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Here’s One We Made Earlier...
If you’re playing superhost all December, let chef Woolies do some of the catering for you with these smart menus MADE FOR YOU: Norwegian salmon with pastry lattice + Tenderstem broccoli with lemon and black pepper-flavoured butter + ombre celebrat
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Bubbles Wrapped!
Winner of Eat Out’s Wine Service Award twice in a row, Moses heads up the sommelier team at Pretoria’s multiawardwinning Restaurant Mosaic (where the cellar houses more than 80 000 bottles!). All I want for Christmas is… a Coravin, a gadget that pr
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All The Cheeses You Want For Christmas
Cheese cake tower, R294.99. Pair with beetroot, fig and Port preserve and Melba toast. Traditional Brie with citrus preserve, R79.99. Serve with exotic edible flower wreath. Mascarpone wreath with spicy cherry, cranberry and nuts, R74.99. Garnish
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Stay friendly, PE
Lauren Nash is a self-taught chef, caterer, entrepreneur and former owner of the Boccadillos franchise. She opened 78 Havelock in mid-January 2020. Before the pandemic, Lauren’s clientele could expect a decadent harvest table laden with salads, pastr
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Stars Of The Show
FOR SEAFOOD LOVERS: Norwegian salmon with pastry lattice, R529.99. FOR LAZY COOKS: Ready-to-eat beechwood-smoked gammon R169.99/kg with brandy-cherry glaze, R48.99. FOR THE EXTRA CALORIES: Chocolate-caramel ombre celebration cake, R269.99.
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The Christmas special
That I will always count Jacques Erasmus’s Christmas custard – the one he served at a Woolies Christmas media launch one year – as one of my culinary highlights says as much about me as it does about him. I cannot, and will not, resist Woolworths’ 50
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Learn The Lingo
CLARIFYING BUTTER: To separate the milk solids from the fat in butter, similar to ghee. To make it, simmer 100 g butter in a saucepan over a medium heat until a skin has formed on the surface, this should take about 15 minutes. Skim off the skin, sim
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There Will Be Pie!
When I was a child growing up in Bloemfontein, Christmas never meant anything deep to me and my family. As Buddhists, we attended the local temple every Sunday and recited the chant before meals. But Christian holidays are unavoidable in a Westernise
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More Cheese, Please!
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On The menu
Starter: Woolworths poached trout with bagel seasoning Main: Woolworths plum-stuffed lamb rack Side: Butternut-and-beetroot salad with cauliflower couscous Dessert: Woolworths chocolate-and-hazelnut croissant star Starter: Woolworths selection o
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Party Starters
For those unexpected (smallish) family gatherings on the horizon, or for those warm summer nights when cooking is not on the cards, look no further than the well-stocked deli section at Woolworths. Fantastic new additions include trout ribbons and a
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A Light Feast
“My friend Sara Benetar recently shared her late mother’s recipe for burmwelos with me. Donna Benetar was renowned in the Cape Town Sephardic community for her cooking.” Makes 45–50 A LITTLE EFFORT GREAT VALUE Preparation: 45 minutes Cooking: 40 mi
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Most Wanted
For the food nerd in your life, give a gift that keeps on giving. And if you’re one of the few who did not attempt to bake your own bread this year, do yourself a favour... PHOTOGRAPH JAN RAS PRODUCTION BIANCA STRYDOM FOOD ASSISTANT GAIL DAMON ■
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Take The Biscuit
Makes 2 EASY Preparation: 20 minutes Baking: 30 minutes butter 140 g, chilled and cubedicing sugar 150 gfree-range eggs 2, separatedvanilla paste 1 Talmond essence 1 tflour 200 gsalt ½ t icing sugar 150 g, siftedpreserved ginger 100 g, blended unt
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Give Back This Christmas
Help feed a family in need this festive season. In partnership with Gift of the Givers, Woolworths is aiming to give another one million meals. Give what you can towards filling a bag – as little as R10 can feed one person three meals for one day. Si
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Cookie Monsters
Chocolate chocchip cookies are filled with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate pieces. Chocolate-chip cookie duo contains triple-choc cookies with milk and dark chocolate chunks, as well as white chocolate cookies filled with white chocolate chunks. R149.
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On Our Radar
The quickest way to add a little Christmassy cheer to your table? Work with prepared goods and add a little stencil. No one will be any the wiser! Buy a readymade cake, or make a simple sponge cake. Make the icing just before you’re ready to use it.
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Know Your Dough
Follow these easy tips for perfect cookies Always chill your biscuit mixture, 30 minutes before shaping and 15 minutes after shaping, until the dough has cooled completely. This ensures a crisper result. Always use butter for the best flavour and t
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Novelty Noel
What you need: Strawberries; whipped cream in a canister; melted chocolate; a chopstick for dotting chocolate eyes and buttons. How it went: Easy, fast and cute, but wholly unsuited to the South African climate. My strawberry Santas became strawberry
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Buy A Copy
Nigella Lawson’s 12th cookbook combines 150 new recipes with narrative essays about food. Dedicated chapters in Cook, Eat, Repeat – Ingredients, Recipes and Stories include “A is for Anchovy” (a celebration of the bacon of the sea), “A Loving Defence
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A New Christmas Joy
said Chelsea Moyo, Woolies’ food marketing manager. And this is how I have always felt about Christmas, too, that the food traditions are inseparable from the joy. I held onto my own family rituals for years, even transporting them to London when I l
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Wheels Of Fortune
Allow the pastry to thaw a little, then slice into long rectangles. Spread with your choice of toppings, leaving a 2 cm border at one end. Season with salt and pepper. Dab beaten egg onto the end of the pastry. Roll into a long cylinder, sealing it w
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Remains Of The Day
“Okay, so this is not really a banh mi, but I did take my inspiration from the famous Vietnamese street snack. This festive version uses a Woolies product that’s very dear to me – confit duck (so you don’t even have to rely on leftovers). The crazy-e
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What You Said
Whenever I feel anxious, stressed or sad I turn to cooking or baking to help me cope and provide a distraction. I’m no professional but I love food and trying new recipes. I find the process therapeutic. Most of the time, the end product doesn’t look
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No Mere Trifle
The crunch: A layer of crushed Woolies’ classic, gooey-centred brownies – complete with edible gold shimmer. The dome: Made using responsibly sourced cocoa, the dark chocolate dome is a marvel of modern dessert engineering. The sauce: Heat the butt
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Pop Charts
ASTORIA ICE PROSECCO DOC Fruity and slightly acidic, this versatile bubbly – brand-new and exclusive to Woolies – is delicious as an apéritif, a great partner to seafood and shellfish, and you’ll love it with pâtiserrie and summer fruit. R179.99 PIE
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From Facebook
“Hannah Lewry’s puttanesca baked hake, served with creamy polenta for a satisfying Saturday night dinner. Yummy.” – Gerda Janse van Vuuren “Tonight’s dinner was pea-and-broad bean quiche with a sweet potato crust.” – Jolandi Labuschagne “This wee
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Jelly Vision
WE CHEFS CAN BE a really soppy bunch. Any memory from our lives is turned into a dish or culinary story, especially when creating new recipes. I wish I could say I’m different, but I’d be lying. I love a twist on a nostalgic dish and gladly play with
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Pig • Out
“This is a classic, foolproof recipe that deserves a place in your Sunday lunch repertoire.” – Christophe Dehosse, chef-owner of The Vine Bistro at Glenelly Estate and Joostenberg Bistro at Klein Joostenberg Serves 6 to 8 A LITTLE EFFORT GREAT VALUE
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A little prep can be the difference between starring in The Nightmare Before Christmas and It's A Wonderful Life. So don’t leave it all to the eleventh hour, look out for our Christmas countdown on Instagram. We’ll give you handy prompts for everythi
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