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13 We Recognize The Best Hiking Clubs In The Country
When the national women’s hiking organization Bold Betties closed down last year, the leaders of the Columbia, Missouri chapter—Tamara Maddox, Rebecca Burkholder and Meaghan Freeman-Ricks—were faced with a choice; close their group too, or keep hikin
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Beat the Bite
Craghoppers Insect Shield AdventureII Long-SleevedShirt Permethrin, a synthetic insecticide, works like bug dope for your clothes, but lasts much longer than the spray-on-skin stuff. This durable nylon top has an Insect Shield permethrin treatment th
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Backpacker Magazine US
STAFF PICKS Where’s your dream spot for social-distancing? Editorial Director Shannon Davis Wyoming’s Wind River Range Executive Editor Casey Lyons Not telling Senior Digital Editor Adam Roy Boulder, CO … Hey, it worked in The Stand Gear Editor Eli B
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14. Rudge Rybber
AS I CLAMBER UP the rocky spine of the Appalachian’s western edge, I find my breath stolen by more than just the effort. Mountains spread before me, shrugging their sharp shoulders into the sky. The first new leaves are just beginning to show this Ma
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Second Skin/Field Notes
MATERIAL LOVE THEY SAY NOTHING LASTS forever, but I have a shirt that’s proving otherwise—a polyester baselayer made by The North Face so long ago that the company doesn’t even remember its name. Nothing can kill this shirt (which I affectionately ca
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The Wilderness Within
CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE YOUR FAVORITE PLACE. That one dreamy spot that stands alone, above every other you’ve been lucky enough to visit. Take a deep breath, inhaling through your nose and exhaling from your mouth. Once more. And again. Now, with
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16. Garden of Eden
1) Head north on the Bridle Trail, then Intersect with the Oak Openings Hiking Trail (OOHT) at .2 mile and turn right (east), following the yellow OOHT blazes. 2) Pass along the Lou Campbell Tall Grass Prairie at mile 1.6, where showy orchids and iro
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Thru-Hikers Choice
BEST ALL-AROUND At the cutting edge of ultralight packs, it’s tough to keep shaving weight without also paring down comfort. The frameless Prophet DCF hits the balance perfectly: EVA padding on the shoulder straps and hipbelt keep it feeling good, ev
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When Swedish immigrant Peter Parsons set out in 1924 to walk what would later become the Continental Divide Trail (“The Swede Who Showed America How to Hike,” January/February 2020), he couldn’t know how many people would follow in his footsteps—or h
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15 Chase the Waterfalls
Spring is the best time to hike to waterfalls, with the highest waterflow of the year. Check out the annual flood at one of these three classic cascade hikes. Take a day to hike the 7.2-mile round-trip Yosemite Falls Trail and watch massive billows o
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Troubleshoot Your Weekends
Maybe your body isn't used to high altitude, or maybe there’s still a lot of snow clogging up the high passes. Either way, set your GPS for a rewarding trip that never tops 8,000 feet. By Ryan Wichelns GRAND STAIRCASE-ESCALANTE NATIONAL MONUMENT, UT
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1. Paddle To Paradise
WEKIVA RIVER, FL 1Nothing says summer like a lazy day on the water. Find your streamside haven on central Florida’s Wekiva River, a 16-mile stretch of wetlands just north of Orlando. As one of only two Wild and Scenic Rivers in the state, it’s a hot
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17 Who’S Haulin’ That Pollen
goldenrod/western honeybee Almost all biomes in eastern North America saguaro cactus/Mexican long-tongue bat Sonoran Desert Wild strawberry/ant Woodlands and savannas across North America hedge bindweed (morning glory)/hawk moth Prairies and woodland
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The Ultimate Uphill Training Guide
Don’t let off-season rust hold you back. Jason Antin is a mountain performance coach and technical climbing guide based in Golden, Colorado, and the instructor for our new online course, 6 Weeks to Trail Fit. ➞ Aim to spend about an hour completing t
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4. Head For The HIlls
Steven DeBorde first discovered the Highland Lakes as a child, when his older sister took him hiking around its glimmering ponds and rivers. Today he runs Central Texas Outdoor Adventures, a SUP and kayak outfitter. When he’s not leading hiking trips
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Trail Running
*5 hours, 29 minutes, 22 seconds car-to-car; 22 miles, 6,656 feet of elevation gain Pick an easy trail when you’re starting out—under 5 miles long with no more than a few hundred feet of elevation gain. “The goal is to get back out and continue to lo
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The View At The End
PAUL IMPERIA Usually, geology is a slow drama, large and impersonal, unfolding over millennia. On the evening of September 12, 2009, however, the movement of rocks and ice sped up crazily on the steep slope of Grizzly Glacier, 8,000-odd feet above se
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2. Find your Path
FOOTPRINTS PEELED OFF into a lonesome canyon and we followed, around bends and across sandy benches, until the canyon walls closed in and sunlight turned to shadow. We were supposed to be nearing an exit, but there didn’t seem to be any end in sight.
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Runner’s High
Explore more trail in a pair of running shoes. Plus: Train to carry a heavy pack, prepare three ultralight no-cook recipes, and optimize pack space by rolling your sleeping pad the right way. PATITUCCIPHOTO ■
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The Living Forest
Years ago, my family hiked into the Navajo Nation forest with a medicine man in search of a tree that could act as an intermediary to the Creator. It had to be sturdy enough to match our prayers for positive growth and young enough to have time to ma
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3. First Tracks
Already checked off the AT, PCT, and CDT and looking for your next challenge? Try Chile’s Route of Parks, a 1,700-mile trail connecting 17 national parks, five of which were established in the last two years. It’s been thru-hiked, but by very few. Th
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It Happened To Me, Fuel Up, Cheat Sheet
ON MY FIRST TRIP to the San Juans in southern Colorado, I decided to explore the range the best way I know: by going for a run. The 6.5-mile trail to Ice Lake ascended 3,000 feet, and dark clouds gathered as my friends and I picked our way through a
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SEQUOIA AND KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARKS, CALIFORNIA Experience awe among earth’s largest trees in the well-named Giant Forest. All year, we’re featuring cover photography by explorer and award-winning photographer Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard on Inst
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6. Go For The Gold
Early summer is the perfect time for an Alaskan backpacking trip, with fewer bugs and crowds than later in the year. Pick your way through permafrost hummocks on the K’esugi Ridge Trail, where you can choose from a multiday traverse or a one-night ou
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Prevent Back and Shoulder Pain
Kaelyn Silva, CSCS, is the owner of Pasadena Sport Science. When she’s not training others, she enjoys loading up her pack and hiking with her dogs to peakrimmed Thousand Island Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Develop your postural muscles, which
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7. Hike Naked
I’M WEARING CHACOS. THAT’S IT. Well, OK—if we’re being totally honest, I’m also wearing sunglasses, a watch, half a dozen bracelets, and a Buff. Otherwise, I’m in the buff. As in, naked. Removing the actual Buff felt too final. I take a tentative str
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Dayhike a Marathon
DAWN PAINTS MY dust as I charge up the trail. I’m on a mission, marching past groups of over-nighters who are moving at a more leisurely pace. Knowing I’m in a race against time puts a jump in my step, and I power past Maroon Lake, barely noticing th
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8. Buried Treasures
Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park, NV Tucked into the western slopes of the Shoshone mountains are the preserved remains of two unlikely neighbors. One is the gold rush town of Berlin; the other a pod of fossilized ichthyosaurs. The early residents of Be
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Pack Your Sleeping Pad
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5. Hikers Forcast
IN YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WY Rockies With an average combined snowfall of only 1.5 inches, May and June are the real beginning of spring in the northern Rockies. Break out the hiking boots (and take along some traction devices) for lower-elevatio
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