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Travellers’ Rest
Long before the dawn of the railways, in the days of horse-drawn carriages and stagecoaches, many a weary traveller will have broken their journey in what is now Wendy and John Bunyan’s home. The couple’s house is a former coaching inn, a popular res
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Pippa’s PLOT
to grow flowers. There’s nothing like burying one’s face into a freshly picked bunch. With a heady scent, frilly blooms and wide variety of colours, they are my all-time favourite flower and no cutting garden would be complete without them. Growing s
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Design Details Windows
From openings devoid of glass to fully glazed walls, the humble window has seen many changes. As with most features of period homes, windows’ size and design were dictated by wealth, status, fashion and technology. But what has remained the same thro
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Period Llving
EDITOR Melanie Griffiths CONTENT EDITOR Rachel Crow  HOMES CONTENT EDITOR Karen Darlowlow  STYLE EDITOR Pippa Blenklnsop  FEATURES WRITER & SUBEDITOR Holly Reaney Editorlal email: GROUP ART DIRECTOR Billy Peel SENIOR ART ED
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Garden Art Competition
The garden truly comes alive in summer with blousy blooms punctuating the borders and resplendent trees in full leaf offering dappled shade. Nature puts on a magical display. Last year, during lockdown, we launched a social media house portrait chall
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Take A Seat
Alex Bridgman, director at Bridgman, shares expert tips on choosing and caring for garden furniture Q How do I ensure that my garden furniture is as comfortable as possible? When buying garden furniture, ensure that it is ergonomically designed to gi
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Fairs To Visit This Summer
27-31 MAY Henley Décor Fair, Greenlands Park, Marlow Road, Henley-on-Thames RG9 3AP; Entry: Friday (public preview) £15, Saturday–Monday £10. Set on the banks of the River Thames and featuring live music and food for a festival v
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Subscribe For £48 And Get An Emma Bridgewater Mug Set
ABOUT YOUR GIFT This delightful Emma Bridgewater Flowers mug set features two half-pint mugs decorated with painterly dahlias and tulips in a rich, vibrant palette. The mugs are presented in a beautifully illustrated gift box. • Save money on the cov
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Space To Entertain
Matthew Brown, technical consultant at Sadolin & Sandtex, explains how to prepare your building for a new coat of paint. ‘Preparation is key to getting good results. If surfaces show signs of previous coatings flaking or greying due to long-term expo
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Summer Loving
BLACK RICE & SALMON SALAD; SEE NEXT PAGE FOR RECIPE Black rice lends itself well to being used cold in salads. It is known sometimes as ‘forbidden rice’, and sometimes as ‘black venus rice’. It has a hard husk and a great bite to it. SERVES 4 • 200g
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Blue & white
Explaining ‘blue and white’ ceramics is not particularly straightforward because the term itself is a catch-all expression for a huge global, multi-cultural mix of items ranging from the ancient right through to the modern. It is therefore necessary
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Before the widespread use of modern gypsum and Portland cement in the 1900s, plasters were generally lime based. These traditional mixes were softer, porous and compatible with historic forms of construction. They also tend to be more flexible and be
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Searching for TREASURE
A good old-fashioned rummage for vintage, antique or salvaged gems, is a highlight for many, and what our island lacks in perfect treasure-hunting weather it more than makes up for with its world-class fairs and markets. With caffeine-fuelled early s
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Your Journal
Inspired by the decorating features in the April issue, I decided to refresh my bedroom by adding a bold and vibrant floral wallpaper. When I was tidying as part of the renovation, I also found lots of my mum’s costume jewellery. Sadly, she passed aw
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Peaceful Retreat
Nestling in a characterful street in a breathtaking location, just a stone’s throw from the medieval castle in Portchester, Tracy Gordon’s cottage is full of quirky charm, and it’s easy to see why she instantly fell for it. ‘Normally, when buying hou
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Family Treasures
Strange though it may sound, when Cape Town native Inge Watrobski moved to an apartment within a large Georgian house on a rural Somerset estate some 18 years ago, she says it felt like home from home. ‘The West Country landscape is so green and roll
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Making Room
Shortage of space is one of the main factors that compels us to move house – whether we are searching for more room to entertain, somewhere quiet to work from home, or just a space to serve as a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of d
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Out Of Office
Insulation and power are vital in creating a room that is usable all year round. ‘Having a tiled, insulated roof will keep the garden room warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with underfloor heating being our most popular heating option,’ says
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Châteauneuf-du-pape Grape Hods
Grape ‘hods’, or ‘hotte’ as they are called in France, were originally an integral part of the grape harvest at a vineyard. Worn on the back to collect bunches of grapes, they are made from galavanised metal and feature leather straps. Traditionally
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Pretty As A Picture
Distinctly artistic, and with a sense of history in every room, Julia Pidgeon’s home captivates anyone who sees it, even if it’s just from the outside. She and her late husband John quickly fell for its charms, as Julia recalls: ‘We knew this was the
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House Journal
Looking to give your floor a long-lasting touch of comfort? The new Jupiter twist carpet, from £19.49 per m2 from Lifestyle Floors, offers the flexibility to choose not only the perfect shade – from 16 neutrals – but the best weight for your space. M
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Flower Power
Create spaces with wow factor by decorating in flamboyant floral prints with large-scale full blooms. Think designs covered in clusters of English roses, to folksy florals from across the globe in joyful reds, hot pinks and striking blues. Combine fa
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Reading Between The Lines
When William Morris set up Kelmscott Press in 1891, he wanted to create beautiful books whose quality was every bit as good as the literary content within. Reacting against the mass-printed Victorian volumes, Morris turned for his inspiration to the
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Good Impressions
During a year when people have been unable to visit their favourite seaside or rural escapes, Amelia Bowman’s evocative collagraph prints, inspired by the coast and countryside, have served as a salve, feeding memories of travel. ‘In lockdown there w
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Summer Refresh
I love styling my home for summer! It’s the perfect time to refresh your space, add some colour and connect your indoor and outdoor living areas. You can open up your windows and doors, and listen to the chirping birds and buzzing bees all day long.
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Cottage Abundance
When Janet Bashforth moved to The Homestead, an Edwardian bungalow in rural Cheshire, in 2014, the scene was very different to the one that greets visitors today. ‘There wasn’t much garden to speak of; it was basically a blank canvas, with just two a
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Editor’s Letter
Donning raincoats and wellies to trudge around a field, unearthing treasures buried beneath mountains of miscellany, is a great British pastime. As fleamarkets, vintage and antiques fairs get ready to reopen their gates this summer, the appetite for
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Garden Journal
We can get so excited at the sight of sunshine in this country that we rush to plan alfresco dining, forgetting that the mercury can quickly drop once the sun starts to set. Continue the evening outdoors, however, with the Ignis firepit from Morsø, £
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Journal Feature Pippa Blenkinshop
Combining inspiration from the decorative arts of the Victorian era with a love for chinoiserie style, fabric designer Julia Brendel has created a beautiful new design, Victorian Tale. Perfect for a romantic, vintage scheme, the print, available in t
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Antiques Journal
Originating from the Indian subcontinent, specifically Bangladesh, kantha quilts are composed of layers of recycled fabrics, such as cotton scraps and old saris, which are hand-stitched together using the ancient ‘kantha’ running-stitch technique. Ca
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