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All Change
Welcome to an exciting new decade, when businesses see change as both a challenge and an opportunity for positive action. We face change on a scale unseen in most lifetimes as the world, urgently and determinedly, rises to meet environmental and econ
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Schedule Overload
There are going to be 23 Formula 1 races in 2021. That is a lot of travelling, a lot of being away from home and a lot of work for the F1 personnel. A few years ago I was doing the Le Mans Series, the American Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Ma
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Year Of The Long Knives
Manufacturers have started the challenging process of re-aligning their racing activities, and the next few years the racing world will look very different. Honda announced its withdrawal from Formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season, and Porsche step
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Adjustments Needed
A problem needs action in order to solve it, or to at least to alleviate its effects. The constant critical issue of Pirelli tyre management creates massive headaches for drivers and engineers alike. This has required huge amounts of effort to combat
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Racecar Engineering
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Game Of Inches
‘Game of inches’ is a famous phrase attributed to Green Bay Packers American Football team coach, Vince Lombardi, immortalised by Al Pacino in the film Any Given Sunday. A ‘game of inches’ justifies why the smallest detail matters. Like American Foot
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Asset Management
2020 has been a peculiar year. Apart from the immense Covid-19 test operation the FIA has successfully mounted to enable a World Championship that qualifies as such to take place, the only significant technical activities in F1, apart from DAS (dual-
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E For Efficiency
What started as nothing more than a shared dream between Formula E founder, Alejandro Agag, and FIA president, Jean Todt, in 2011, the electric Formula E series has since developed into the fastest growing motorsport series on the planet. Since its d
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Making BoP changes
In the last article on Balance of Performance (BoP) in RE V30N11 we explored two key concepts: the physics of vehicle performance, and the options available for making changes to the balance of performance. In this article we will examine the actual
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Enter The Sandman
The Dakar rally has undergone many different incarnations since it first ran in the 1970s, moving around the world until last year, when it settled in the Saudi Arabian desert. Held over 12 days, the rally retains its traditional adventurous spirit a
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Into The Future
The 2021 edition of the Dakar rally sees the rise of a new breed of pioneers developing low-emission electric vehicles capable of winning the rally. Audi announced it will join the category in 2022 with an electric prototype powered by a high-voltage
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Under the Aurelia
Q I recently discovered a fascinating car from the 1950s that I’d never heard of before. It’s called the Lancia Aurelia. The car had the first production V6 engine, a transaxle and really interesting suspension. The front was a sliding pillar syste
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Mark Ortiz Automotive is a chassis consultancy service primarily serving oval track and road racers. Here Mark answers your chassis set-up and handling queries. If you have a question for him, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: E: markortizauto@
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Speed Trap
There had been several runners in the race to land the 2012 IndyCar chassis supplier contract, including concepts from Reynard, Lola and Swift. The extraordinary looking Delta Wing was also in the mix for a while, but was perhaps a step too far out o
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State Of Flux
Electrified motorsport is here to stay, whether one is talking hybrids in Formula 1, the World Endurance Championship (and soon the World Rally Championship) or pure electric, pioneered by Formula E. This will soon be joined by series such as Extreme
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Record Setter
Earlier in 2020, US drag racer, Steve Huff, became the first to crack the 200mph barrier over the quarter mile in his Current Technology electric dragster. Huff’s ET of 7.520 seconds at 201.07mph is an impressive feat given his nearest competition wa
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Current Thinking
In REV29N7, I wrote an article exploring the current state of play of electric powertrains. That was over 18 months ago now, though, and quite a bit of water has flowed under the bridge since then. Both BMW and Audi have recently pulled out of Formul
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Technology Showcase
Gill Sensors has a lightweight liquid level sensor that is compatible with fuels, oil and coolants. The 4223 comes with standard and custom mounting options, and has a temperature range of -40degC to +125degC. The standard output range is 0.25-4.75V,
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Technical Directive 37
With the introduction of Technical Directive 37, multiple engine modes for qualifying and races were banned, and with it went Mercedes’ Strat 2, or so-called ‘party mode’. As qualifying is for outright pace over a single lap, considerations for the d
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Racecar Engineering
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The All-seeing Eye
The traditional image of a NASCAR crew chief is an analogue one, sat atop their pit box in isolation, reliant on an accumulated internal databank to make judgement calls on race strategy. The modern reality, however, is a far more digital affair. The
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The Crew Chief’s View
Cliff Daniels was, until recently, crew chief on the no.48 car of Jimmie Johnson for Hendrick Motorsport and, for 2021, will run Kyle Larson in no.5. He is well accustomed to working with the Pit Rho system and made the following observations on how
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My Gang
German motorcycle manufacturer KTM, which has been producing the X-Bow and derivatives for the GT4 category since 2008, has taken the next step in its racing programme and developed a new car for GT2 aimed squarely at the customer racing driver. Actu
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Engineering Success
Travel from Milan to Modena, both famous for their contributions to automotive history, and roughly midway along the two-hour journey the E45 bypasses Parma. Head due west along rural roads for 40 minutes and the sand-coloured Castello di Varano De’
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Dallara Academy
Within the boundaries of Dallara’s main complex, beneath the museum that contains the first car to bear the Dallara name up to the latest Haas F1 racer, is the Dallara Academy, an ‘edutainment’ centre that offers laboratories and simulation tools for
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Rate My Bar
Q We race off-road trucks that have upwards of 10 inches of wheel travel. We have trouble getting adequate rate out of our anti-roll bars and still having them last. If we make them thin and soft they’ll last, but they don’t do much. If we make them
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Stabilising Jaguar-style IRS With A Watt Linkage?
Q I wonder, if you have a Watt link instead of a four link to handle acceleration forces, do you calculate anti-squat in the same manner as with a four link? Oh, I forgot one important piece of information. The vertical link is not welded to the ax
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Spring Brake
‘The damper is the brake of the spring.’ In this article we will review that theory, as well as the pros and cons of some oversimplified quarter-car simulation. If you would put a mass on a spring with no damper and push the mass down by 60mm (as see
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Time Management
In the middle of the night in the 2000 24 Hours of Le Mans, the leading no.7 Audi R8 suffered a rear left puncture. By the time it had reached the pits and been inspected, one of the mechanics noticed some excessive play in the suspension. What happe
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First Impressions
Hearing the news that a car has passed its crash test is now commonplace in racing circles. As advances in computer software through the design phase improves, so does the ability to predict how one will deform, but it was not always the case. Raceca
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