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A man envisions a future of electric cars, starting with a high-powered, six-figure, midsize super sedan, followed by a platform-sharing SUV, then migrating to smaller, more affordable vehicles in mass quantities. Sales will be mostly handled online
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Mt Garage
EPA City/Hwy/Comb Fuel Econ 26/36/30 mpg Base Price $25,930 As Tested $26,130 Fun, practical, affordable, and fleeting, a Civic Si joins our long-term fleet. Sometimes in this line of work, there’s that one car you just never seem to drive. Not some
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2021 Lucid Air
RANGE TEST It’s 8:09 a.m., and we’re doing 66 mph on I-580 in the Bay Area, heading east from Hayward, California, when the odometer of the Lucid Air we’re riding in shows we’ve gone 100 miles since leaving the company’s headquarters at daybreak. The
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The Big Picture
Overlanding has become a thing in America. Before the coronavirus pandemic tapped the brakes, people all over the country were jumping into their 4x4s and taking the road less traveled, turning away from the interstates and the neon-lit desolation of
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2021 Ram 1500 TRX
FIRST LOOK Blame social media for coming up with the nickname. Ram execs swear “TRX” is not pronounced “T. rex.” They say internet forums made it up. Not like Ram is going to stop the chatter, because the false name makes a certain sense. As Jurassic
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Mt Confidential
NO, MR. BOND, I EXPECT YOU TO BUY… Have a spare $3.3 million and want the ultimate addition to your toy box? Word out of Newport Pagnell is a handful of the 25 Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger continuation cars—brand-new James Bond DB5s with functional an
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2023 Cadillac Lyriq concept
FIRST LOOK Cadillac enjoyed two years of increasing sales pre-pandemic, but MotorTrend hasn’t exactly been singing the praises of its heart-of-market XT4, XT5, and XT6 crossover vehicles. The brand hopes to change our tune with the 2023 Cadillac Lyri
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Rear View
NOV 1970 PRICE: $0.50 Stop if you’ve heard this one before: Our November 1970 cover was dedicated to the “four-wheel drive mid-engine Corvette,” which, we speculated, would be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The mid-engine Co
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As a Delta 2Million Miler, I’ve spent lots of flight time airborne dealing with dodgy Wi-Fi, watching progress bars stall and web pages time out. So my ears perked up when I learned about a revolutionary new satellite antenna that promises to provide
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James Hetfield
Guitar-shredding James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica, is known around the world for his music, but he’s also a passionate car customizer who recently donated most of his collection to the Petersen Automotive Museum. You can also see them in
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Your Say…
Readers Respond to September’s “Driving While Black” I must commend you for including Dr. Sorin’s article on driving while Black in your September issue, and I would like to emphasize a few key points in response. As a Black motorist who has driven a
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The Great Escape
I earned my driver’s license among the pothole-pocked streets of Lower Manhattan, where “good” places to drive are few and far between. My suburban friends had twisty back roads and empty fields. At best, I had Brooklyn’s Second Avenue waterfront. Th
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Three-row speed Demons
Hot rod Euro SUVs are great fun and all, but what if A) you’re looking to spend about half the average base price of our five super-utes (say, mid-$60Ks) or B) you need three rows of seats? That kind of cash will only get you one of the smaller two-r
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Holy Turbo Terrors!
As enthusiasts, we’re taught from a young age to view front-drive cars with contempt. They are flawed. Wrong-wheel drive. Plagued with torque steer if you give them any power. They are the product of corporations cutting costs to please shareholders.
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Swan Song
After 103 years, Lincoln is getting out of the business of making sleek, stylish sedans to concentrate on building the elephantine SUVs that everyone wants now. That’s sad news for car enthusiasts, but at least the brand is exiting the way it entered
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Great Coach-Built Lincolns
During the rollout of the 2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition, the press has fallen all over itself comparing the car to the midcentury modern JFK “suicide-door” fourth-gen Continentals. But 334,345 of those cars were mass-produced by Lincoln
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Keep Polishing
There’s a diamond in there somewhere. Chevrolet launched the original Suburban during the first year of FDR’s first presidential term, in 1933. That makes the Suburban the longest-running nameplate in automotive history. I strongly suspect that 87 ye
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Motor Trend
Editor-in-Chief Mark Rechtin @markrechtin Int'l Bureau Chief Angus MacKenzie @Angus_Mack Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman @MT_Loverman Detroit Editor Alisa Priddle @alisapriddle Features Editors Scott Evans @MT_Evans, Christian Seabaugh @C_Seab
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My Funny Valentine
Technology certainly can change in a half century. The process of erecting the convertible top of my 1959 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite starts with digging its folded steel tube frame out from behind the seats, spreading its fingerlike tubes, connectin
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How We Rank Cars Motortrend Ultimate Car Rankings Explained
With MotorTrend’s help, finding a new car doesn’t need to feel overwhelming anymore. Building on 70 years of experience testing and evaluating the latest new vehicles, the MotorTrend Ultimate Car Rankings are based upon the most sophisticated, compre
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Midsize SUVs
SCORE 8.3/10 Base Price $28,000-$41,000* UNCHANGED The Subaru Outback’s lifted-wagon shape provides big interior capacity without the high-roof handling clumsiness of some SUVs. Subaru’s best-seller makes shop runs or distant adventures easy with its
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Subcompact Sedans
SCORE 7.7/10 Base Price $17,000-$17,500* UNCHANGED The Rio proves that inexpensive and cheap are not synonymous—it feels nicer than its price would suggest. Firm yet supple ride quality, spritely steering, and progressive brake feel make it relativel
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Midsize Three-Row SUVs
SCORE 8.4/10 Base Price $33,160-$45,260 UNCHANGED MotorTrend’s 2020 SUV of the Year looks great, with strong build quality completing attractive finishes. Comfort pervades in the Telluride. Its ride is exceptionally refined, and the cabin is quiet al
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Subcompact Hatchbacks
SCORE 8.4/10 Base Price $17,145-$18,555 DISCONTINUED Fun met practicality in the Honda Fit. Precise steering and stable handling made it a blast to toss around. It could be had with a manual transmission, though its full range of driver assist tech o
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Full-Size Three-Row SUV
SCORE Not Yet Ranked Base Price $49,295-$73,595 MAJOR Once essentially truck chassis with enclosed bodies on top, the Tahoe and Suburban receive a transformative change: independent rear suspension. Ditching the previous live rear axle makes a profou
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Compact Sedans
SCORE 8.6/10 Base Price $24,000-$29,500* UNCHANGED The Honda Insight stands out in its crowded segment with superb fuel economy and exceptional, class-leading safety scores, but those aren’t its only strong points. It’s a surprisingly fun car to driv
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Luxury Subcompact SUVs
SCORE 8.0/10 Base Price $35,000-$55,000* MINOR We love the XC40 for its knockout interior and exterior design, strong safety ratings, spacious cabin, and superior build quality—even if it’s a little noisy at speed. For 2021, Volvo is releasing its fi
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Midsize Sedans
SCORE 8.5/10 Base Price $25,500–$37,500* MINOR Spacious, great to drive, fuel efficient, and safe, the Honda Accord is a superb midsize sedan. Available with three powertrain options, including a 47-mpg hybrid and two turbo-four gas engines, and a CV
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Luxury Compact SUVs
SCORE 8.0/10 Base Price $42,000-$70,500 UNCHANGED We adore the XC60’s uniquely Scandinavian exterior design, rich-feeling interior, and wealth of strong powertrain options. Admittedly, lower-level four-cylinder options feel coarse at times, and plug-
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Full-Size Sedans
SCORE 7.7/10 Base Price $37,000–$43,500* MINOR Look beyond the Avalon’s questionable front-end styling, and you’ll find an impressive full-size sedan. The interior feels legitimately premium thanks to its good material quality, and there’s ample pass
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