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Democracy’s Challenge: Keeping Judges Independent And Credible
Four simple words are critical to any functioning democracy: the rule of law. But now, this lofty principle is facing a formidable real-world test: weathering the fractious partisanship of our 21st -century politics. The U.S. Supreme Court’s sudden r
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After Supreme Court Ruling, Can EPA Still Tackle Climate Change?
On its final day of a historic term, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday placed major restrictions on the ability of the federal government to address climate change. The 6-3 ruling was narrower in scope than some environmental advocates had feared fr
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Seeking Safety: Muslims Move To Delhi ‘Ghettos’ Amid Demolition Drives
Eight months ago, Imaad Hassan moved out of the posh, Hindu-dominated Sarita Vihar neighborhood in New Delhi to Abul Fazal Enclave – a riverside area that’s long struggled with poor water and electricity access. “I moved from a gated society to a ghe
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On Film: Leonard Cohen’s Journey Culminates In ‘Hallelujah’
I’m usually dubious whenever a singer-songwriter is characterized as some kind of spiritual seeker. But if ever there was someone who deserved that description, it’s Leonard Cohen. The new documentary “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song” am
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Mending A Hole In Asia’s Security
Japan and South Korea are only a ferry ride away from each other. Their economies are among the world’s largest. Their democracies and their cultural ties are as strong as ever. Yet their diplomatic ties have been cold for years over historical and l
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Drinking Water In Short Supply? There’s A Solution In The Air.
In June, 6 million people in Southern California began unprecedented water restrictions due to severe drought, with lawn watering limited to one day a week in many areas. But that doesn’t apply to David Hertz and his wife, Laura Doss-Hertz. High abov
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What Precedes Biden’s Trip To Saudi Arabia
In a couple of weeks, President Joe Biden plans a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia with two main aims: warm up ties between the oil-rich kingdom and an oil-distressed United States, and help pave the way for an expected Saudi recognition of Israel. Yet the
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After Hutchinson Testimony, Will Trump Officials Remain Silent?
If Cassidy Hutchinson’s blockbuster assertions Tuesday prove to be a breakthrough in the Jan. 6 investigation, it would not be the first time a high-profile congressional hearing hinged on the testimony of a little-known aide.  In the Watergate heari
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Mental Health: Is That A Job For Schools?
Should mental health concerns be handled by schools?  Numerous statistics – and students themselves – point to the significant struggles many young people in the United States are experiencing. In an effort to help, federal and state governments are
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In Pictures: In Romania, Ancestral Villages Swell Each Wedding Season
In a remote region in northern Romania, the summer heat ushers in the warmth of homecoming. Eleven months of the year residents of the Oaş region work in western Europe, but in mid-August they return to their native villages, on the border with Ukrai
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Catholic Nation? The Filipino Church Rethinks Its Role In Politics.
The Filipino Catholic Church threw everything into the 2022 presidential election. Clergy broke from decades of political neutrality to speak out against the campaign of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., son and namesake of the island nation’s infamou
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From The Particular To The Universal: Cross-cultural Stories
Displacement – often by outside force, rarely by personal choice – haunts Meron Hadero’s superb debut short story collection, “A Down Home Meal for These Difficult Times,” which won the 2020 Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing and hits boo
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Supporting Students: What’s Next For Mental Health
Toyin Anderson is a mom looking for solutions to what she sees as a crisis of youth crying out for help with their mental health.  “Our kids are still struggling. From the pandemic, the lack of being able to socialize, from losses of family members d
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Aiming For ‘Net Zero’ Carbon Emissions – Even In Louisiana Oil Country?
To view the south Louisiana coast from 2,000 feet above is to peer at the conflict between nature and humankind. Lush coastal colors – hues of brown, green, and saltwater blue – blend beneath the small-engine plane being used for an environmental tou
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With Sinn Féin In Driver’s Seat, What’s Next For Northern Ireland?
When Sinn Féin won 27 seats in Northern Ireland’s May parliamentary elections, it marked a historic turning point. That total gave the Irish republican party the largest number of seats in Stormont, the Northern Irish parliament, the first time a nat
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Up Early With Rick Scott, The GOP's Senate Campaign Chief
Sen. Rick Scott is known as an “early to bed, early to rise” kind of guy. He’s up between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m., and then works out, according to his staff. So when we lined up a Monitor Breakfast for June 22 with the Florida Republican, chair of his pa
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I Needed A Fence Builder. He Turned Out To Be A Rock Star.
The story of my new fence begins 15,000 years ago. The fence builder, Grant, is not that old, but he’s up there for a working carpenter. A friend recommended him. “He’s retired,” she said, “but he doesn’t like to be bored.” So I called him. Would he
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An Opening For Change In Afghanistan?
When the world responds to a humanitarian crisis in a country under authoritarian rule, it can run the risk that the aid will help the regime. Can that be avoided? It depends on whether there is a mutual recognition that the needs of suffering people
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Beset At Home, Can Biden In Europe Renew Faith In US Leadership?
American leadership in a Europe confronting Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has been a rare triumph in Joe Biden’s presidency. His stand for the rules-based U.S.-led international order that has reigned since World War II – and for the democratic valu
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Tale Of Two Cities: Ukrainians’ War Experiences Differ Starkly
How Ukrainians experience the war with Russia depends very much on their location. In the east, people in the Donbas face daily bombardment and a Russian advance. The country’s west, despite daily air raid sirens and a recent wave of missile strikes,
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What Saudi Arabia’s Surge Into A Post-oil Future Means For Its People
Mohammad Hashboul has not looked back since he left oil behind. Since leaving a promising career at state oil company Aramco for a management job at Uber in 2016, the young chemical engineer helped establish Academi, a Saudi e-learning start-up, a ye
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Listening To Someone’s Story Can Lead To Freedom
Joaquin Ciria spent 32 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Each night, during his first few years behind bars, he closed his eyes and cried. He told himself that when he opened them again, it would all be a dream, and he would be home wit
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A Global End Run On Russia’s Food Weapon
Four months into Russia’s war, the campaign for Ukraine’s freedom has now been joined by two other campaigns: freedom for global food markets and freedom for an estimated 47 million people around the world who could go hungry as a result of the invas
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Prayer On The 50-yard Line: Supreme Court Reshapes Church-state Relationship
In what continues to be one of the most consequential Supreme Court terms in United States history, the nation’s highest court on Monday once again redefined the meaning of the First Amendment and its dual clauses about the proper place of religion i
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A WWII Refugee From Ukraine Links Putin’s War To Stalin’s Famine
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought back memories. The Soviet army invaded western Ukraine in September 1939, three months after I was born. During its 2½-year occupation, my father was interrogated twice by the Soviet secret police, and he real
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Nature Takes Over: Kenyan Wastewater, US Toxic Dump Turned Wetland
Along with wins for the environment, the rights of marginalized people made gains in Latin America with the first celebration of LGBTQ history month by Cuba, and a court ruling affecting the U.S. southern border. Mexico’s Supreme Court banned random
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Most African Migrants Don’t Leave Africa. Here’s What That Looks Like.
On a slice of sandy beach tucked under one of Dakar’s coastal cliffs, Harvest-Spring Kibonge runs a modest, open-air smoothie shop. The crashing waves play a melodic rhythm, and each evening the sunset paints a pink and orange sky over the Senegalese
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Readers Write: Can The Military Have A Moral Backbone?
Thanks for the amazingly impactful May 30 cover story, “Molding a moral soldier,” that appears unique to the Monitor. I hate guns and I hate war, but as a friend once told me, “I’ll fight so you can believe what you want!”  This article shows that th
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Ukraine’s Candidacy For EU Sends A Signal. Now The Hard Part Begins.
Until last week, Ukraine’s candidacy for membership in the European Union was far from a foregone conclusion. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for starters, made no secret of their lack of enthusiasm for the idea, w
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Jan. 6 Panel Holds Up Public Officials As ‘Backbone Of Democracy’
In congressional hearings this week, the Jan. 6 committee portrayed public officials as integral to preserving the American republic. One by one, the committee brought them forward to explain why they had resisted then-President Donald Trump’s entrea
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