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Commentary: US Leaders Knew We Didn't Have To Drop Atomic Bombs On Japan To Win The War. We Did It Anyway
At a time when Americans are reassessing so many painful aspects of our nation's past, it is an opportune moment to have an honest national conversation about our use of nuclear weapons on Japanese cities in August 1945. The fateful decision to inaug
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Lakers And Frank Vogel Take The Experimental Route In Loss To Rockets
ORLANDO, Fla. - Just as halftime was about to expire, Dwight Howard took a three-pointer and sank it. Then he shuffled to his right and sank another from the top of the arc. During the regular season, the Lakers joked about Howard being a three-point
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Nicholas Goldberg: The Nuclear Threat The US Unleashed On The World 75 Years Ago Is Still Terrifying
The bombs dropped by the United States on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago, in the final days of World War II, incinerated some 200,000 people, most of them civilians. And they did much more than that. They also transformed the natur
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'I Haven't Had A Job Since March 13': How Costume Designers Are Coping With COVID-19
LOS ANGELES - It's about five months into the pandemic, and no one is dressing for the screen. This goes for both the tiny, gridded screen of your WFH videoconference (admit it, you're still wearing sweatpants), as well as the TV and movie screens of
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Luke Bryan: 'There'll Always Be People Who Say I Ruined Country Music'
This wasn't Luke Bryan's first rodeo. "Am I too backlit? Hold on," the country star said the other day as he picked up a video call at his home in Nashville. Dressed in a golf shirt and ball cap, sunglasses dangling from a cord around his neck, he st
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Editorial: Partying Our Way To More Coronavirus Death And Destruction?
After weeks of bad coronavirus news, Californians glimpsed a sliver of hope this week: The average number of people hospitalized or admitted to the ICU with COVID-19 infections has declined over the last two weeks. Infections might have ebbed signifi
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Review: Journalists with attitude star in 'Creem: America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine'
To anyone starting out in music journalism around 2000, "Almost Famous" - director Cameron Crowe's warm-and-fuzzy remembrance of his adventures as a teenage Rolling Stone writer - felt about as old-timey as that year's other big music-historical fant
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A Roar, An Explosion, Then A Blank: A Reporter's Ordeal In The Beirut Blast
BEIRUT - I don't know how I'm still here. On Tuesday, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate - a common fertilizer that's also highly explosive (it's Islamic State's chemical of choice) - blew up in Beirut's port. The blast, which ranks as one of the world's
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Doyle McManus: I'm In Canada, Where The COVID Police Are Watching
For two weeks, we waited for the pandemic police to come. In mid-July, my wife and I headed on vacation to a rustic cabin her father built 65 years ago on a small lake north of Toronto. Most Americans can't visit Canada these days. Because of the cor
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With Ouster Of Priest Accused Of Pedophilia, Coptic Church Mobilizes Against Sexual Abuse
LOS ANGELES - The Coptic Orthodox Church in the U.S., shaken by recent accusations of sexual abuse, has vowed to eradicate inappropriate behavior in its cloistered communities following the defrocking of a priest accused of pedophilia for decades. Th
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Raucous Parties, Young Adults Fueling California's COVID-19 Crisis
LOS ANGELES - Younger adults are fueling California's coronavirus pandemic like never before, health officials are warning, and massive parties and other large social gatherings are threatening to unravel the progress the state is making. A second su
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Jo Adell Singles In At-bat Debut, Mike Trout Homers In Return In Angels' Win Over Mariners
In his first game back following the birth of his son, and in the debut of the Los Angeles Angels' most heralded prospect since his own MLB arrival, Mike Trout homered to key the Angels' 5-3 victory over the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday. Trout hammere
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In California's 'Bible Belt,' Churches Find Ways Around State's Coronavirus Lockdown Orders
LOS ANGELES - Jennifer Trujillo made a 30-minute trip from her home in San Diego County to the country roads of Wildomar in Riverside County for the first time in weeks. For the last year, the Pala resident had made the trek up every Sunday to attend
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1990s Kids Loved The Dark Cartoon 'Ren & Stimpy.' Comedy Central Is Bringing It Back
"The Ren & Stimpy Show" is coming back. On Wednesday, Comedy Central announced it is moving forward with a new reimagining of the iconic Nicktoon. The original "Ren & Stimpy," which followed an irascible Chihuahua and a simple-minded cat, debuted on
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A Tearful Zoë Saldaña Apologizes For Playing Nina Simone In 2016 Biopic
Zoe Saldana has finally and tearfully apologized for playing the inimitable Nina Simone in "Nina," the doomed 2016 biopic of the iconic civil rights activist and jazz artist. "I should have never played Nina," the Afro-Latina actress said repeatedly
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Commentary: How James Baldwin Spoke To Immigrants Like Me
James Baldwin was born Aug. 2, 1924, in Harlem, to parents who were children of former slaves. For migrants fleeing an economically depressed and racist South, Harlem was not much better, and his parents struggled to provide anything close to the Ame
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Anthony Davis, Lakers Top Jazz To Secure Top Seed In Western Conference
ORLANDO, Fla. - It wasn't easy and it wasn't pretty, but the Los Angeles Lakers clinched the top seed in the Western Conference. They did it with a 116-108 victory over the Utah Jazz on Monday night, 4 1/2 months later than they expected to achieve t
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How Jessie Ware's Stunning New Disco Dance Videos Were Shot In Quarantine
Inside a seedy-looking motel room, a dancer sashays, twirls and vogues alone to the pulsating bass line and sultry lyrics of Jessie Ware's "What's Your Pleasure?" In the nearly five-minute video, dancer Nicolas Huchard plays a game of seduction with
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Para ICE, La Rutina No Es Nunca La Misma Desde La Era De Trump
LOS ÁNGELES — Los agentes de ICE habían hecho su tarea antes de abordar su primer objetivo. Se aprendieron la rutina del hombre mexicano de 65 años. Los agentes no estaban seguros de dónde vivía, pero sabían que casi todos los días después de las 4 a
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Para Los Migrantes Transexuales Que Huyen De Las Amenazas De Muerte, El Asilo En EU También Es Riesgoso
MATAMOROS, México — Como ha sucedido con tanta frecuencia en su vida, Mayela Villegas volvió a enfrentar la amenaza de la violencia. Era la última hora de una tarde de septiembre y estaba sola. Cientos de otros solicitantes de asilo que acampaban al
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Expertos Temen Que Los Votantes Sean Engañados Por Videos 'Deepfake'
WASHINGTON — Funcionarios electorales y las empresas de redes sociales, ya desconcertados por los hackers, los trolls y los bots, se están preparando para el lanzamiento de un arma de desinformación potencialmen
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Column: California Is Still Showing How To Make Obamacare Work, Even With COVID-19
Amid the patchwork of state-level approaches to healthcare reform, California has always stood out for its all-in embrace of the Affordable Care Act. The state expanded Medicaid, taking full advantage of a federal government subsidy of the expanded p
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Big Fashion Says It's Fighting Racism. Black Streetwear Designers Say Not Hard Enough
LOS ANGELES - For more than a year, Los Angeles-based streetwear designer Tremaine Emory had been working with Converse on a red, green and black sneaker inspired by Jamaican political activist and Black nationalist Marcus Garvey's Pan-African flag a
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Apple Fire Swells To 26,000 Acres Amid Hot, Dry And Windy Conditions
LOS ANGELES - A vegetation fire that broke out Friday afternoon has now charred more than 26,000 acres in the Inland Empire, officials said. Crews battling the Apple fire, which is burning north of Cherry Valley in Riverside County, will have to cont
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As Representation Debate Rages, Latinx Creators Tell Hollywood: 'Just Open The Door'
The outrage was instant and loud. And warranted. No Latinx creatives appeared in any of the major categories when nominations for the 72nd Emmy Awards were announced last week. How is that even possible, people raged, especially given "One Day at a T
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In California, A Legendary Waitress Gets A COVID-19-safe Memorial, With Tacos To Go
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - If ever there was a San Bernardino resident who deserved a fiesta for her funeral, it was Lucy Reyes. She worked at Mitla Cafe, the oldest Mexican restaurant in the Inland Empire, for 68 of its 83 years, retiring in 2018. Her
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Lakers' Offense Is Stifled In Loss To Raptors In Second Game Of Restart
ORLANDO, Fla. - There have been some games in the NBA's bubble that have led to conjecture about whether these gyms are easier for shooters or something about this setting aids offenses more than defenses. High-scoring games have been the norm in the
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Angels Win, But Coronavirus Still Playing Havoc With MLB
ANAHEIM, Calif. - The two oldest managers in baseball trudged ahead Saturday at Angel Stadium. Dusty Baker of the Houston Astros is 71, and a cancer survivor. Joe Maddon of the Angels is 66. Each would be at high risk were he to contract the novel co
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Another Coronavirus Casualty: Mexican Fiestas
MEXICO CITY - In the old days, back when people could gather in large groups without fear, mariachi singer Nancy Velasco was the life of the fiesta. She and her band would announce their arrival at social events in and around Mexico City with an erup
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8 Servicemen Presumed Dead After Training Accident Off The Southern California Coast
LOS ANGELES - The search and rescue operation for eight U.S. servicemen who went missing last week after their landing craft sank in hundreds of feet of water off San Clemente Island during a training exercise has ended, officials announced early Sun
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