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The Evolution Of Elise Stefanik
WHEN ELISE STEFANIK WAS ELECTED TO THE HOUSE OF Representatives in 2014, she was hailed as the fresh face of the new GOP. Stefanik had run for office in her late 20s, determined to modernize the Republican Party to attract more women and appeal to he
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Created a land of plenty with hybrid rice CHINA’S TRANSFORMATION FROM A LAND OF FAMINE TO ONE OF plenty owes much to plant scientist Yuan Longping, who died on May 22 in the central city of Changsha at the age of 90. Known as the father of hybrid ric
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A Doctor’s Account Of Life Under Bombardment In Gaza
I GREW UP in the Gaza Strip in a small town called al-Qarara, and went to medical school in Cairo before returning home in 2016 to begin a family-medicine residency and work in hospitals and clinics. Now I’m in my final year. Even before the latest r
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Building A Better Future
I WAS CATCHING UP THE OTHER DAY WITH A FRIEND, WHO ASKED HOW REMOTE WORK HAD been going, and I mentioned that sometimes late in the day, when my youngest child has had it with the closed door in the attic office space I share with my wife, I slip int
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Uplifting AAPI voices
This May, in recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, TIME held its first Uplifting AAPI Voices Summit—a celebration of the diversity and achievements of the AAPI community that brought together Senator Mazie Hirono,
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Olivia Rodrigo’s Teenage Dream
YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A TEENAGER TO LOVE Olivia Rodrigo’s music, but it certainly helps. Hitting play on Sour, the 18-year-old Disney star and hit singer-songwriter’s debut album, out now, is a one-way ticket back to the most potent emotions of adoles
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The Great Reopening
UNTIL MARCH 2020, KARI AND BRITT ALTIZER OF RICHMOND, Va., put in long hours at work, she in life-insurance sales and he as a restaurant manager, to support their young family. Their lives were frenetic, their schedules controlled by their jobs. Then
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Senator Mazie Hirono On Showing Up, Taking Risks And Persevering In Politics
Watching President Biden sign the COVID-19 Hate Crimes bill into law on May 20 was a momentous day for the AAPI community. We were very happy, but also know full well that a law does not change the hearts and minds of those who bear animus toward the
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Patti Harrison
You’ve been called a scene stealer for your appearances in several series and films. How does it feel to be in your first lead role in Together Together? It definitely is exciting, and it’s nerve-racking. I’ve never had to look at my face this much o
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Ready To Commit?
I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET MARRIED IN SEPTEMBER 2020. Well, technically, as my husband would be quick to correct me, I did get legally married in September 2020 in the courtyard of our New York City apartment building in front of our parents, a handful of
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Turning Grassroots Activism Into Long-term Change
President and executive director, Asian Americans Advancing Justice “Let’s be clear, we can’t legislate away racism; we can’t legislate away bigotry … We need to think about the community solutions. What is it that we can do to address racism, becaus
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Kyra Condie
WHEN KYRA CONDIE WAS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, boys said a six-pack on a girl was “gross.” They said she was ugly. They taunted Condie, a vegetarian, about her diet; one day, she says, they chased her from the school bus waving cold cuts. She scrambled up a
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Emissions Tests For Airlines
VACCINATED AMERICANS WILL BE ABLE TO visit Europe this summer, after E.U. leaders agreed to open the bloc’s borders to foreign tourists on May 18. Although the E.U. hasn’t set an exact date for the reopening, the news is a boon for the air-travel ind
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Akwaeke Emezi
AKWAEKE EMEZI HAS TAKEN OFF THEIR MASKS—the ones we all wear that grin and lie, as poet Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote. The ones that hide and shade more than our cheeks and eyes, camouflaging the traumas we’ve triumphed over. The masks we don to survive
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For the Record
Number of views tallied for the music video for K-pop group BTS’s latest single, “Butter,” in the first 24 hours after its release on May 20—a YouTube record Number of student yearbook photos altered after faculty at a Florida high school deemed them
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Israelis Can’t Go Back To How We Were Before
THE FIRST MISSILE ATTACK from Gaza on Tel Aviv began at around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11. The teenage patients at the Geha Mental Health Hospital were just getting ready for bed when the alarms started. For most of them, this came as a complete su
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RE “A NATION OVERwhelmed” [May 10–17]: Developing countries don’t have the financial power of the U.S., nor do they have a health care system similar to that of the U.K. So when a pandemic hits those countries, unfortunately, there will be fatalities
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Our Eyes On The Virus
The vaccines are here. Why do we still need testing? Testing is our eye on the virus. Without testing, we can’t see where it is or where it is going. As fall and winter set in, outbreaks will again occur, sparked by the unvaccinated. And most people
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News Ticker
Prosecutors in New York have convened a special grand jury to determine whether former President Donald Trump should be indicted on criminal charges related to his “business dealings,” the Associated Press reported on May 26. Trump has denied any wro
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Mory Sacko
THE NEWEST STAR OF PARIS’ RESTAURANT SCENE has spent his 28 years enjoying big, noisy dinners. Raised by Malian immigrant parents in France, Mory Sacko and his eight siblings crowded at night around platters of their mother’s spicy West African cooki
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Viral Fame And Fortune
Zoë Roth became a popular meme in 2007 after a childhood photo of her posing with a devilish smile in front of a burning house went viral. Many on social media have since used the image to share feelings of schadenfreude; Roth sold the image for near
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Anna and Mizuki Nakajima
Twin sisters Anna and Mizuki Nakajima founded their mobile-gaming company coly inc. in 2014 to solve a problem they saw with games in Japan. Too few were designed to appeal to women, and those that were featured flat story lines and unrealistic chara
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The Pandemic Changed My Outlook On Life
EIGHT DAYS AFTER I WAS FULLY VACCINATED, I BOARDED MY first flight in 16 months. What a moment. I settled into my seat and took a deep breath, sucking in my mask to give it that nice, sealed plastic-wrap feeling. Then I combed my fingers through my h
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Iza is at home in Rio de Janeiro, talking about Beyoncé. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, born Isabela Cristina Correia de Lima Lima, is recalling doing the Portuguese dub of Beyoncé’s Nala in 2019’s The Lion King. “To be a part of something B
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A Punk Revolution, Muslim-girl-style
FOR ANY BAND FORMED OUTSIDE A BOARDROOM, THE disastrous first gig is a rite of passage. Kiss debuted to fewer than 10 people. The Velvet Underground sang about heroin at a high school. And in a new Peacock comedy, a London punk act called Lady Parts
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Trevor Stuurman
A COMPULSIVE NOMAD WHO DRAWS INSPIRATION from the people he meets on his travels, South African photographer and visual artist Trevor Stuurman, like most of the world, had his wings clipped by COVID-19. But with his habitual whirlwind schedule of fas
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Zarifa Ghafari
Death threats, assassination attempts and the murder of her father have not stopped Zarifa Ghafari from doing her job as mayor of Maidan Shahr, Afghanistan. As violent attacks increase in the wake of the U.S. announcement that it would withdraw its t
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A Year On A School Bus
PAULA WAKES UP IN HER BUS AROUND 4:30 A.M. most days. She can often still see stars. She works for a few hours, mainly on freelance projects, and makes breakfast for her 12-year-old son Max. (TIME has agreed to grant Paula and Max pseudonyms out of c
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Yves Moussallam
AS A TEENAGER, YVES MOUSSALLAM TRAVELED FROM the Paris suburbs to the Alps a few times a year to climb mountains. Now, though, he prefers volcanoes. “When you get to visit one that’s entering an eruption, the whole way up you can feel the ground shak
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I’m Done Trying To Make You See My Humanity
AS WE CONTINUE TO WITNESS VIOLENCE AGAINST ASIAN Americans—including, in the past month, the punching of a Bay Area father pushing his baby in a stroller; the assault on two women with a cement block in a Baltimore liquor store; and the stabbing of t
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