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Robert Stilin, designer “Scale is everything – it’s critical to a scheme. If you don’t get the scale right the design will look ridiculous. To play with scale you should consider repetition, consistency and balance. You can play with scale in plan, e
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Everyone’s Talking About…
The trend for ordering over-the-top cakes to celebrate absolutely anything has emerged as one delightful outcome of lockdown life. We’ve been coveting gloriously frilly retro cakes by independent online bakeries like @aprilsbakerlondon, pictured, and
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Meet The Decorators
Four of our favourite decorating experts – Kit Kemp, Molly Mahon, Eva Sonaike and Joa Studholme – will be joining our editors live to talk you through the decor choices they made in their homes, giving you the chance to pose questions too. Starting o
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À La Française
1.8kg skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs (6 to 8) 1½ tbsp fine sea salt, plus more as needed 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper, plus more as needed 1 lemon, thinly sliced 4 garlic cloves, smashed, plus 2 garlic heads, unpeeled and halved crosswise 4 fre
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Nick Cave
The Aussie rock god and lead singer of the Bad Seeds has forged a fashion path with his dark, dapper style. His look of tailored suits and slimline shirts, together with his pale skin, raven black hair and ‘Mafia’ rings, has become a sartorial signat
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Sunshine is here again, which always calls for an injection of colour into our homes. Bring those sunny rays indoors with Dutch brand Anna + Nina’s vibrant new Viva La Vida homeware collection. It allows us to dream of soon-to-come days bursting with
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Colour Insight
I love warm and sophisticated tones with strong personalities. Of course, at work, my go-to colours very much depend on the project and the period of the building. However, I have a few favourites: I currently adore terracotta shades as well as India
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Quite possibly the most inviting resting place we could imagine – the Grande Soffice sofa evokes the plump softness of a cloud. From its sumptuous shape to its plush upholstery, it represents the pinnacle of Edra’s investigations into comfort and sty
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Poolside glamour
Bold, colourful glamour – that’s what I wanted to create here,’ says Liz Lange, fashion designer and entrepreneur. This early-1900s home in Palm Beach, Florida, is where she and her family head for downtime and, more recently, it became a base for lo
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Design Profile: Fine Artists
‘Believe it or not, being an artist was the only thing I ever wanted to do,’ explains Mark Gagnon, an East Coast multidisciplinary artist who works from his studio and shop in Maryland. ‘Once, when I was living and working in Manhattan, I did a paint
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We love a bit of multifunctional design and Contardi’s new Calypso lamp doubles as a place to rest your cocktail. It is the sort of piece that speaks of elegant evenings bathed in a warm glow and is characterised by a smart art deco-inspired shade de
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Garden Insight
The serene space we have created to the back of this property in London is a natural extension of the house’s modern, open-plan interior. Usable space is maximised by having planters, pots and furniture on the perimeter, while the centre is used as a
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Hotel Hot List
A FOREST RETREAT, DESERT RESORT AND A BEAUTY ON THE BIG SUR – AMERICA HAS IT ALL Built in 1968, this impressive Hudson Valley hideaway rental is a 20th-century design lover’s dream. Stuffed with art and Danish furniture, it offers an outdoorsy break
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In And Out
Feeling cautiously optimistic about travel, we have our sights on Settle, a transportive collection of railway carriages, safari tents and boutique cabins set in serene Norfolk parkland with lake views. Furnished with locally sourced natural soaps, o
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Turn Up The Volume
While Gerine Ongkeko’s San Francisco home may be dripping in historic decorative plasterwork, corbels and mouldings, what goes on between the walls is a different story. The Jonathan Adler effect is in full force throughout the 106-year-old building,
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Paul Smith
He’s been described as the Willy Wonka of fashion with a big imagination and an innate sense for what works. Sir Paul Smith is an arbiter of style who changed the face of men’s fashion with his ‘classic with a twist’ brand of British tailoring. A bea
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Style Columnist
Do you remember the last time you were really touched by a piece of art or design? I get a dazzling feeling in the pit of my stomach; it’s a bit like vertigo, the sensation of being taken somewhere else that’s beyond your control. Like sitting in a s
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THE WEEKEND BUY Splash Of Colour
Bright, painterly and whisking their user off to warmer climes, splatterware has quickly moved from a trend buy to design-led staple and we can’t get enough of the evolving styles coming our way. New brand Hot Pottery serves up a collection of well-p
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Adventure through underwater jungles and abandoned arches with textile designer Josephine Munsey’s wonderfully escapist wallpapers. Drawing from personal sketchbooks and exhibitions, the newly launched collection is rich in fantastical flora and faun
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Design Radar
I can’t live without hats. This elegant bicolour piece is on my wish list for this season. Sand Capelan hat, €400, Eliurpi at Browns London This ceramic lamp reminds me of summer days with its straw ‘hat’ and bohemian base. Volta lamp, £525, A New Tr
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Tequila Sunrise
He may be a big name in the design world but Brit-born Martyn Lawrence Bullard is as happy creating celebrity homes-Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Cher - and high-end hotels - the newly opened Prospect in Hollywood, the iconic Colony Palms in Palm S
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Gardening Columnist
May is the month of fertility, it is the height of spring and the start of summer. The 1st of May marks the Druid festival known as Beltane. It is said the Maiden Goddess blossoms, the Green Man falls in love with her, they make love and the May Quee
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Grace Jones
The statuesque model and singer shot to fame in the early 80s with her bold, androgynous style, dulcet tones and risqué lyrics. Five decades later she remains an icon of contemporary culture. Born in Jamaica, Jones moved to New York with her family i
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Things To Do This Month
1 Feed your plants with organic and homemade plant feeds. Especially hungry, fruiting annuals. 2 Plan ahead. Don’t forget to sow hardy winter veg now for harvests later in the year. Try sprouting broccoli, kale and chard. 3 Where you have planted out
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Happiness Through Design
One minute you were skipping along, living your best life, and the next minute you were home schooling your kids in trigonometry–and not understanding any of it – while fretting over vulnerable loved ones and dangling by a thread. And that’s if you w
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Bringing an exquisite depth of colour to walls with earth oxides, GRIS is a progressive mineral alternative to conventional paint. Free of synthetic binders, solvents and acrylics, the GRIS collections consist of the Nordic Series, inspired by Nordic
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Secret Address Book
Whoever said bookish was boring hasn’t paid a trip to Parvum Opus. The Michigan-based craft firm’s name means ‘diminutive artistic forms’ in Latin, and its book bindings, notebooks, stationery and desk accessories are a whirl of office-based fun. Its
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Lifestyle Reboot
for the past 25 years, fashion designer Trina Turk has shaped Californian style with her eponymous brand, thanks to her joyous and maximalist approach to colour and pattern. Think bright bold prints that instantly transport you to the beach and evoke
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Look Book
When filling a room with charisma, it can be tempting to go all-out with your choices, but the key to creating a cool cohesion is to find dialogue between your pieces. This space designed by Kelly Wearstler is more than just the sum of its parts – bl
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Eccentricity – An Unhelpful Guide
i am an extremist. When it comes to matters of style, nothing is too eccentric or unconventional for my warped sensibility. How did I get like this? My decor journey began in a rooming house in the threadbare 1950s. I was a scabby-kneed urchin with d
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