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Honda’s $7k Postie Bike
Honda’s venerable CT110 has likely been the vehicle of choice for your postie for decades — indeed, I was involved in testing one for Two Wheels back in the 1990s. Now you can buy an updated version, the CT125, from your friendly Honda dealer. For Se
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The Dirty Duke
If you go searching for information about the 790 Adventure, you’ll find it’s almost all about the “R” model, the big-selling off-road focussed “Tough Guy” R version. The base-model KTM 790 Adventure has been the bridesmaid. The standard Adventure, w
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Simple Navigation Device
Beeline is a smart navigation device that is controlled by your smartphone. You plan your trip via its app and then use the Beeline to get you there. Created by (push bike) cyclists and launched as a Kickstarter project, the founders soon realised th
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Amped Up
The first electric road bike from a mainstream manufacturer, the LiveWire is new, different and like nothing else from Harley-Davidson — ever. It’s a sportsbike, for a start — probably a deliberate move on the part of the Motor Co to prevent cannibal
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Adventure Riding, What Does It All Mean?
For context, it’s worth looking at the whole “Adventure” thing. It means different things to different people. However, I think we can agree it’s about escape from the daily grind and far-off destinations. A seductive thought that’s sold a lot of mot
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Go Garmin
Garmin is a multi-billion-dollar American corporation founded on GPS technology. It now provides mapping info for automotive, military, sport, aviation and many other applications. Garmin produces the Zumo 396 LMT-S (4.3in) and Zumo XT (5.5in) motorc
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Harley-davidson Livewire
SPECIFICATIONS  Type: Internal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (H-D Revelation)  Claimed maximum power: 105HP (78kW) Claimed maximum torque: 116Nm  Battery: 15.5kWh Lithium Ion Range: 113km (highway), 235km (city)  Chassis: Cast aluminium Suspe
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Cheaper, lighter, less powerful and does not feature anything like the level of tech as the KTM. The new Yamaha might offer what you need if that’s more off-road capability. The latest and greatest triples from Triumph look to be even more versatile
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Whatz New
Motodry’s Rapid is a protective, mesh-ventilated and armoured jacket which is designed for Aussie summers. With more rain falling in the summer months for many parts of Australia, we need full waterproofing, so the Rapid comes with a 100 per cent wat
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A Fortunate Life
“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” So sang Canadian chanteuse Joni Mitchell in her 1970 hit, “Big Yellow Taxi”. Fifty years on, the words ring loud and clear. My battle with lung cancer continues apace.
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Why Does The R Model Outsell The Adventure?
I think KTM has missed the marketing ball a bit here. Both versions of the bike are good, but each has a different emphasis and I’m not sure KTM has aligned the product and price to fit that message. As I see it, the Adventure model with its lower eq
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Magnificent Morocco
The high ranges of the Rift and Atlas Mountains, the Western Sahara dunes and the culture those natural wonders helped develop drew us to Morocco. Its long history of civilisation, colonisation and subsequent cultural diversity is as broad as its lan
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Serious Street Sports
Yamaha’s MT-09 has been a big seller because it’s a big bike in a small chassis. It looks great and the pricing is very, very affordable. For most buyers, the handling is fine. But not everyone. For that reason we have the MT-09SP — fully adjustable
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Ktm 790 Adventure S
Type: Liquid-cooled in-line twin, DOHC, 16 valve Capacity: 799cc Bore x stroke: 88 x 65.7mm Compression ratio: 12.7:1 Engine management: Fuel injection, DKK Dell’Orto (42mm throttle bodies)  Claimed maximum power: 95HP (70kW) at rpm 8000rpm Clai
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Dom The Belgian Guide
Dom is a tour guide with a difference. He loves to share what he has seen and where he lives his life with others. Dom is originally from Belgium but moved to Spain to work in the tourism industry. He is a hired gun for a couple of tour companies and
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Long-distance Mods
The MT-09SP is very good in urban and sporting situations; long-distance capability… not so much. Riders with a priority for mile munching will be attracted to the Tracer variants. Just be aware, with this choice, there is a trade-off. That all-day c
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How To Lap Australia
The world is in lockdown. International travel, especially by, motorcycle is off. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. But we’re lucky buggers to live on an island in a sparsely populated country. Don’t ignore our own backyard. Motorcycle trave
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Ghost Town Tour
The sign on the wall was ominous: “Bear was given 10-80 on 3-3-04 which killed him.” The thought of Bear, hopefully someone’s pet, being given sodium fluoroacetate poison, had the theme from Deliverance in my head. Welcome to Terowie, South Australia
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Triumph Street Triple RS — $19,800 Ride Away A British take on a naked high-performance mid-range triple, the Street Triple goes hard with a 765cc engine which produces more power but less torque than the MT-09SP. Has Showa Big Piston forks and an Ö
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Bright Ideas
Summer is the best time to see the high country, and there’s no better place to base yourself to experience the rides, roads or deserted bush tracks than Bright in Victoria’s North East. Bright is a tourist town and caters for all levels, from tent s
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That Bike Of Yours
Every issue we’re giving away this beaut pack of Motul cleaning gear worth $49.95. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is send us a pick of your shining steed and we’ll pick what we think is the best shot and comment and the top blok
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Variants On A Theme
Yamaha has extracted value from the MT-09 platform by producing specialised versions for a variety of buyers. Those looking for retro styling will be drawn to the XSR900. There are the Tracer variants for long-distance work, and for early adaptors th
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Go Everywhere Greenie
Readers older than me might remember when road bikes were sold with 19in front wheels and everyone expected they would be ridden on dirt roads, at least occasionally. Not so much today. I bet you know people who won’t ride their bike down a gravel dr
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Last Look
Turns out lots of people have gotten around to fixing things during COVID-19 lockdowns, me included. So much so independent workshops, those with mechanics willing to work on older machinery, often now have waiting lists stretching into months as peo
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An Electric Future
I’ve ridden the future, and it’s electric. Literally — the electric motor is the future of two-wheeled propulsion. It might be the future, but it’s not the now, at least for most people, most of the time. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is the first ma
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Yamaha Mt-09sp
Type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, 3-cylinder Capacity: 847.0cc Bore x stroke: 78.0 x 59.1mm Compression ratio: 11.5: 1 Fuel system: Fuel Injection  Claimed maximum power: 115hp (84.6kW) at 10,000rpm Claimed maximum torque: 87.5nm at
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The little Honda is bigger than the Kawasaki and those extra cubes are nice to have, especially for highway riding. However, the suspension on the Versys is a bit better, it’s cheaper and lighter. A single-cylinder machine from a company with its ro
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Australian Road Rider
EDITOR Nigel Paterson ART DIRECTOR Martha Rubazewicz REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS Geoff Seddon, Brian Rix, Phillip James, Nigel Crowley, Ian Neubauer, Roderick Eime, Damien Paterson EDITORIAL SUBSCRIPTION ENQU
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Have Strom, Will Travel…
Belting along Australia’s backroads requires a touring bike that is comfortable and capable — and Suzuki has delivered just that with the 2020 V-Strom 1050XT. We rode the new V-Strom on good bitumen, crappy backroads, hard-packed gravel and even some
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Making It A Tourer
The Versys X-300 makes a great touring bike and Kawasaki recognises this by offering a range of touring accessories. First off there’s a pair of Givi-made 17-litre touring panniers. Priced at $726, they are good value, although some might find them a
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