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Style Inspiration
Far from shrinking into the background, this bold floral pattern makes quite the impact. Such a maximalist look may not be for the faint hearted, yet the wrap-around pattern provides cohesion for the eye and the sense of a cosseting embrace. This des
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Wallpaper is a versatile medium that has a transformative effect on a room. Though it requires more investment and commitment than a quick lick of paint, the impact of wallpaper pays dividends, especially when this decorative medium is used with pana
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Layers of WARMTH
Similar to the difference between summer daywear and an outfit for a winter’s eve, dressing interiors for the new season is transformative not just for practical reasons, but in terms of mood. It feels new and fresh. How we use rooms also adjusts com
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Back in 1972, in the village of Niton on the Isle of Wight, Charnwood Stoves founder Alfred Wells and two of his sons – John and Alistair – sat talking beside an open fire. Little did they realise then that, half a century on, their small engineering
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A Letter From Home
Our November edition marks the fading of autumn and preparations for winter. A time to celebrate the mellow days and rich colours that come with the end of the season. This issue contains inspiration for making the best of November by enjoying evenin
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Whilst a bathroom is without doubt a utilitarian space, it need not be solely decorated in neutrals to be a soothing sanctuary in which to relax and unwind. In fact, opting for a bold wallpaper or an unusually shaped basin can gladden the eye, bring
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The English Home
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Designs On Dining
Creating a sense of occasion need not necessarily translate to an overly formal environment. Where dining rooms of old may once have played a role in creating a distinct shift between the familiar kitchen supper and elegant dinner parties, today thei
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HOME Comforts
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Expert Resources When Considering Dining Room Projects In The Home
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Sleek Affair
There is something to be said for clean and elegant forms bringing an effortless ease not only to interior schemes, but also to create an uncluttered and peaceful feeling in our minds. For an enduring smart mood, look for sleek designs featuring unex
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In addition to adding colour and sculptural beauty simply arranged in a pitcher, rosehips possess health benefits and are a versatile culinary ingredient. These vibrant seedpods come in shades from pale apricot to zesty orange and ruby red, and are c
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Golden Touch
As autumn settles in, golden details come into their own. Glistening surfaces in lighter gold tones shine soft light around the room with an uplifting aura, whereas darker golden notes, which nod towards the bronze end of the scale, enrich schemes wi
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My garden is winding down. As we head into late autumn, the glory days are all gone: the peas and broad beans, courgettes, French beans, beetroots, potatoes and tomatoes, the gooseberries and blackcurrants, and above all the greengages. What a year i
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In the right hands, linoleum can be used to produce intricate artworks and charming patterns to adorn the home. In the printmaking technique of linocut, tools are used to carve patterns, pictures and lines into linoleum (often mounted on wood) to ach
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Autumn brings with it an unmistakeable shift. As colours change from rich golden reds to russet browns, a distinct crispness in the air signals the arrival of a new season. Now is the time to savour every last morsel of sunshine and evenings outdoors
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The London Edit
It is always a real pleasure to see traditional craftsmanship at its finest, and there is plenty to impress when looking through the portfolio of Stuart Interiors, which specialises in oak joinery. The family-run company was established over 40 years
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MY. design HERO
“When I was a novice antiques dealer of just 25, Chester was one of those scary demigods, with a presence and knowledge that matched his height, who bothered to venture to the little shop in London’s Bourne Street that I opened in 1986. Over the foll
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In 1974, an unassuming advert in Country Life magazine caught the eye of Sir Nicholas Mander – it was the private sale of a country estate tucked into the borders of Gloucestershire, turning to his wife, Lady Karin, he declared: “Owlpen is for sale.”
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A stylish MARRIAGE
Rising from a quintessentially English landscape, an imposing red brick and stone country house with tall chimneys, gables and cupolas stretches towards the wide East Anglian sky. This is now the much-loved country home of interior designer Kate Earl
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Moving to the country happened quite spontaneously for antique dealer and interior designer, Max Rollitt. The catalyst came in 2009, when Max and his wife, movement therapist Jane Watson, decided they needed more space for their young sons. “We were
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Refined Design
When did your love of antiques begin? My mum had an interiors shop selling antiques and fabrics to all the ladies of Winchester, so I was introduced to the world of antiques from a young age. I used to help out in the shop and spent my holidays and
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Searching for the perfect house, where family traditions can be forged and memories created, is an emotional time. Often in the quest to find ‘the one’, a promising property is rejected in a ‘heart over head’ decision, but when Natasha Pope and her h
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The Edit
Lee Lovett founded The Soho Lighting Company after years of renovating period houses and struggling to find authentic pieces in the right finishes and quantities. Her solution was to make new lighting, switches and sockets inspired by antique and vin
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As late summer fades into autumn, so floral hues start to change to a richer palette that is full of textures. There are plenty of fresh flowers to be had in September and, as the season progresses, many varieties can be dried and mixed with foliage
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When interior designer, Rita Konig first visited North Farm in 2016 she was struck by the peaceful atmosphere and sublimely beautiful surrounding landscape of Teesdale. She had travelled up from London with her husband, biographer Philip Eade, who ha
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EXPLORING North Yorkshire
The savage beauty of North Yorkshire has long been admired for its wild moors and dramatic coastline, and now it is gaining renown as a culinary destination – be it Michelin-starred menus, seaside fish and chips or a visit to the market town of Malto
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Classic ACCORD
Quietness is a rare commodity in an age of noise, nevertheless when Nickie and Willie Gething decided to act upon a long-held ambition to build their own home, finding the perfect site away from the cacophony of traffic noise was fundamental to their
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Insider Information
Georgie Pearman is co-founder of the Country Creatures family of hotels and restaurants, and was instrumental in the 2019 relaunch of The Talbot in Malton. She gives her insights into the area: “There are some great interiors shops to visit in Nort
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Turning urning BACK TIME
Tourists in search of a quintessential Cotswold house would be advised to look through the windows of James and Katherine’s home in a village near Cirencester. On an autumn afternoon, as the pale facade turns gold in the setting sun, they might catch
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