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The Sun Goes Down Over the Blue Mosque
My inspiration for this painting related to memories of Istanbul. I was overwhelmed by the city’s mystic, history and culture. Visiting the mosques; wandering through narrow, streets; being surrounded by the shoe polishers and attentive soft drink ve
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Themed Sketchbooks
It is very rewarding to make your own themed sketchbook. It makes the sketches from a particular place even more memorable and enjoyable. The examples in this article are from Fiji and Bali and the sketchbooks reflect this quite clearly. It is surpri
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Shearing Shed
This picture of an old shearing shed is a very ‘Australian’ scene with dark shadows and a white roof against the sky. Summer thunderstorms are a feature in the area, and cloud patterns are often dramatic – with different levels of cloud travelling in
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An Absorbing Activity
Janet Smith has enjoyed drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. In 1940, at the age of ten, she was able to attend children’s art classes at the Adelaide School of Art. It was a formative stage in her career. “The first year was with Gl
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“The Enth Degree”
The human mind is a strange and wonderful thing. It spends it’s time on the Earth as best it can, with wildly varying degrees of success depending on its own genetic starting point, beliefs, merits, forces (both from within and without), and circumst
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Cees Sliedrecht was born in Holland. He started drawing at the age of three – copying little cartoons, and making pictures of his home, his pets, and imaginary figures from stories. His father was an amateur artist who endowed him with enthusiasm for
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Brush Article 16
While painting pandanus trees may seem like a specialised thing, the process of painting them over the years has helped me develop a whole range of skills, which I’m sure will be useful for you in your arts practise. While this article is about brush
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The Zulu Chief
I always start with an inspiration which many times comes by surprise and stays dormant in my mind, like a seed waiting to germinate. I gather as many elements for reference as possible, but only select a few (5 or 6) with the features that will give
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Let Your Fingers do the Talking
Every day you seem to read somewhere about exercising, swimming riding your bike, join a gym maybe walking the dog and generally being active if you want to stay in shape and keep yourself fit, this is all good advice. And if you do these things regu
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The Photorealist
My first memories of art were from when I was about five years old and had a colouring-in book, and I distinctly remember my mother saying how good it was that I stayed within the lines. After leaving school I was involved in the display department a
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Perception is a funny thing, also by definition a very personal thing. I have learned a great deal over the years by slowly (and sometimes painfully) becoming aware of and analysing my own perceptions and every bit as importantly if not even more so,
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Buderim’s Brush with Fame
Contributed Tucked away in the leafy mountain village of Buderim is one of the Sunshine Coast’s best-kept secrets … and also one of Queensland’s most beautiful and memorable galleries. Here is where you can see some of Australia’s finest artists in a
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Australian Laughing Kookaburras
Using an Aquarelle pencil, sketch in the subjects, then use masking fluid to protect the areas being painted with a brush. Using Schminke airbrush solutions of Sepia, Olive Green, Neutral Grey and Ochre, create a background of farmhouses and bush. Th
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When Man Dreams, Humanity Advances!
Let me tell you about my dream – I, Fernando Guimarães Correia, was born on 30 December 1946 in Braga, Portugal to a traditional family of artists - father, grandfather (died before I was born), uncle and cousin all Sacred Art artists, living and wor
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Paints & Mediums
For a number of years Genesis Heat-Set Oil Paints have been regarded by many as the world’s most versatile quality fine artist paint ever made. This is because it suits artists who are used to using oils, acrylics or watercolours. It also provides to
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Afternoon Tea
I love bringing old houses back to life! I had a photograph that I had taken on a trip from the south coast of Victoria of this one. The house was fairly run down with long dry grass all around it and some sheep in the front yard. I could imagine it
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Spotlighting Patrick’s Exhibition Crash Paintings
Patrick Dagg is a Sydney based artist creating paintings and ceramics that capture the fragility of the human form. Through his vibrant colours and gestural composition there exudes a spirit and imagination that both questions and celebrates life. B
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“Time- part 1”
As Steve Miller once said “Time keeps on slipping, into the future”. It definitely is a slippery little sucker, no doubt about that. You have to invent, generate, develop, and persist with many strategies over the years to have any hope at all of wre
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Re-educating the Remounts
• Peterboro Conservation Matboard as ground Derwent Pastel Pencils- to draw up the subject, and my signature ( I often use Conté crayon for this ) Rembrandt Pastels- my favourite pastel and used for most of this work. Schminke pastels- for the sky an
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How To Sketch – Water
Water is around us everywhere. It is in the clouds, in the ocean, in rain, in mist and in fog. Water can be gentle and calm, or can be wild and ferocious. It can reflect like a mirror, echoing the sky and clouds or the surrounding foliage or landscap
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How It All Began
Living in Queensland on the Gold Coast, over the past 35 years this artist has dabbled in oils, graphite drawing, pastel and acrylic but her true passion is for watercolour. Some people know from a very young age that they are destined to be an artis
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Finding a Happy Medium.
As you progress with your artwork you will probably experiment with many different paint mediums. As all artists develop their skills by trial and error, the way forward for an artist is experimentation; ‘what paints will I use?’, ‘what paper should
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“Time- part 2”
Now, don’t get me wrong. I like everything to be neat, tidy, organised, and clean. I know I could quite (scarily) easily become completely absorbed (far past the point of obsession) in cleaning, organising, sharpening, maintaining, categorising, alph
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Colours and Poetry
Carmen Ibis Novoa was born at Montevideo, Uruguay. She moved to Australia and has made her home at Albanvale, Melbourne. This lady first learned plastic art in Uruguay. Then, in Australia, she was tutored by Robert Mangion at the Hunt Club Art Centre
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Greens In The Landscape
Green is the colour of nature. Look around and you will see an astonishing number of varied green colours. Knowing how to mix green is essential. It is used in most landscape paintings and the greens can vary enormously in a landscape, from area to a
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Mrs Celestina
• Stretched canvas (0.60 x 0.75 cm) on timber frame.• Atelier Interactive Grade Acrylic and Chromacryl Grade Acrylic: Titanium White; Terracotta; Brown Sienna; Viridian Green; Ultramarine Blue; Yellow Oxide; Pink; Black.• Flow medium.• Plaster powder
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Hints And Tips
• It’s wonderful having a collection of inspiring books and DVDs by successful watercolour artists but sometimes they make you wonder if you will ever be good enough. I suggest you put away those books and just do it. Paint, paint, paint. Time spent
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By the Bank
• I use Daler Rowney paints:• Raw Sienna• Burnt Sienna• Pthalo Blue• Indian Yellow• Cobalt Blue• Permanent Rose• Ultramarine Blue• White Gouache Mix a thin wash of Raw Sienna, remembering that watercolour dries lighter. Wash in sky area. Mix mauve in
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A Passion for Horses
Why do I paint? Because I was born with a tremendous passionate love of horses...and I didn’t have one of my own! Let me explain. Painting and drawing – especially drawing, has been an integral part of me for as long as I can remember and so has the
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Paper And Canvas
Oil Primed linen was one of the first surfaces developed for ‘modern’ day painting. For hundreds of years, oil painters have recognised that traditionally prepared oil-primed Belgian linen is the ultimate support for their artwork. With the advent of
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