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TikTok: US Explores, India's Ban Continues
Just after a month after India banned the popular mobile short videos app TikTok, along with other 58 Chinese apps on June 29, 2020, citing national security and privacy concerns, US President Donald Trump has said, “We may be banning TikTok. We may
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How Readymade Garment Makers Are Hit By The Covid-19 Pandemic
One of the worst-hit business sectors in the pandemic is textiles, and within that segment, garment makers, especially those who were betting on exports. A sharp fall in domestic and exports demand due to Covid-19, lower profitability, and elongation
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How The Covid Pandemic Is Souring India’s $5 Trillion Dream
Covid-19 has emerged as the biggest impediment to India’s ambition for becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2024. This deadline can be explained from the fact that 2024 marks the end of the tenure of the current dispensation with General Elections sched
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Why Printing More Money Will Help The Post-Covid Great Indian Economic Revival
What I will argue for in this article is quite unorthodox and contrary to the conventional economic arguments that we are used to. In order to tide over the Covid-19 crisis and kickstart the economy, the government should consider printing money and
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AR Rahman and the Oscars ‘curse’
A few days ago, when AR Rahman spoke about the presence of gangs working against good movies coming to him, Shekhar Kapur pointed that winning the Oscar could have been the kiss of death for music composer in Bollywood. While Kapur felt that winning
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Remembering Mohammed Rafi: The Jewel Of Indian Music
The Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India. Instituted on January 2, 1954, the award is conferred in recognition of exceptional service/performance of the highest order, without distinction of race, occupation, position o
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Why Cinema Is More Than Recreation
Imagine a museum of South Asian cinema in the Kapoor Haveli. Lingering on for years in Peshawar, this crumbling structure standing strong in the face of decades of harsh monsoon rains and neglect is reportedly close to being replaced by a shopping ma
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Amala Shankar, 1919-2020: Danseuse par excellence
Hundred-odd things goes the expression. If you live that long, then you have seen many wars — including hot and cold, many kingdoms lost and some revived. Stars being born, then faded or jaded. Four-score artistes. In 2020, when the Prince of Saurash
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How Rajat Barmecha, Teenage Star Of ‘Udaan’, Came Of Age
Ten years back, Rajat Barmecha made a splash with an affecting performance in his debut film, Udaan (2010), also the first directorial venture of Vikramaditya Motwane. The father-son drama earned critical acclaim but Barmecha struggled to find parts
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Why Air Travel In India May Shrink Further
Analysts and rating agencies seem to affirm what many had already dreaded. The Indian aviation sector will be sucked into an air pocket that will further aggravate its problems. Curtailed mobility of people due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related re
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Carlos Santana: The Man Who Made The Guitar Sing
What goes through the mind of a musician when his creation gets more popular when another artist covers his song? “I Shot The Sheriff” was written by Bob Marley and released in 1973 by Bob Marley and the Wailers. It was great. But Eric Clapton took i
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How Back-to-back Songs In Hindi Films Told A Story By Themselves
Under the overarching banner of Hindi film songs, we have categories, genres, and facets. Some are rather obvious like ‘club’ songs, ‘break-up’ songs, or ‘tandem’ songs. Some have come to light with the advent of technology, such as songs with missin
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How India Can Rely On The UK For Growth In The Post-Covid Era
“Friends in need are friends indeed” is an old adage. However, it has particular resonance in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic as the UK and India co-operate more closely. Both countries entered the lockdown and also relaxed the restrictions at the
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When Vidya Balan Plays A Human Computer
The Vidya Balan-led biopic on the wondrous mathematician Shakuntala Devi will be Amazon Prime’s second Hindi release after Gulabo Sitabo. The closure of cinemas due to the lockdown meant that the film’s producers were forced to revise their distribut
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Will Nostalgia Be Able To Beat Lockdown Blues?
Considering the ‘new normal’ that the world has been enduring for a few months in the shadow of a global pandemic, the need for nostalgia has increased manifold. The desire to see things the way they once were has seen people rediscover films and tel
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What Makes The Bollywood Title Song Eternal
Songs you hear while growing up stay loyal to you forever. One such song, which I heard when I was nine years old, was Love in Tokyo from the film of the same name (1966). The song was a feel-good, bubbly, and energetic song. But the icing on the cak
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How Covid-19 Is Hurting MSME Bottomlines
The contraction in the Indian economy this fiscal – wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic – will significantly hurt micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across sectors, with their revenue expected to fall between 17-21 per cent, while Ebitda margin
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The Pitfalls Of Seeking A Quick Coronavirus Cure
The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented response from the global scientific community. Since the virus is novel, the search for possible treatment and development of vaccines are top priorities of scientific groups and pharmaceutical compan
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Axone: A Feast For The Senses From The Northeast
A young group of friends converge in an apartment in Humayunpur, Delhi. Their mission is to prepare a feast using a special Naga ingredient, axone, a fermented soya bean paste. Its pungent odour puts off many. So begins a comedy of errors to find a p
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Are We Heading Towards Deglobalisation Post Covid-19?
The Covid-19 pandemic is the worst crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. In fact, it is far worse than that because it is both — a health and economic crisis — which has become truly global. The pandemic is yet not over and uncertainty loom
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IIP May Witness The Lockdown Effect
After a record fall in the index of industrial production (IIP) by 16.7 per cent year-on-year in March 2020, the IIP for April is bound to fall a lot more drastically, says Care Ratings. India’s nationwide lockdown lasted throughout April 2020 and ha
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Why Our MSMEs Have Very Few Options Left To Survive
A very recent survey by All India Manufacturers’ Organisation revealed that more than one-third of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) will be pulling down their shutters as a result of the present economic trough. This phenomenon prevail
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The Colour Of Film Nostalgia
Be it the purists or cinephiles, watching any film in the way the filmmaker intended the viewer to experience is always a greater joy. It’s hardly surprising then that watching a colourised clip of Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali (1955) that has been
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Why India Needs To Finance Its Maritime Sector To Emerge As A World Leader
For the last 5,000 years, shipping has been at the forefront of the world economy, transporting goods and people across the seven continents. Over 80 per cent of the global merchandise trade and 90 per cent of India’s international cargo volume are t
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Make In India Vs Made In China: Who Outweighs The Other?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a clarion call to Make in India. Sonam Wangchuk had added a clamour of ‘boycott everything Chinese’ to muffle the demand of Made in China. To begin with, popular satirist Saloni Gaur has decided to deprive TikT
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Engelbert Humperdinck: How A Shy Madras Boy Became Pop Heart-throb
In the late 19th century, when German composer Engelbert Humperdinck wrote the opera Hansel and Gretel based on the well-known German fairy tale published in Grimms’ Fairy Tales, he wouldn’t have known that seven decades after the opera premiered, a
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Why India Has To Plan A Marathon And Not A Sprint In Attracting Global Supply Chains
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the global economy at an unprecedented scale and speed. Essential preventive measures led to the shutdown of offices, the stoppage of factory outputs, and disruption to global industries and their supply networks. Major
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What The Future Of Cinema Halls Looks Like
In what could be termed as the biggest Direct-to-Home movie acquisition by an online streaming platform, the upcoming Shoojit Sircar film Gulabo Sitabo being available in 200 countries worldwide on June 12 has ensured things will never be the same. T
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The Rise Of Hyper-automation, And Its Implications
One of the hottest trends in enterprise software over the past few years has been Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In layperson’s terms, RPA is simply the ability of a computer program to carry out repetitious tasks following a set of rules. RPA’s m
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How Finance Minister Gave Liquidity Lifeline For The Economy But Not The Structural Reforms India Needs
It takes a crisis to trigger economic reforms in India. After six years of status quoist policies by the Narendra Modi government, the economic and social devastation wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic has ignited a reformist impulse. Finance Minister
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