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If you’re inspired to create your own meadow, consider one planted with perennial wildflowers to begin with. Meadows filled with cornfield annuals, such as poppies mixed with grasses, do look very colourful, but you need to make sure they are managed
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The Reviewer
As with dahlias, roses and even sweet peas, peonies inspire devotion among their fans. Their dark, shiny foliage and voluptuous, full-figured blooms, sometimes fragranced, occasionally deeply coloured but usually paler, make for immensely desirable g
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Treasured Pieces
Joanna and Charles’s attention to detail and a lifetime of collecting is evident throughout their garden. On the kitchen terrace, an 18th-century cistern has travelled with her for 30 years. The same age as the house, it looks as if it was chosen for
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Leading Lights
Lighting is a fundamental part of any interior scheme, providing illumination for a range of different tasks as well as being a key element of any room’s design. For thorough and considered lighting solutions, The Soho Lighting Company provides high-
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Describe an early encounter with plants. When I was growing up we lived in Richmond, near Kew, and I remember visiting Kew Gardens with my father. One day I picked an opium poppy and scored the head so a little drop of white sap exuded from the seed
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The English Garden3 mnt membaca
Knock On Wood
When Jim and Sharon Addington bought a beautiful Cheshire farmhouse more than 20 years ago, they knew there was plenty of work to be done to the property. And while their renovations at the time were extensive – to include a large, attached garage an
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The Happy PLACE
“I do love this garden and there are times, such as now, in early summer, when I feel quite proud of what we have made here,” says Caroline Cazenove. “It isn’t perfect or grand, and I don’t mind at all. What I want is for this to be a place that make
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Access All Areas
Besides pottering in our own gardens, visiting somebody else’s is one of the greatest joys of being a gardener. Last year, when lockdown closed garden gates and visits were off the cards, those trips out to admire, glean ideas and find inspiration we
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Pond Life
Several ponds will be created in North East Lincolnshire this year, thanks to a scheme funded by Natural England, which aims to bolster numbers of endangered great crested newts, following the loss of half of the UK’s ponds over the 20th century. Any
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Iona is editor of the literary pages of the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. She has just published her first book, about Bodnant Garden, where she grew up. She writes about its history on page 20. A former professor, Fay is a member of the Cha
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Embrace this continuing trend with a selection of cosy classics to help you enjoy your garden Take the hard work out of your allotment with tools and treats to make things easier
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People to Meet
The plantswoman, writer and TV presenter on the joyous inspiration provided by UK gardens and gardeners for her two new series I’m longing to see Great British Gardens. You see bits during the making process, but that’s different from watching the w
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How To Nominate And Vote
• From now until 13 July, nominate your favourite National Garden Scheme garden at • A panel of judges will choose a shortlist of gardens for each of the six National Garden Scheme regions. • From 1 August to 30 September,
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The New Way
Snowdonia is one of the wildest and most inhospitable parts of Britain. When you’re amid its rock faces, scree slopes, black lakes and eerie tawny valleys, civilisation can feel very far away. It is, therefore, something of a surreal surprise for cli
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The Nation’s Favourite Gardens
When the National Garden Scheme launched in 1927, the gardens the public could pay a shilling to see were all very grand: large stately homes and country houses. Six hundred gardens opened in that first year, raising £8,000. Now more than 3,600 garde
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Level Headed
One of the keys to creating interesting planting combinations is the use of contrasting flower shapes and structures. This is why the flat-topped flowers of achilleas have become such a go-to plant for designers, providing a foil to the spires and sp
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Summer in Close-Up
Early summer arrives at Gresgarth in mid-May and extends to that second week in June, just before the roses are at their best. All the better to see the garden bursting with colour and shades of pale green. Geraniums begin to flower, as do early dian
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I came across a quote from Gertrude Jekyll a few days ago: “What is one to say about June – the time of perfect young summer, the fulfilment of the promise of earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever
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Style & Grace
Take a rambling redbrick farmhouse nestling in gently rolling Norfolk countryside, and add roses. On every weatherworn wall, over every gate and archway, roses climb, ramble and cascade, overflowing into borders and even the kitchen garden beds. Look
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Good Resources
A body promoting the use and enjoyment of herbs, with members around the country. Events are held throughout the year. See Social enterprise promoting herbal health and wellbeing, offering creative events and workshops. Tel: 020 86
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June Checklist
Summer pruning of early-flowering (late winter to early summer) deciduous shrubs, such as philadelphus (below), ribes, kerria, forsythia, spiraea and staphylea can be tackled now. These shrubs flower on the previous year’s growth, so pruning straight
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Blend & Brew
There can’t be a gardener who hasn’t picked an edible leaf or two straight from the plant, nibbling on it as they work and enjoying its innate freshness. With just a little more restraint, these leaves can be used to make your own delicious herbal te
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The English Garden
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There is an ancient saying about (and I paraphrase massively here) gardeners planting trees under whose shade they will never sit. This is generally considered forward thinking, wise and selfless and, as such, should be applauded. But my counter theo
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Things to Do
Water is a key part of Iford’s vocabulary, providing the narrative within the grammar of the garden. From high in the woodland a spring rises and cuts a dynamic line through the garden, delivering water to various ponds, basins and rills. It finally
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Study the Classics
As well as the Exclusive Escapes for 2021, Sisley Garden Tours also offers its classic range of group tours to gardens across Britain and Ireland, which can be booked now for 2022. These include tours that incorporate Chelsea or Hampton Court Flower
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Exterior DESIGN
“It was just one of those things where you don’t really go further than the hall because you know it’s the right house,” says Joanna Wood, recalling the moment when she and her daughter Harriet visited Fyfield Manor for the first time, on the suggest
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Tiny Dancer
Fuchsias can be a divisive plant: some gardeners love them, others really don’t – particularly when it comes to those hybrids with the over-the-top, slightly chubby, ballerina-tutu flowers. Yet there is one fuchsia that can often persuade the doubter
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Nature to Note
Iridescent rose chafer beetles (Cetonia aurata) stand out in summer, when they settle themselves on flower petals (dog roses are a particular favourite) to soak up the sun’s rays. Their metallic-green wing cases gleam like oil slicks, making them eas
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