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After hosting a wreath-making workshop this past holiday season, The Flower Boys are prepping for spring-related arrangements. They typically host 12-person classes in March or April, and teach people how to make their own Easter basket or springtime
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Salt Water Grenade
VINTAGE: 1880s Resides at the Koorsen Fire Museum GIVEN THE SPECTACULAR collection of historical firefighting technology at the Koorsen Fire Museum on the east side of Indianapolis, it’s a good thing the place doesn’t have to rely on relics like this
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Starting From Scratch
HERRON SCHOOL of Art and Design grad Audra Stam, who spent a good part of the last decade snapping shots of sprinters and hurdlers, always suspected she would one day have a creative business of her own. She just didn’t know it would involve vegan ba
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Cookie Monster
Baker Julie Kim and her husband, chef Jung Gyu Kim (co-owner of Korave Korean BBQ at Fishers Test Kitchen), spent three years perfecting the buttery, gooey formula for their Fat Stack cookies. “We had this idea that we wanted to provide warm cookies
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Renting a Cinema
At the cinema chains, booking a watch party works just like buying tickets online, and there are multiple times available per day. At independent cinemas, you probably need to call. The Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin is one of them. Typically,
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Anti-Social Media
When I finished Lili Wright’s revealing profile of Greenwood teen Zoe LaVerne (p. 68), my worry began. LaVerne is one of the biggest stars on the social media app TikTok, a platform where users generate fleeting videos—mostly lip-synching and dancing
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We moved into our house five years ago, and it happened to be across the street from the Fountain Square Clay Center (p. 54). I had only taken one ceramics class in college, and I was terrible at it, but I remembered enjoying it. I thought it would b
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Stir Crazy
Opening a cocktail bar in the middle of a pandemic sounds like unfortunate timing, but these four establishments did exactly that. The snug 1,200-square-foot space trimmed in red neon serves sophisticated drinks like the Nola Sazerac and a Primo Hurr
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Motorcycle Riding
I’m not a morning person. Like a vampire, I tend to hiss at first light. So how did I find myself in a parking lot pre-sunrise, dressed head-to-toe in motorcycle gear? I blame Eric. My partner is an avid motorcyclist who has been riding for nearly 20
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Happy Camper
OUTFITTERS SELL GOODS you need for a nature retreat. Becker Supply Co. sells apparel and accessories for telling people you love going on them. Screen-printers Leena and Jake Middaugh affix “Fish Crew” and “Born to Swim” onto T-shirts and other wares
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Shed some light on your design prowess with an accordion lamp. While this squeezebox may not play music, its touch of ambient lighting will leave you gleaming. Thanks to the bellows of the water-resistant Tyvek paper, you can throw shade in a few way
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Restaurant GUIDE
Recently opened establishment. Open for more than five months but making its first appearance in the guide. Recently revisited and reevaluated. Restaurants included in this guide are selected at the discretion of the Indianapolis Monthly editorial st
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After the year we’ve just lived through, who couldn’t use a little more inner peace? With direction from resident teacher and Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Wangden, the Kadampa Meditation Center in Castleton offers a variety of Zen-centric programming su
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Bubble Ball
WHY THE BUBBLE? In case you haven’t noticed—and judging by the number of masks we see, many haven’t—we’re still in a pandemic. Through January 29, more than 160 NCAA Division I games had been canceled or postponed due to COVID outbreaks or concerns.
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Freelance writer Dawn Olsen knew she was in for a ride when she started dating her partner, an avid motorcyclist. After several months as a passenger, she signed up for a motorcycle class (p. 61). Olsen gave it a shot, but quickly realized the instru
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The Triple P
TURCHETTI’S SALUMERIA 1106 Prospect St., 317-426-3048, ■
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Pilot Program
THE COUNTRYSIDE surrounding West Lafayette has changed since the 1930s, but the view from the air still frames neatly gridded farm fields and the gentle curve of the Wabash River. Amelia Earhart logged plenty of hours over that landscape in her twin-
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Pecking Order
Parmesan Garlic With more than 15 housemade sauces on the menu, there’s an option for every sweet, spicy, or crispy mood. We love the Parmesan garlic for the unexpected tang and color the cheese adds to the mix. If you’re up for a little mixing and m
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Fountain Square
Three-fourths of the inventory at Tuggle’s Gifts & Goods (1) is Hoosier-made. Shop for leather journals, ceramics, eco-friendly to-go mugs, crocheted succulents, knit beanies—and art from the owners themselves. Brooke Tuggle makes polymer-clay earrin
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You can’t learn to climb a cliff face via Zoom, so things were pretty quiet at Carmel-based Hoosier Heights during the pandemic. But the cavernous facility maintained a limited in-person program that is expanding this spring and summer. Guests can tr
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Top Gear
THE THREAD Conceptual paintings by Barry Lantz add depth and intrigue to a room, but there’s nothing abstract about a recent accolade awarded to the local artist and his daughter, Amanda, for their interior-design studio, Lantz Collective—House Beaut
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Pasta La Vista
Q: WHEN DID THE INTERTWINED INTERSTATES DOWNTOWN STOP BEING CALLED “THE SPAGHETTI BOWL”? A: The Hoosierist wasn’t aware that this pasta-centric pejorative had fallen out of favor. For the record, the city calls this confusing confluence of traffic la
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MJ Coyle Interior Designer
WE SEE YOU ON GOOD BONES IN A LOT OF DENIM. I never know where my day will take me. I’m on a lot of construction sites. A good pair of stylish work boots is a must. I love my Blundstones. HOW DID YOU GET INTO INTERIOR DESIGN? I started by designing f
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Park and Eat
BUILT IN 1931, the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant on Massachusetts Avenue debuted the same year as the Empire State Building, Dick Tracy comic strips, and the U.S. patent for the aerosol can. This glorious Art Deco structure wrapped in white glazed terra c
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Stay Tuned
CHARLIE BALLANTINE’S career as a jazz guitarist would’ve been more convenient in New Orleans or New York City, where clubs to perform in and musicians to perform with are more plentiful. But those jazz-rich cities aren’t home to him. Ballantine, a 20
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Foreign Languages
Parla Italiano? You will after these classes taught by Indy Italian. Cristiana Thielmann leads private lessons with an emphasis on pronunciation. Cost: $200 for six 90-minute virtual classes Dates: Year-round Where: 317-581-1340,
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K-pop Up
New in Town AS ASIAN FUSION favorite Rook was becoming another victim to the pandemic last summer, executive chef Adam Ditter and his sous chef Jordan Wiler knew they had too many ideas left in their culinary arsenal just to call it quits. So the cre
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ZOE LAVERNE likes to dance. She dances in her bedroom, in the snow, in parking garages after dark, her limbs liquid and sinewy, like she’s all muscle, no bones, booty dancing to Mickey Rose and Popp Hunna, songs with explicit lyrics and F-bombs. Most
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Wine and Art
Mimosa and a Masterpiece transitioned from its Mass Ave studio to virtual classes this winter due to the pandemic. But owner Tajuana Hill still delivers everything customers need: a 16-by-20-inch canvas, paint, brushes, and a palette. Cost: $50 for t
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