, Doughe
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An Affront to Civil Society
Every charitable organization in the United States should be alarmed about New York State Attorney General Letitia James’s legal action to dissolve the National Rifle Association—including groups that oppose gun rights and would repeal the Second Ame
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West Side Storm
If the state of things in one of its iconic neighborhoods is any indication, New York isn’t creating the conditions for recommitment to the city.
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Time for Food Resilience
Ensuring that calories get to people’s plates during an emergency requires flexible, creative thinking.
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The Dangers of Herd Skepticism
FDA approval of a Covid-19 vaccine will be only the start of a necessary series of events that should ultimately lead to individual-level protection, herd immunity, and a decline in transmission of infection. When most people develop immunity—either
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Cherishing “Third Places” In Unhappy Times
Society depends on its watering holes and gathering spots, now at serious risk of disappearing.
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The Last Great Newspaperman
Pete Hamill, New York’s revered newspaperman, died at 85 in Brooklyn, where he grew up. Nearly four years ago, following decades in Manhattan, Hamill and his wife had crossed the East River and returned to the repository of his stories and columns. H
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An American Moment in France
In May and June, Paris was besieged by tens of thousands of French citizens who braved the risk of Covid-19 to demonstrate under the banner of the Black Lives Matter movement, while carrying portraits of George Floyd like a martyr’s icon. Far away fr
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Playing with Fire: The Unwinding of Public Safety
Heather Mac Donald joins Seth Barron to discuss YouTube’s restriction of her livestreamed speech on policing, allegations of widespread racial bias in the criminal-justice system, and the ongoing reversal of public-safety gains in New York City.
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Divide and Conquer
If you thought that the executive order New York mayor Bill de Blasio signed on July 28 to help minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) get more business opportunities would make all minority entrepreneurs happy, you’d be surprised. So
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Don’t Cancel School
In early June, America was united, briefly, on the need to reopen schools. Other countries had managed to do so successfully, and evidence suggested that children were at low risk from severe Covid-19 complications. But that was before President Dona
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College, Coursework, and Covid
Like most institutions in American society, academia has been badly shaken by Covid-19. Many universities in the Northeast abruptly closed as the pandemic accelerated. Students were sent home, which in some cases involved returning to the other side
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Hire More Cops
The death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police has ignited calls to defund police forces across the country. While reforms targeted at punishing and removing bad cops, such as elimination of qualified immunity in civil cases and
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Fight for What You Love
The moving trucks are here. On any given day, you can see two or three on a sin-gle block, loading mattresses, sofas, microwaves. Yes, some residents are leaving. I’m not among them. In fact, while the visible signs of exodus are alarming, the majori
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America’s Biggest Small Town
Inga Saffron discussed her new book on Philadelphia and the state of the city with Charles F. McElwee, assistant editor of City Journal. Saffron is the architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer and writes a weekly column about design, plannin
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Vison Zero, Zero-ed Out
Bill de Blasio is neglecting one of his signature programs—and a major quality-of-life issue for residents, workers, and visitors.
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Plug the Golden State’s Leaks
As Congress considers a $100 billion Covid-related financial-support package to help states and localities gear up for the coming school year, California should act quickly to plug leaks that will cost its own schools their likely share of that aid.
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More Panicked Than Presidential
On November 8, 1864, Abraham Lincoln defeated former General George B. McClellan to win reelection as president of a divided United States. Barely 100 miles from Washington, D.C., Robert E. Lee’s Confederate army was encamped in a line that began at
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Does Anyone Really Want to Defund the Police?
Radical calls to abolish law enforcement won’t lead to anything good—and most Americans seem to know it.
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A Scottish Divorce?
Boris Johnson celebrated the first anniversary of his premiership in the Orkney Islands, off the coast of northern Scotland. Even by the hectic standards of modern British politics, the prime minister’s first year in Downing Street has been grueling:
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Don’t Break Up Big Tech
The chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google (part of the group, along with Netflix, known as the FANGs) were questioned this week by the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee on the question of the companies’ size and influence. Rein
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There Is No Substitute for Proactive Policing
History and experience demonstrate that focusing exclusively on violent felonies will fail in fighting crime.
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Catholic Schools, Charters, and Choice
Nicole Stelle Garnett joins Brian Anderson to discuss the importance of Catholic schools, their struggle to compete with charter schools, and what the Supreme Court’s recent Espinoza decision will mean for private-school choice—the subjects of her st
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Biden Opens the Door for School Choice
Facing the prospect of another semester, or even year, of the failure of public education to adapt to Covid-19, American parents are scrambling to form educational “pods” in collaboration with other families. Ten families chipping in $10,000 apiece,
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California’s Woke Hypocrisy
Leaders offer platitudes and counterproductive policies rather than opportunities and better living standards for the state’s minorities.
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Children Last
Kansas gives oversight authority of its foster-care system to radical activists who want to dismantle it.
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The Future of De-escalation
“Defund the police” advocates write off law enforcement as beyond reform. Among their movement’s pernicious side effects is the tendency to undermine past and ongoing efforts at reform, such as de-escalation—a major focus prior to the death of George
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A Free Man
When Charles Evers died last week at 97, the New York Times obituary was suitably respectful. Running nearly 1,400 words, it rightly counted Evers, along with Representative John Lewis and Martin Luther King lieutenant C. T. Vivian, among the “promin
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Tax Happy in Illinois
Illinois is in awful economic shape. It has the third-largest unfunded liabilities as a percentage of pension obligations in the nation. Its growth rate has been pegged at 45th lowest of the 50 states. Its business regulatory climate is unfriendly. O
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