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Illuminate the future with up to 9 180 raw lumens, courtesy of the Ironman 4x4’s Meteor Driving Lights. Available in 7-inch and 9-inch sizes, the Meteor uses 3-watt Osram LEDs with 6 000K colour temperature to simulate natural daylight. Featuring a b
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Volkswagen Amarok Canyon 3.0 TDI 4MOTION Price R799 000 Power 165kW @ 3 000 – 4 500rpm Torque 550Nm @ 1 400 – 2 750rpm Transmission 8-speed DSG 0 – 100km/h 8.0 sec Top speed 197km/h Fuel consumption (combined) 9.0 litres/100km Warranty 3 years/100 00
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For 2020, Toyota has bestowed the revered Fortuner with a host of exterior additions and created the latest iteration – the new ‘Fortuner Epic’. Two Epic variants are on offer, both based on the 2.8-litre GD-6 derivatives: the ‘standard’ Epic and the
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Stealth Bomber
We will be the first to admit that this is not the typical vehicle we test, but if the opportunity comes to get the keys for the most powerful SUV in the world for a couple of days, you grab it, much like your passengers will be grabbing at the handl
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I was damn glad that tonight we were looking for frogs and aquatic stuff in a croaking and groaning swamp, rather than rare snakes! I knew my companions would go ape if they found a deadly twig snake or mamba, but for now, I was happy the hunt was on
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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Price R2 199 000 Engine 6.2-litre supercharged V8 petrol Power 522kW @ 6 000rpm Torque 875Nm @ 4 800rpm Transmission 8-speed automatic with manual mode Fuel index 16.8L/100km (claimed, combined) Fuel index (tested) 11.8L
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Gugulesizwe Camp
I want to tell you about the Gugulesizwe Camp, a camp with a real heart. I can use fancy words about ‘watershed moments’ and ‘true joint ventures between community, conservation authorities, and ecotourism partners’. Or I can tell you about the genui
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TENTCO Caprivi 3 tent
Space and weight are two key concerns in the overlanding and camping playbook. You need to conserve both. So it was interesting to pick up Tentco’s Caprivi 3 nylon tent. The entire tent packs into a bag of dimensions 65 x 12 x 14cm, and it weighs jus
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African Snakebite Institute
I have enough information to write 10 articles about Johan Marais, South Africa’s well-known naturalist, snake man, entrepreneur, and photographer. He’s the author of the ‘A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa.’ And, I believe, a new and
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Readers’ Rides
Rob’s Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE was built to conquer a massive cross-continent trip. The modification list is very extensive, but a few highlights include the ARB front bumper, Ironman 12 000lb winch, Rival underbody protection, Big Country Ostrich wing a
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Hi-range Safari Centre (gaborone, Botswana)
I have to extend a big thank you to Chris Thomson of Hi-Range Safari City, the 4x4 goto place in Gaborone. He was one of the core sponsors of this trip, together with Darrell van Zeil of Opposite Lock in Gauteng. I drove with Chris and Darrel from Ga
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Email an image of your 4x4 in an overland location (or post it on Instagram), and be eligible for the Readers’ Rides prize. The prize is a heavy-duty Desert Air Jack which retails at R2 581, at any one of the 27 4x4 Mega World stores throughout South
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The Vehicles
Darrell van Zeil was driving a manual Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4-D double cab, while Johan Marais was driving an automatic 2.4 Fortuner. Both were similarly equipped, drawing heavily from the Opposite Lock catalogue… • Opposite Lock Bull Bar • Tough Dog Su
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Book Shelf
We’ve often featured the adventures of overland adventurer Dan Grec in the pages of SA4x4. He recently wrapped up a two-year round trip through Africa, so it’s great news that he had published a large-format book containing some of the photographic h
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Opposite Lock Vehicles
A disclaimer here: I am pathologically afraid of snakes. After this adventure with Darrell van Zeil of Opposite Lock and snake expert Johan Marais, I was able to lie on the deck literally staring a giant Forest cobra in the eyes. I only got to this p
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Mahindra has launched a new after-sales promise statement across its entire dealer network to create a superb service experience and a closer relationship with customers. Called #GreatValueGreatService, the campaign combines industry best-practice an
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Ed’s Letter
The scale of the COVID-19 pandemic has surprised us all. As has the severity and impact of the lockdown restrictions imposed in South Africa since late March. It was the right thing to do but, as with any severe action, the medical gains in containin
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Sticky Business
If I were only allowed to pack three items in a survival pack, they would be a knife, paracord, and duct tape. With these, I think you could surmount any catastrophe. It’s likely we know the origins of the knife and paracord (ok, if you don’t, paraco
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ME & MY 4x4
Occupation: Technical Lecturer Modifications: Front Runner roof rack, Howling Moon rooftop tent, 4x4 Mega World side awning. Future modifications: Dual-battery system, snorkel. Dream car: This is it. Most memorable trip: June/July 2019, three wee
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Angus Boswell Jacques Viljoen Hayley Davis Cameron Seegers Shannon Latimer Paul Donovan Lorraine Doyle Grahame McCleod Mitchell Sohn Richard van Ryneveld Cindy Thomson 021 702 4200 Paul Castle pa
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Sahara Sojourn A Journey To Chad’s Tibesti Mountains
The rugged Tibesti Mountains are as far as you can get from civilisation in Africa. Situated in the centre of the Sahara, in northern Chad, it’s a long four-day 1 500km journey from the capital, N’Djamena, much of which is on tracks, or pistes, that
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Submit Your Photo & WIN A Fredlin Hoist
There’s no point in driving around with your roof rack/ rooftop tent if you’re not on holiday. Save fuel (and wear & tear) by installing a Fredlin hoist. This proudly South African product solves the problem of where to store your roof rack/ rooftop
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Write in & WIN!
The writer of this month’s winning letter receives one of the most useful recovery aids you can carry on your vehicle – a set of two Total Traction by Treds recovery tracks from Ironman 4x4. That’s quite a mouthful, but these bright green Australian-
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Chad Quick Facts
Capital city: N’Djamena Population: 14 million (SA – 59 million) Size: 1 284 000 km2 (SA – 1 221 000km2 ) Official languages: Arabic, French Currency: Central African Franc (US$1 = 590 CAF; R1 = 36 CAF) Independence from France: August 11,
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I was most interested in reading the article on Botswana’s Hunter’s Road in the April issue of SA4x4. It certainly is a challenge with all that black cotton soil in the rains! In the article, the author mentioned that they visited Kukonje Island. Alt
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Over Land africa
Nobody said overlanding is for sissies, and our exit route from Angola was a stern test of this. It took three days to cover 160km of the worst road we had ever seen, as we plunged from one giant puddle to the next, each one threatening to tip Agnes
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Overlander’s Code
In response to a growing number of complaints about how we conduct ourselves in the wilderness, we decided to draw up and promote a code of conduct for overlanders. We’d like to include your input, comments and debate, so please send your suggestions
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The Future Of Power
When we look at modern, life-shaping technology, rechargeable batteries must be one of the most important milestones we have reached. Cars and personal electronic devices wouldn’t have been possible without energy storage. So, what’s in that mysteri
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It seems that a ‘must-have’ piece of equipment, which is often mounted on peoples’ 4x4s, is a winch. It most certainly has that ‘wow’ factor and makes you look like the ultimate adventurer. This piece of equipment has been available for decades, yet
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All-in Isuzu
There are two groups of people when it comes to modifying vehicles: those who modify for looks and the guys who do it out of necessity. At SA4x4, we tend to have more in common with the latter group. Richard Kiggen, the owner of the Isuzu-based rig y
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