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Bring Back Boomtown
For most of its history, New York was one of America’s great boomtowns, growing at a rate comparable with metro Dallas or Houston today. From America’s first census until 1930, the city’s population expanded by double-digit percentages every decade—a
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Dark Days Ahead?
As power outages go, the Broadway Blackout of 2019 was pretty modest. About 73,000 customers lost power in parts of Manhattan’s Midtown and Upper West Side neighborhoods for several hours just as evening fell on the city’s central entertainment distr
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Giving In to Big Corn
The Environmental Protection Agency released a final rule on May 30 that opens the door for gasoline to be blended year-round with up to 15 percent ethanol, a mixture called E15. This rule boosts by 50 percent the proportion of ethanol (denatured eth
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Restoring Order on BART
In its transit system, at least, San Francisco may be rediscovering what New York City learned a generation ago.
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Insult To Injury In The Rust Belt
The region’s economic problems are challenging enough, but political corruption makes them even harder to address.
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“Woke” Politics Over Progress in New York Schools
Ray Domanico joins City Journal associate editor Seth Barron to discuss New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza’s controversial and divisive leadership of the nation’s largest public school system. Domanico details Carranza’s emphasis on ri
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A Whole Lot of America
We’re in an era of frantic, “historic” presidential elections. In their book Game Change, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin called the 2008 election “the race of a lifetime,” and it seemed so, with Barack Obama battling with Hillary Clinton in a drama
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Kamala Harris’s Wrongheaded Housing Plan
The presidential candidate proposes $100 billion to help minority homebuyers, but such interventions always make things worse.
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Biden’s Busing Backtrack
Kamala Harris has given her presidential campaign a boost by reviving 1970s battles about busing. During the first Democratic candidates’ debate, Harris lay in wait to attack Joe Biden for his opposition to busing back then. Coming prepared with verb
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Welcome to California
Building homes in California requires a significant investment of time, money, and other resources, leading many developers to avoid construction projects. But in northwest Los Angeles County, one builder has stayed the course since 1994. On completi
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Courting Homelessness
Boise, Idaho asks the Supreme Court to reverse rulings that shackle its attempts to clear city streets.
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Atlanta Now
The hub of the New South is no longer a go-go city, and it needs to adjust to that reality.
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Homelessness Strains New York’s Libraries
Stephen Eide joins City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss how homeless services are putting pressure on one of New York City’s most valued cultural institutions: the New York Public Library. Eide describes the situation in “Disorder in the Sta
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Britain’s Housing Crisis
In 1951, Britain faced a housing crisis: not enough dwellings had been built to replace those destroyed by German bombs during World War II, partly because the Labour government’s restrictive system of urban planning had caused land and house prices
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Richard Carranza’s Deflections
Speaking at a recent middle school graduation, New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said, “We’re going to move the agenda to serve our students, and people that have been very comfortable for a very long time doing absolutely nothing for
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Who Killed Zoning Reform in California?
For a moment, it seemed like California policymakers were ready to pass legislation capable of putting a serious dent in the state’s housing-affordability crisis. But in May, the state senate shelved Senate Bill 50, which would have eased restriction
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The Rust Belt’s Mixed Population Story
Larger cities in the region are seeing some growth—but most from in-state residents leaving troubled or stagnant locales.
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Together Against a Tax in Los Angeles
Residents vote down the L.A. school district’s attempt to foist a new levy on property owners, renters, and consumers.
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Reimagining Legal Education
The prevailing way of training lawyers—three years of postgraduate study, using Socratic techniques and the case method—has a relatively recent pedigree. Well into the nineteenth century, most American lawyers learned their craft as Abraham Lincoln d
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Progressive? Unh, unh.
Political Leftists call themselves “progressives” as a form of self-praise, an assertion that their politics represent a higher consciousness than the prejudices of the mob of unthinking deplorables and will lead mankind to a sunny upland where human
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Theodore Dalrymple on Elite Medical Journals and the Criminal Underclass
Anthony Daniels (known to readers as Theodore Dalrymple) joins Brian Anderson to discuss Daniels’s quarter-century of writing for City Journal and his new book, False Positive: A Year of Error, Omission, and Political Correctness in The New England J
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Inventing Victimhood
This month, an Ohio jury awarded the owners of Gibson’s Food Mart and Bakery in Oberlin $44 million in combined punitive and compensatory damages in its defamation action against Oberlin College and a top university administrator. The incident at the
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Grievance Games
The Women’s World Cup in soccer should be a cause for celebration, as the game’s best female players get to show off their talents in front of bigger crowds than most of them have ever played before. But it’s apparently impossible these days for play
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Washington Square’s Dark Zone
On a sunny weekend afternoon, Washington Square Park looks like a Jane Jacobs–Michael Bloomberg urbanist fantasy come true. Hundreds of people enjoy the public square in diverse ways. Sunbathers, musicians, chess players, lovers, acrobats, dogs, tour
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The Sacking of Albany
New York’s just-ended legislative session represents the triumph of the Left. The lawmakers dealt heavy blows to property rights and the rule of law, hammered the state’s long-term economic stability, and gave reason to fear for the continued viabili
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Tugging At The Reins Of The Administrative State
A Supreme Court decision suggests an interest in returning sole lawmaking powers to Congress—where they belong.
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The Democrats’ Pennsylvania Edge
Rejecting Donald Trump, voters in Greater Philadelphia pose a major obstacle to Republican chances.
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Getting the Golden State Building Again
Google’s billion-dollar bet on new housing in California could signal the emergence of a pro-growth coalition.
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God Save Queens
A looming district attorney election may not bode well for New York City’s second-largest borough.
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Rent Control’s Resurgence in New York
Nicole Gelinas and Howard Husock join Seth Barron to discuss New York’s landmark rent-regulation law and its potential impact on housing in the city and state. Lawmakers in New York recently passed the toughest rent-regulation law in a generation, im
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