The Christian Science Monitor4 mnt membacaAmerican Government
Juneteenth And The Belated Message Of Emancipation
Juneteenth, recognized on June 19, celebrates the end of slavery in all parts of the Confederacy and is acknowledged as a holiday by most states.
The Christian Science Monitor2 mnt membacaPolitics
A Turbulent 2020 Saw A Rise In Giving
Adversity worldwide, caused by the pandemic, recession, and civil unrest, led more people to donate time and money.
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‘Sisters On Track’ And ‘City Of Ali’ Bring Athletes To Life
When judging athletes, we often consider their achievements, not their origins. “Sisters on Track” and “City of Ali” reverse that narrative.
The Christian Science Monitor7 mnt membacaWorld
Belarus Is Becoming Europe’s ‘North Korea.’ What Can EU Do About It?
The West has dramatically failed to alter President Alexander Lukashenko’s cost-benefit analysis. The people of Belarus are paying the price.
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Benedict Arnold’s Image As Arch-traitor Gets A Makeover
Before he joined the British, Benedict Arnold was a staunch, dependable patriot. A new history explores his leadership during a critical battle.
The Christian Science Monitor4 mnt membaca
Capitalism American-style: A Financial History Of The United States
“Ages of American Capitalism" by Jonathan Levy sheds light on U.S. history as seen through a financial lens.
The Christian Science Monitor6 mnt membacaInternational Relations
Biden-Putin Summit: At Frosty Moment, ‘Glimmers Of Confidence’
Will the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva help the U.S. and Russia achieve a stable relationship? Meeting face to face was important, both men said.
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‘On Juneteenth’: A Black Historian Reflects On Texas And Emancipation
Annette Gordon-Reed’s “On Juneteenth” combines history, analysis, and memoir to explore the significance of the holiday and its Texas roots.
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For A Warming World, Solar-powered Schools And City ‘Heat Officers’
Progress roundup: Women rise to jobs of first-ever “chief heat officer” in Miami-Dade, top civilian in the U.S. Army, and head of Paris’ Louvre.
The Christian Science Monitor3 mnt membacaPolitical Ideologies
Where Biden’s Global Democracy Drive Is Vulnerable: The Home Front
President Biden’s bid to rally democracies against autocracies runs into skepticism over America’s own democracy, not seen as setting a good example.
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My Little Chickadee: I Know What He Likes Me For. But Is It Love?
Feeding one of the chickadees that nests in my yard has led to a fascinating human-animal bond. But is it love, or does he just want some mealworms?
The Christian Science Monitor4 mnt membaca
Q&A: An ‘Everyday’ Life In Dance Proves Something Quite Extraordinary
Gavin Larsen’s ballet memoir “Being a Ballerina” opens up the dance world to show the determination, camaraderie, and physical strength at its core.
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‘We Still Live Here’: Native Americans Affirm Their New Hampshire Roots
By bringing their history out of the shadows, Abenaki people paint a fuller picture of New Hampshire’s past – and present.
The Christian Science Monitor7 mnt membacaAmerican Government
In New York, Crime Spike Is Top Of Voters’ Minds
Some of the Democrats hoping to become New York’s next mayor are calling for more policing. So far, they’ve been leading in the polls.
The Christian Science Monitor3 mnt membacaInternational Relations
The Real US-Russia Battle Over Ukraine
The Putin-Biden summit could spin on the future of Ukraine and the ability of local activists to achieve clean governance.
The Christian Science Monitor5 mnt membacaEnvironmental Science
Climate Conundrum: Tax On Emissions Is Pragmatic But Unpopular
Joe Biden is seeking an unprecedented level of U.S. reductions in greenhouse gas emissions – yet shying away from one major tool for doing that.
The Christian Science Monitor5 mnt membacaPolitics
Can US Aid Help Would-be Migrants See Opportunity At Home?
President Biden’s plan to boost aid to Central America aims to reduce migration rates. What factors actually influence would-be migrants to stay home?
The Christian Science Monitor2 mnt membacaCooking, Food & Wine
A Clear Definition Of ‘Salad’ Is Not Easily Tossed Off
The first English recipe for a salad, from 1425, directs the chef to assemble 14 vegetables and herbs. How did that evolve to fruit salad, or tuna?
The Christian Science Monitor2 mnt membacaWorld
A Healing Start For Israel’s New Leaders
The opening speech of a newly elected leader can not only set a new tone for a democracy, but can also help to heal its broken politics. On Sunday, for example, when Israel’s lawmakers chose Naftali Bennett as the new prime minister, his talk to the
The Christian Science Monitor5 mnt membacaAmerican Government
Why A Boring Biden-Putin Summit Would Be Just Fine By Russia
Russia hopes that Wednesday’s summit between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will establish a baseline understanding of their countries’ red lines.
The Christian Science Monitor6 mnt membacaWorld
From China To Cyber, Has Biden Agenda Reinvigorated NATO?
President Biden’s approach has helped inject a renewed sense of purpose into the NATO alliance. But could its focus become too diffuse?
The Christian Science Monitor5 mnt membacaDiscrimination & Race Relations
After Muslim Family’s Killing, A Reckoning For Canada
The killing of a Muslim family in a hit-and-run incident is forcing Canada to face up to its darker side and take steps to eradicate Islamophobia.
The Christian Science Monitor6 mnt membaca
House Divided: Can The Southern Baptists Find A Path Forward?
America’s largest Protestant denomination faces deep rifts on race, gender, and politics. Can the Southern Baptist Convention continue to stand?
The Christian Science Monitor4 mnt membacaWorld
Monday Sunrise Briefing: G-7 Touts Democracy Over Autocracy
Here are three news events - the G-7 summit, new Israeli leadership, and the French Open winner - from this past weekend (while you may have been attending a baseball game or a wedding, and enjoying an offline life). Also, what to look for in the new
The Christian Science Monitor2 mnt membacaPolitical Ideologies
A Key To Ending The Culture Wars: Respect.
The difference between respecting others and enabling one’s adversaries seems a thin line. But respect is an essential agent of progress and healing.
The Christian Science Monitor3 mnt membacaWorld
Readers Write: Local Journalism And Responsible Gun Ownership
Letters to the editor for the June 14, 2021 weekly magazine. Readers discuss newspaper subscriptions and how to incentivize firearm training.
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Joy Returns To Theaters With ‘In The Heights’
In a country struggling with economic and social blackout, the new Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, “In the Heights,” shines light.
The Christian Science Monitor6 mnt membacaPolitics
Iran Election: Regime’s Crisis Of Confidence Undercuts Democracy
Iran’s conservatives, fearing they could not win a fair election, are upsetting the balance between “Islamic” and “Republic” aspects of the regime.
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On These Black History Walking Tours, Bring Your Imagination
Walking tours of historic urban sites related to Black history are increasingly popular. Last year’s racial justice protests added new impetus.
The Christian Science Monitor2 mnt membacaInternational Relations
The World’s Response To Ethiopian Famine
A war in the Tigray region, where fighters have targeted food production, has led the U.S. and Europe to invoke a new tool of international humanitarian law.
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