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Bringing The Outside In
The owners of this new residence were after a sleek, open-plan kitchen that harmonised with the home’s surroundings to “bring the outside in”. This is largely achieved through the mirrored splashback, which adds to the roominess of the space by refle
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An Exquisite Space
This functional, spacious and light bathroom has been crafted with quality products to create a relaxing haven. The homeowners were thrilled to support Aussie brands with the stunning customised tapware and basins, which soften and balance the modern
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Modern minimalism
Phoenix Tapware has been producing designer tapware, showers and accessories for three decades, and has now introduced its brand-new Axia collection. A fresh take on modern minimalism, the Axia range offers a full suite of beautifully crafted, ultra-
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Welcome To The Hall Of Fame
The Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDi) missed out on its traditional gala event this year, but was delighted with the volume and quality of entries received in its 2020 program. Members of this growing industry group traded their black t
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Apartment Entertaining
This kitchen renovation designed and built by Dezign Kitchens is an entertainer’s delight. Can you believe this space is located in an apartment? Despite being a small area, it still presents the illusion of grandeur — a truly impressive overall effe
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Day Spa Dreaming
EXPERT TIP When working with a feature bath, choose large-format tiles and block colours with subtle details to ensure they don’t detract from the hero of the space. There’s something about this bathroom that conjures up the feeling of being at a day
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Luxury precision
In a move as smooth as silk, GROHE’s latest range takes faucets to a whole new level. With technological advancements that make the lever action so smooth, the water flow so precise, and the temperature control so accurate, it was given its own name:
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The Crème De La Crème
See all of the above and more at KBDi’s website (, or follow them on Instagram @( for a steady stream of design inspiration. ■
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A Stylish Update
Dramatic and modern, this kitchen delivers the design update these homeowners were looking for when renovating their architectural home. They wanted a more modern and open space that offered a bar area near the dining room. There was a desire for dra
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Breathtaking transformation
A bathroom renovation by Melbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms has truly transformed this space, taking it from drab to fab. The initial bathroom had a dated ‘70s style with blue floor tiles, a laminate vanity, a hob bath and a brass-framed shower. Just l
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Fine Design
Finding form that matches function can be a challenge in the kitchen — but not if you’re working with the Belling Design Collection. This range of appliances marries style with performance seamlessly. One of our favourite products from this line is t
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Inside The Block
Everyone’s favourite reality reno show The Block dropped quite the plot twist this year by veering away from its usual format. This time around, the five Blockhead couples were given five very different themes for their home. Cue some quick thinking,
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Storage Plus
In this renovation, the Designline Kitchens & Bathrooms team utilised their expert skills to incorporate a streamlined aesthetic while optimising storage potential. Ample cabinetry is one of the most noticeable features of this room, with the full ce
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Italian Charm
With more than 21 years of operation in the industry, Eurolife has cemented itself as a trusted supplier of kitchens, wardrobes and joinery that boast impeccable quality and style. Its Drummoyne-based showroom displays an impressive array of kitchens
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A Lavish Deluge
More than just a box in which to wash off the detritus of the day, a shower can be a wakeup call in the morning, a soothing soak after a workout, or a cleansing ritual that rights your world. This is why a quality shower screen and solid fittings are
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Schots Home Emporium
Home to extraordinary bathroom and kitchen fittings. Farmhouse sinks come in variations of concrete & fireclay materials. Both variations available in single, double & fluted. View entire collection online or view store locations at ‘un
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Natural is As Natural Does
When you’ve got a view worth bragging about, the last thing you want to do is overpower it with a cluttered and distracting interior. At least that’s what these homeowners believed when they built their home in a majestic area on the south coast of N
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Think Sink
It’s easy to overlook the humble sink. Quietly withstanding the heavy wear and tear of banging pots and difficult-to-scrub pans, while often making a statement, the sink is one of the kitchen’s unsung heroes. Give your kitchen the freshen-up it deser
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Intelligent Cabinetry
When renovating or building a new kitchen, you want the final product to be sustainable and meet your needs for many years to come. In the planning stages, it is important to consider your current and future storage and functionality requirements. Wh
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New Kitchens On The Block
We fell in love with the kitchens from The Block 2020, where each kitchen showcased looks from different eras. With the kitchen the heart of the home and with so much on the line, the contestants turned to Kinsman to help them create their perfect ki
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Secret Storage Solutions
Nobby Kitchens worked on this project to create a seamless kitchen space with a very big point of difference — a hidden pantry! The key feature of this kitchen is the sliding pantry door, which, when closed, looks to be a continuation of the wall. Th
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A New Reality
Between the face masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing, it hasn’t been the ideal time for visiting a showroom to get a feel for the latest homeware products — least of all handles! That’s why Häfele Home’s new Augmented Reality function is so e
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Minimalist Magic
Gone are the days of chunky, clunky tapware. Ensure your bathroom is truly on trend with this new collection from Abey. This range is all about slimline design to inspire a feeling of elegance and maximise space in your bathroom. The Gareth Ashton Po
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Style Meets Versatility
Delivering kitchen designs of great style and unbeatable versatility with impeccable service, Kitchens by CJ understands that functionality and style in a multi-use space are crucial. The company knows the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t just happen —
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Luxurious Living
High-end kitchens don’t get much better than this one by Kitchen Art Sydney. Timeless, modern and sleek are the words that come to mind when taking in the striking views of this space. The island bench is one of the first elements to command attentio
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Experience Berloni
Experience the best in kitchen and laundry appliances at Berloni Appliances. Based in Heidelberg, Victoria, this 18-year-old family-owned and operated business showcases the world’s best appliances in the one location. The newly launched Berloni Expe
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A New Generation Of Surfaces
A new generation of hard-wearing benchtop and furniture surfaces, Atlas XL Porcelain Stoneware Slabs are the latest innovation of Rocks On — Hard Surface Solutions. The timeless elegance of marble is ideal for designing luxurious, high-impact environ
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Safe And sound
Have you ever worried about suffering a serious injury in your own home? Most of us think of our houses as safe spaces where we feel comfortable and secure. Yet accidents in the home account for a significant number of hospitalisations each year, wit
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Destination: Luxury
Step inside this room and you’ll feel your worries and cares melt away. This renovation from The Kitchen Mob isn’t just an update to the space, but a complete journey that takes you on vacation to a luxury resort — one you’ll never want to leave. The
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