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Cruising Tips
When the wind’s so light your cigar smoke goes straight up (or it used to, before having fun was banned) any well-designed yacht with a clean bottom will somehow keep on sailing if you give her a chance. She won’t go anywhere, however, if her sails a
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The Cable Guy
When we acquired our new project boat, a 1987 Pearson 39-2, it was evident that she was in need of much TLC. Not only had she been sitting forlorn and unloved in a boatyard for a couple of years, but those of her systems that were not original were a
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Are you out there sailing, cruising and living the sailing life? Share your experiences with other readers. Send your photos to And don’t forget to sign up for our free eNewsletter, Under Sail, via our website sailmagazine.c
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Squall Tale
"Jib alone is never a good idea,” our sailing guru Jerry told me. (Everyone should have a sailing guru). “Why’s that?” I asked. “It’s so much easier than putting up the main.” “You can only sail off the wind,” he said. “No upwind capability. What hap
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The Wheel Thing
"Ready to take the dink ashore?” Never had those words invoked as much anxiety as when my husband, Jeff, and I first moved to the Pacific Coast. Why? Because we had exactly zero experience with dinghy surf landings, and the possibility of being flipp
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Cruising Through Winter
A number of sailors have cruised Labrador, Greenland, Patagonia, South Georgia, Antarctica, Alaska and the Northwest Passage. Some have wintered-over in high latitudes. But fewer have deliberately undertaken winter cruises in high latitudes simply fo
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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319
Though it’s a modern truism that boatbuilders favor bigger boats because they make more money on them, several production builders have recently begun introducing some smaller models to their product lines so as to attract new and younger sailors to
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2019 Pittman Innovation Awards
ADAM CORT Racing CHARLES J. DOANE Cruising & Safety JAY PARIS Systems BEN ELLISONElectronics For the past couple of decades, the digital side of sailing has become increasingly important, to the point where it’s now almost inconceivable going offshor
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I always enjoy the Sailing Scene photos, especially in the recent November issue. I sail my Newport 28, Summer Wind, in Galveston Bay and have seen a few similar rainbows. This past May we chartered a 35ft Bavaria in the BVI where we spent one night
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Ask Sail
Q: I am confused by all the new kinds of man-overboard beacons now on the market. Which ones do what? —R. Hutchinson, Seattle, WA A Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD) is a manually activated digital beacon that sends a local distress message of
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Winter Warmth
That word pretty much sums up the off season for sailors. If you’re in Florida, read no further. If you’re south of the Chesapeake or on the West Coast you may be lucky enough to keep your boat in the water, or know friends who do. For Northerners, o
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Where Are They now?
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s 32ft ketch, Suhaili, is one of the most famous small sailboats in the world. Built in India for the fateful 1968-69 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, she was the first boat to complete a single-handed, nonstop voyage around th
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A Rock ’Em, Sock ’Em Route
It was a memorable year for the quadrennial solo Route du Rhum race from Saint Malo, France, to Guadeloupe, with everything from storm conditions to plenty of disabled boats and nail-biting finishes at the end to mark the event’s 40th anniversary. Th
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The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) sets the standards for marine electronics networks. The best known is NMEA0183, which has been in existence for more than 20 years. Under this protocol devices communicate with each other by sending
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Half a century ago I signed on as a deckhand aboard a 90-ton trading ketch that had recently been sold out of service in the Danish Baltic Sea. She had made her way to the South Coast of England, where I was based, and was refitting for a voyage to t
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Post-Irma Heineken
Even more than a year and half later, the scars from Hurricane Irma are still all too visible on the island of St. Maarten. But if Irma couldn’t prevent the famed Heineken from taking place in the winter of 2017, you can bet it’s not going to put a c
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Charter Deals
So, you want to find a great deal on your next charter vacation? Sure, you can scour the internet, hope for Black Friday deals or ask friends. But an even better way to find good prices on charter boats is to go to a boat show. Not only do charter co
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Nigel Calder and the Holy Grail
My first exposure to Nigel Calder, same as most people, was through reading his great marine technical bible, The Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual. I studied it constantly during the years I spent as a liveaboard cruiser during the 1990s
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The Light In The Dark
The dark is alive when you are surrounded by water. Black is tinted blue and silver, and sky meets surf with electricity and the lapping sounds of silence. Inside our 36ft catamaran, moored off Cooper Island in the BVI, the raw nature outside, just n
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Finding the Dream
It seems that we all struggle to make our start in life, searching for something that we would enjoy doing, something that not only challenges us today, but will stay that way year after year, all the time giving great rewards along the way. Most thi
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Radar 101
While your chartplotter will (hopefully) show you where the land and sea should be, only radar can show you where everything actually is. The invention of AIS has certainly made navigation simpler and a lot safer for small craft, especially now that
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Easy Drawers and Boxes
During the extensive refit of my Pearson 40, I needed to create a significant number of custom-sized plywood drawers and stowage bins, or boxes. These included 10 under-floor storage bins, under-sink organizers, boxes for tools and stores, and even a
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Island Packet 349
After years of quiescence in the wake of the Great Recession, iconic Island Packet is back with its new 349, a re-boot of the old Estero that not only looks great, but takes the Island Packet style of sailing performance to a new level. First among t
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The Transpac Prepares for No. 50
Because modern yachting is in many ways an invention of the early to mid 20th century, in recent years sailors have been celebrating any number of milestone anniversaries. Now it’s the biennial Transpac’s turn, as it prepares for its 50th race from S
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Multiple Choice
When I boarded Fountaine Pajot’s new flagship, the Alegria 67, at the Cannes boat show last September, the first thing I noticed was that several groups of people were carrying on private conversations in separate lounging and seating areas in the sa
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Cleaning Stainless
Without a doubt, the best way to “clean” stainless steel parts is to have them electropolished. Electopolishing is an electrochemical process that cleans the stainless and removes any surface iron particles, leaving a shiny and far more rust-resistan
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A Celebration of Sail
An impressive 109 photographers from 25 countries took part in last year’s Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2018 competition. And while Portuguese photographer Ricarado Pinto came away with the overall prize (see page 36), it’s no exaggeration to say that
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A Hand On The Helm
Is it really possible to teach someone how to steer a sailboat? Lord knows I’ve tried, but I’m still not sure I know the answer to this question. Yes, it is possible to convey certain basic concepts. You can, for example, explain how a tiller works:
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Boat Works Ask Sail
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Security on Charter
I often get asked about safety and security on charter, and most of the time I shrug and say it’s a matter of common sense, just like at home. Some places may be more prone to issues than others, but it’s usually a matter of luck—good or bad. For exa
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