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Editor’s Letter
We love putting together our 101 Gadgets You Can’t Live Without list each year – it’s so broad that we can cast a colossally wide net when we start planning. If you think the 101 gadgets (p28) that make it in is a lot, you should see the longlist… As
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Product 01: oppo Reno 5g
The Reno 5G is one of the most affordable 5G phones available on contract – not that you’d know it from the build quality. It’s exactly the same hardware as the catchily-named Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, but now with added 5G. There’s nothing intrinsically w
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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
£349, bose.co.uk Bose’s previous over-ear noise cancelling cans didn’t just sell like hot cakes, they defined a new lucrative market for Bluetooth wireless headphones with advanced active noise cancelling and premium price tags. These are the success
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Product 02: samsung S10 5g
This is unique among 5G handsets for not just being an existing model with 5G plugged in – it’s Samsung’s flagship model, and so there are plenty of reasons why it might appeal to people with no interest in 5G yet. In a lot of ways, it’s like a seque
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Best Of The Best
If you’re looking for the very best tech available today, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Best of the Best is the most useful gadget-buying guide you will ever encounter. To create it, we’ve extensively tested the best tech the world has t
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Product 03: oneplus 7 Pro 5g
The 7 Pro 5G looks identical to the OnePlus 7 Pro with the same premium, weighty and well-built case, though it doesn’t quite match Samsung in terms of fit and finish. It is glass front and back, which feels nice, but is usually used so that wireless
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• £TBC, samsung.com Back in January 2018, Samsung unveiled The Wall, a 4K MicroLED TV that was not only massive (146 inches), it was also modular – meaning it could be pulled apart and pieced back together in any number of elaborate ways, for a fluid
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5G Phones
The new big thing in tech is undoubtedly 5G. There have been huge promises about it changing everything from mobile working to the very nature of how we manage cities, but right now we’ll just settle it making everything we do online zipper than ever
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What You Need To Know About Buying 5g
Don’t go 5G just for the sake of it – check whether you’ll actually be covered. Quite a lot of major cities will have the new tech in 2019, but it’s far from all, and some cities will only have coverage from one network. Check whether EE, Vodafone an
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A classically styled three-way speaker set from British stalwart Monitor Audio, the new Gold 300 bring premium sound from twin eight-inch long-throw bass drivers, a 2.5-inch mid-range driver, and the high-frequency transducer. They’re secured in the
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The Overall Winner Is…
£1,099, samsung.com/uk WE’RE IMPRESSED Lavish HDR OLED display; stunning bokeh effect in images and video; water-resistant design; 3.5mm headphone jack; a good buy even if you don’t get 5G right away. WE’D IMPROVE It’s so large and unwieldy; camera c
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This integrated amp does it all: digital conversion though a system with an ESS Sabre DAC and jitter reduction, discreet pre-amp circuitry with specialised options for headphones, a phono stage, plus Class AB amplification through two separate channe
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5 Essential Add-ons
With a phone this precious (by which we mean: expensive), you’ll want to protect it. This case may not be the prettiest ever, but the channelled back is really solid to grip. We’ve chosen it, though, for its little flick-out stand, which holds it at
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Vinyl Accessories
Simaudio’s dinky phono pre-amplifier is the perfect extra for a turntable with no phono stage (or one you’d rather bypass for better sound). You can adjust the impedence, capacitance and gain settings, and choose your own audio curve. The allaluminiu
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How To Buy The Perfect T-shirt
As Ben Hardy shows (left), a great t-shirt can add a more casual touch to suits, or work in tandem with your favourite jeans for the ultimate in clean, comfy style. But do you know which types of t-shirts and materials work with, rather than against,
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Becoming Iron Man
The endeavour of human flight has kept inventors occupied for centuries, especially since the Wright brothers successfully flew the world’s first aeroplane. Planes may now be commonplace, but the challenge of getting humans off the ground without a g
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McIntosh hurls high-end record players straight into the digital age with this Bluetooth-enabled model. The MTI100 has its own phono stage, valve-based pre-amp and main amp built in, so it can output directly to wired speakers or headphones, as well
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Rolling In The Deep
When we get behind the wheel of a car we’re reviewing, we’re usually far more interested in how fast it will go around a track or how it handles an off-road course. But when a beautiful satin black Rolls-Royce Phantom was recently dropped off on the
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High-end headphones tend to be open-backed, which allows for a more natural sound, but also lets in outside sound. Headphone maestro Focal has made its first closed-back headphones, which bring incredible sound quality from 40mm Beryllium dome driver
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Far From The Madding Crowd
There’s never been a better time to make the most of the outdoors and escaping the madding crowd, whether you fancy scaling a mountain or sipping wine in a picturesque vineyard. The UK’s National Parks authority celebrates its 70th anniversary this y
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In T3, we feature only the finest gadgets out there, and we believe that you – our loyal reader – deserve only the best tech in your life. We don’t want you to waste time, and money, on inferior products, and that’s exactly why our Tested section exi
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Wireless Speakers
This speaker is not just a speaker: it also includes a transparent screen that shows the lyrics of the song you’re listening to, and actually gives them graphical effects and flourishes based on the tempo and style of the song. Why? So they’ll always
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