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Ask Flying
“In a word, no. Intuitively, people think that climbing involves “more lift” and so a flap, which seems to increase lift, might improve climb rate. Actually, flight lift of one G is always roughly equal to weight; excess power makes an airplane climb
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Early Business Aviation
We think of them now as classics, though some are assuredly still operating in a way that recalls their original missions. Those aircraft were shiny and new and gleaming in the first static display hosted by the National Business Aviation Association
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Sheep Thrills
In an airplane, surely cheap thrills are better than costly thrills—but, frankly, a safer atmosphere in the cockpit may be boring thrills. Boredom in an airplane is good. I begin to sound cynical here when, in truth, I feel that our best experiences
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Van Nuys Newhall 9 Departure
The key aspect of any standard instrument departure is the word “standard.” SIDs were created to reduce the required radio traffic between air traffic controllers and pilots, as aircraft transition from the terminal to the en route airspace in busy e
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The Case of the Absent Avgas
Some accidents are preceded by warning signs. The takeoff into the teeth of an impending thunderstorm, the pilots smelling of alcohol, the stuffing of the last bag into an airplane already almost tipping over onto its tail—onlookers shake their heads
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A Bet You Can’t Afford To Lose
He was a good friend. A ski-resort developer, a leader in his community, someone we highly admired. He took off in his Cessna Cardinal at night from his ski resort during a snowstorm on a short trip he flew almost every weekend. He was not instrument
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Blackhawk’s King Air 350 Engine Upgrade
WHAT AVIATION AFICIONADO hasn’t watched the iconic 1986 hit movie Top Gun, the story of Maverick, a US Navy F-14 pilot portrayed by actor Tom Cruise? In an early scene with co-star Anthony Edwards, the pair is walking among a bevy of parked F-14s whe
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Blackhawk History
1999 – Began with the Cessna Conquest I. Blackhawk has upgraded 60 aircraft, 30 percent of the fleet. 2002 – Upgraded 18 percent of the King Air 90-series fleet, a little more than 300 aircraft. 2006 – Upgraded 18 percent of the King Air 200 fleet, s
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How’s Your Ifr Going?
I live in the Deep South, and I emerge from summer begging for a massive cold front to clear the Florida/Georgia state line and bring some much-needed relief from the blistering heat and stifling humidity. Come the end of September, I am aching for s
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Three Great Techniques, One Simple Method
So you got the computer and the sim software, and you’ve customized the aircraft panel and performance to match what you typically fly. But you have to do more than just buzz around the sky, drawing hearts with your “breadcrumb trails” on the low-alt
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The ability to focus on the task at hand, to deal with an abnormal situation and determine the correct remedy without freezing in place—that’s the type of resilience pilots strive for. Another form of resilience: surviving the ups and downs of a cycl
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Angels Among Us
When we look at the sleek outlines of the latest Cessna Citation Latitude, Pilatus PC-24 or Gulfstream G600, we see the potential for performance, agility, and the speed that gets us to a destination safely and in style. What a cancer patient sees—lo
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I enjoyed reading [Rob Mark’s] article on training, [“Regulation or Inspiration?”] in the September issue. It was a good recap of industry efforts to lower the accident rate. I wish I could agree that the [General Aviation Joint Steering Committee] h
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Field Morey
Imagine this scenario: You jump in your family airplane and depart into a clear blue sky. You’d have to stay aloft for 4.25 years to match the 37,200 hours in flight instructor Field Morey’s logbook. And you’d have to seek out the worst weather along
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A The clean user interface makes navigation straightforward for multiple users. A selection of user profiles can be attached to pilots with differing statuses within the app. B A digital archive of aircraft logs is possible with a custom application,
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Riders On The Storm
It is 9 a.m. on a gray Tuesday. I am standing on our dock at City Island in the Bronx, New York, surveying my handiwork, sipping hot coffee to assuage the gnawing tension. I have just finished preparing my sturdy boat and home, Windbird, to ride out
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Easing Pilot Workload
In response to customer feedback—and a desire to push well-loved members of its product line forward—Textron Aviation announced in August the new flagship of the Beechcraft line, the King Air 360/360ER. With auto-throttles, improved pressurization an
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I am different when someone is flying with me for the first time. Even more so if that person shows an interest in or fear of aviation. I feel responsible for my passenger’s continued fascination or for assuaging their anxiety. I do this by exhibitin
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An LSA Goes Electric
Hondo, Texas-based Texas Aircraft Manufacturing and British company Oxis Energy—which is developing technology for lithiumsulfur batteries—say they are jointly developing a high-wing, two-seat, all-metal, fully electric aircraft dubbed the eColt base
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Dropping It In
It was a beautiful day this week when my sister, Mary, and I met at the hangar for a $100—no, $200—hamburger flight. Seems like yesterday that we two very young gals were driving down Airport Road in a green Volkswagen Beetle and flying Ercoupes, Pip
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Flight-Test Update
The G700 is pushing forward and aiming for the sky with its flight-test program. Officially launched in 2019, the new challenger in the ultra-long-range segment is planned for 2022 deliveries. As of August, the G700 had logged more than 100 test flig
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The Day You Became a Pilot
There are a few days in a pilot’s life that you remember forever. I am not talking about your first solo or the day you got (or will get) your private certificate. These events are always well-preserved somewhere in your brain’s hippocampus. I’m talk
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Next Great Flight
A somber salute 75 years in the making. Pilot Robert Pinksten maneuvers Hangar 743’s B-25 Old Glory over the USS Arizona and USS Missouri memorials in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, practicing for the Arsenal of Democracy/V-J Day events scheduled for Septembe
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Earhart and Range
Three-quarters of the globe behind them, Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, now had only the Pacific Ocean left to cross. They took off midmorning from Lae, Papua New Guinea, on July 1, 1937, bound for Howland Island, an 8,200-foot-long,
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Regulation or Inspiration?
Recent data from the National Transportation Safety Board says, over the past decade, the trend in general aviation accidents has been headed in a positive direction—down. In 2012, the board recorded 1,471 GA accidents, 273 of which were fatal. Those
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Airport At The End Of The World
Dark gray clouds scudded low overhead, pewter waves slapped Windbird’s hull as it heeled in a gust, and a fine, cold mist obscured the low black line on the horizon that defined our island destination, now 7 miles away. Given the sullen weather, you
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Hot Stove
At the age of 27, having just made my first film, Boiler Room, I found myself riding a brand new BMW K1200RS south on the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan. The bike was a gift from Ben Affleck (it’s customary to buy the director a modest gift when y
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Maniacal Mnemonics
OK, picture some far-in-the-future archaeologist exploring an area that ancient maps call North America and stumbling on an odd-looking site—long strips of concrete radiating out from a once-paved, open area. Combing through the ruins of a nearby str
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