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Unexpected Gifts
ON MY DESK IS AN OFF-KILTER and lightly collapsed elmwood pedestal bowl. My uncle Jerry, who started turning wood after he retired from farming, allowed me to take it after I found it in his discard box years ago. While I treasure the exquisite live-
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Immerse yourself in specialized learning opportunities led by master artists. Cultivate your passions at one of Idyllwild Arts’ fall and spring online workshops. Find experiences in ceramics, jewelry, culinary practice, Native American arts and more
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American Craft
Karen Olson Editor Roseanne G. Pereira Associate Editor Brian Donahue Interim Creative Director Sarah Archer Contributing Editor Mark Shafer Senior Designer Jessica Collette Designer Quad/Graphics Pri
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Gifting Handmade
WHILE THE LAST 10 MONTHS have been filled with upheaval and loss, they have also offered the unexpected gift of connecting more deeply to what is essential. And if there was ever a moment to step up and support craftspeople and artists, it is now. As
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To The Editors
This quote from Joyce Scott now resides on my inspiration wall: “I don’t have the ability to end violence, racism, and sexism, but my art can help people look and think.” Thank you, American Craft Council, for giving such a deserving artist the Gold
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Contemporary Craft
8405 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118 (Historic Chestnut Hill)(215) 247-1603 8972 First St. Baroda, MI 49101 (269) 983-7404 619 Grand Ave. St. Paul, MN 55102 (651) 312-1122 251 N. Heml
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Engaging Our Community When It Matters Most
The American Craft Council piloted its first-ever online marketplace event in early September. San Francisco Bay Area Craft Week featured an array of interactive programming and a 112-artist marketplace that drew more than 30,000 visitors and generat
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Nneka Jones
THE AMERICAN FLAG DEPICTED on the cover of the August 31 / September 7, 2020, issue of Time magazine hangs vertically, as if it’s tired. Rough embroidery stitches form incomplete, asymmetrical stripes transitioning from black to red, with frayed ends
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Ian Petrie
IAN PETRIE LOOKS FOR mystery in the mundane. He turns everyday ceramics into story worlds by embedding images into his mugs and plates. His original images are reminiscent of single panels torn from comic books. The 29-year-old artist started reading
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Crafting the Future
GLASSBLOWER AND PAINTER Corey Pemberton and furniture maker Annie Evelyn met in 2014 at the Penland School of Craft in North Carolina. While Evelyn completed a resident artist program at the school and Pemberton was living and working in the Penland
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What’s It Worth?
A FAMILY HAD CAREFULLY sorted all the pieces of jewelry in an estate into two groups: fine and costume jewelry. Into the “costume” group went a large, tarnished necklace the family deemed ugly. “In fact, it was handmade sterling silver by William Spr
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From Our Library, $47 The editors of the visually luxe quarterly magazine Quiltfolk have pulled together an equally stunning coffee table book – their first – that will delight quilt enthusiasts and quilt novices alike. Quiltfolk Life is filled with cri
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The Gifts in Making
MINNEAPOLIS-BASED ARTIST DYANI WHITE HAWK considered the concept of the gift in all its complexity while she was preparing for her 2020 exhibition “She Gives” at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. The title of her exhibition comes from a s
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WHEN WE WANT TO WRAP A present in a beautiful way, we can seek out special boxes, fine wrapping papers, and choice ribbons from craftspeople – or we can make them ourselves. But why do we wrap gifts at all? What’s the reason for the box and paper and
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Natural Metalsmiths
BEETLE WINGS AND VICTORIAN mourning jewelry. Gleaming ancient Egyptian gold and Viking treasure. Medieval coats of arms and family crests. Mussel shells and spruce-stitched copper. You might expect to find this list in many major museums around the w
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Skin, Deep
“ONE REASON I LOVE LEATHER is because it’s so unforgiving,” says Mia Wright-Ross about the process of crafting leather. “Once you’ve made a scratch, you have to live with that. Whether you meant to make it or not, you have to create something beautif
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Makers Mia Loves
“One of the beautiful things about being an artist is having friends who are also makers,” says Wright-Ross. Below are some of the artists whose company – and wearables – she’s happy to keep. L’Enchanteur ( Twin designers Soull and Dy
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Treasured Objects
GROWING UP IN THE Philippines, superstitions and cultural myths were ingrained in my thinking. My mother, Lamberta Lozada, was a full-time teacher and quite the serial entrepreneur back in the ’60s. We had a grocery store, dry cleaning service, three
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A Gift From You Helps Makers Share Theirs
The American Craft Council is working hard on behalf of artists through the pandemic, but we need your support to do so. A gift from you will help us invest in opportunities that allow artists to live creative and sustainable lives – all while contin
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Jorge Palacios
GLASS IS NOT A MEDIUM JORGE Palacios, who identifies as nonbinary, ever thought they’d work with. While growing up in San Antonio, they immersed themselves in the fantasy world of sci-fi and video games. “They were my escape from reality,” says the 2
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To Sit in Knowledge
MICHAEL PURYEAR DESCRIBES himself as a furniture maker, but his work shows that he is far more than that. As his Dan Chair (2010) attests, Puryear is also a kind of historian, one who uses the tools of material culture to plumb our nation’s history a
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My Filipino Diamante Ring
ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE objects I possess is a Filipino diamante ring, which was given to me by my mother. Diamante (a Filipino word pronounced JA-man-tay) is the uncut outer crust of a diamond and is different from diamanté, which refers to decoratio
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Wood Care
ALONG WITH FIRE, EARTH, air, and water, we might consider wood an element. Of the elements, only wood can become a chair, a bed, or a table. Contemporary makers of wood furniture still create usable art from an elemental and diverse source. Reclaimed
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From Our Library
Box set: Every Thread a Story and The Secret Language of Miao Embroidery By Karen Elting Brock, Linda Ligon, and Wang Jun Thrums Books, $49.95 Every Thread a Story: Traditional Chinese Artisans of Guizhou Province does more than feature the textile t
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Receive mail in style with the Andover Classic Mailbox from Bold MFG & Supply in Austin, Texas. It’s made from clean, raw hot-rolled steel that develops a rust patina over time. A locking option is available. $270 Handcrafted in Maine by
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EVERY INCH OF MARIA IS MATTE black, except for the lines and curves of the shiny, geometric design that animates its surface. It looks as though these glossy areas were carefully burnished to make them pop against their flat background. The abstract
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The Onondaga Art of Shaping STICKS
JUST EAST OF THE FINGER Lakes and south of Syracuse in central New York is the Onondaga Nation, one of the original five nations that established the Haudenosaunee Confederacy – the People of the Longhouse – one of the first participatory democracies
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Making America
MANY KNOW CURATOR AND writer Glenn Adamson as a voice at the forefront of critical craft scholarship. With books such as Fewer, Better Things (2019) and exhibitions such as “Crafting America,” opening this February at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Am
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Honoring Accomplishments
WHILE SO MUCH IS ON PAUSE IN 2020, PEOPLE across the country continue to practice their crafts. Indeed, craft offers much to culture and to our lives at this time, reminding us of the importance of slowing down, reconnecting to the creative spirit, t
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TERRELL SMITH, 16, HOLDS the handle of a chop saw firmly. He begins to bring it down slowly, steadily, and then stops. He raises it back up, checks the measurement, and cautiously brings the blade down again, then pauses, and brings it back up. He ch
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