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Modern Redesign
A neglected terraced house with a garden full of weeds, crumbling walls and time-warp interiors wasn’t quite what Kate had in mind when she stepped onto the property ladder. “I was looking for a doer-upper, but by that I meant something that needed
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Clever Kitchen Ideas Island Ideas
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Don’t Pay When You Don’t Need To
One of the major benefits of building your own home is that you can reclaim VAT using HMRC’s VAT431NB form. This includes materials that are fixed into the house. The interpretation of this can be complex. For instance, you can reclaim VAT on timber
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What To Look Out For When Assessing Plots
• Ensure planning permission has not expired and is not about to expire. There is no guarantee that reapplications will succeed. • Keep an eye out for access. If doesn’t extend directly up to the adopted highway, there should at least be a legal righ
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“The Skimming Begins”
We were in a dilemma about whether to plaster or dryline our walls. Both have their pros and cons, and neither really outweighed the other, in our opinion. Plastering ‘is just what you do’ to the traditionalist, whereas drylining minimises the moistu
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Self-build & renovation
A first-of-its-kind eco self-build community, which has been described as a ‘green oasis’, is set for completion by summer 2021. Water Lillies in Kingsweston, Bristol, enables homebuyers to be part of a net-zero carbon community development of 33 hom
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“We Can’t Wait To Start Our Renovation Project”
We renovated a house in Somerset, where we lived for 20 years, but we wanted a place with a bigger garden where we could really settle down. I work in Bristol and Andrew flies to Belfast for work so, for us, finding somewhere in the right location wa
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Key Suppliers
ARCHITECT Ellis Williams Associates: www.ewa.co.uk MAIN CONTRACTOR/BUILDER Hooga: www.hoogalowenergy.com AERATED CONCRETE YTONG BLOCKS Xella: www.xella.co.uk TRIPLE-GLAZED WINDOWS AND DOORS (manufacturer) Gaulhofer: www.gaulhofer.com;supplier: Eco
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The Team
MICHELLE GUY is Assistant Editor. She is an experienced homes journalist, and has just completed her kitchen renovation. She’s currently lining up trades to decorate the next room on the reno hit list! NATASHA BRINSMEAD is Associate Editor and has
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Editor’s Letter
While 2021 is still in its infancy, two issues (the pandemic, aside) continue to dominate headlines: the environment and climate change. Unfortunately, our built environment – including our homes – contributes significantly to the latter issue. It pe
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Meet This Month’s Experts...
Tim is an expert in sustainable building methods and home energy efficiency. Contact him at Tim@ weatherworks.co.uk. Architect Lydia is creative director of award-winning practice Design Storey Architects. She has a particular interest in historic
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Radiator company Vasco has reported an increase in homeowner interest for electric heaters and radiators in an effort to become more sustainable and less dependent on gas heating systems. The Beams mono emitters shown here are a ‘plug and play’ optio
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Great Timber Frame Self-builds
Frame Technologies’ closed panel Tech-Vantage E timber frame system was used to construct this energy-efficient home on a challenging site. The timber frame upper level features timber shingles; the lower floor, built into the sloping site, features
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DESIGN, PLANNING, OAK FRAME, WRIGHTWALL ENCAPSULATION, FACE GLAZING AND GARAGE Oakwrights: www.oakwrights.co.uk MAIN CONTRACTOR AS Keogh: www.askeoghconstruction.co.uk ROOFING AJR Roofing: 079 6703 1887 GLAZING, DOORS Kloeber: www.kloeber.co.uk S
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Without thorough planning and research, renovations can end up being incredibly money hungry things, gobbling up your savings before you have even properly got stuck in to the bulk of the project. For this reason it pays (quite literally) to consider
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Choosing A Build Route
Self-build is a broad church and there are many routes to getting an individual home built. However, generally speaking most self-builders choose one of the following routes: • Project managing the entire build themselves, including hiring and coordi
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Beginner’s Guide To Self-build
There are many benefits to building your own home. It is an opportunity to create a unique home tailored around your lifestyle. It can be a route to creating a home that will adapt as your needs change, for instance accommodating wheelchair use. It a
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The Floorplan
The main living spaces are arranged around the triple-height living room and gallery landing area. One side of the first floor features the main bedrooms while the other houses the snug, study, as well as a guest suite to the second floor. The kitche
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Key Suppliers
ARCHITECT Gareth Gazey Architects: www.gazeyarchitects.co.uk BUILDER TBS Tutka: www.tbslimited.com KITCHEN WORKTOP Lowinfo: www.lowinfo.com INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL TILES Valverdi City: www.londontile.co.uk KITCHEN Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery: www.
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Is The Cladding You Pick Important When It Comes To Mortgages?
While modern panel timber frame is fully accepted as ‘conventional construction’ by mortgage lenders, they still mostly ask the surveyor to specify where construction is timber frame, as opposed to masonry. This is because unless the outer leaf is bu
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Financing Your Build
There are two significant costs when building your own home: the building plot and the build itself. There are also a few additional costs that you’ll need to factor in — see the box below. You’ll need access to money to buy a building plot, to pay f
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Signing OFF…
One of my favourite things about our renovation project is the garden. After living in a city for a few years (and growing quite fond of our collection of indoor plants), it has been lovely to dream up plans about how to get stuck into the neglected
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Timber Frame Build
Generally mortgage lenders want a timber frame to have a cavity, be modern (post 1960s) and have appropriate cladding to assure durability. There are some rules like no more than 75% of the structure can be timber clad, for example. MARK STEVENSON,
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Be Upfront About Your Budget
Not being honest about your project budget is one of the biggest mistakes a client can make. You need to trust that your architect will get the most out of the amount you have available. Only with an accurate picture of the construction budget can th
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Heat Pump Pledge
The government has pledged 600,000 heat pumps to be installed in homes every year by 2028. Green energy expert David Hilton believes the rollout is a positive move for a greener future, but he adds that the scale of the proposed rollout poses a huge
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Breaking Traditions Through Innovation
Only a short time ago, a number of heating manufacturers discontinued their air source heat pump products. At the time it seemed rather bizarre and a bit of a regressive step. When I looked closer it was clear that the air source heat pump market, an
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Key Suppliers
ARCHITECT SOUP Architects: www.souparchitects.com MAIN CONTRACTOR Homefield Services: 01481264048 STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Babbé McCathie: www.bmlgsy.com CORIAN KITCHEN WORKTOP R & D De Jersey Surface: www.rddejersey.co.uk KITCHEN Channel Island Ceram
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14 Ways Tofind A Building Plot
As much as I’d love to tell you there’s one sure-fire way to find a plot, the truth is that there isn’t. There are lots of ways to find one, but knowing which one will work, and when? That’s the million-dollar question. Ask anyone who’s got a plot an
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A sojourn in Australia inspired Steven and Helen to build their own house when they returned home to their Warwickshire village — using a very British construction method: oak frame. Here, Steven talks us through their self-build journey. What gave
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Case Study: The Dairy Barn
In the summer of 2017, Savills estate agents listed ‘a rarely available opportunity to create a fabulous countryside home’. Located in open countryside on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, this ‘opportunity’ comprised a dilapidated form
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