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It was love at first sight. As soon as our daughter laid eyes on the little bundle of toffee-coloured fluff, that was it. There was no way we were leaving the dog rescue shelter without him. Grace had been asking us for months – every day without fai
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Woodland WONDERS
Want to turn a shady corner into somewhere bold, bright and fabulous? Try planting a rhododendron or azalea. These woodland-lovers produce masses of flowers from March through to May. Choose from shades of red and pink, through to lilac, purple, yell
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‘I’m A Simple Boy From DONCASTER!’
Neil Dudgeon is one of our biggest television exports. As DCI John Barnaby in Midsomer Murders, he’s seen on screens in 231 territories around the world. And now he’s celebrating a decade since he made his first arrest as the countryside copper. ‘Fou
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Your Stars
This is a time to be creative and to think outside the box. Any problem can be solved by using a new mindset. Don’t be afraid to speak out now. It’s very important to express your emotions and not to allow things to fester on the inside. This is an e
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From You To Us
For three years, I have paid for my mum to have Woman’s Weekly delivered, which she loves. Before we moved to Suffolk from Kent last September, she would always pass them on to a friend. We were wondering what to do with them now, so I posted a messa
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We know our superfoods – nutritionally dense fruit and veg, which health experts urge us to eat more of. Blueberries, broccoli and green leafy veg usually make the list – although there’s no scientifically accepted definition. But a hyperfood is, in
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From Us To You
The UK’s seas are home to some amazing marine species, and now the unique and fragile ecosystems they call home will benefit from four more newly created Marine Protected Areas in Scotland, the largest of which is in the Sea of the Hebrides. It’s gre
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Very special BAKING
An Easter twist on the traditional Smith Island Cake from Maryland, USA. SERVES 16 ✣325g (11oz) unsalted butter, softened✣225g (8oz) caster sugar✣200ml (7fl oz) buttermilk or natural yogurt✣4 large eggs✣1tsp vanilla extract✣400g (14oz) self-raisin
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Letter Of The Week
Reading Woman’s Weekly has been an important part of my week for over 25 years. Recently [9 February issue], the health section featured an article on foot pain – and it’s changed my life! For the past year, I’ve been experiencing debilitating foot p
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Ways To Help
✢Don’t spend long periods focusing on something without a break, such as electronic devices, reading or even driving, especially at night and in poor weather. ✢Be cautious about contact lens use. Keep high levels of hygiene and don’t try to extend th
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“There are days when life is trying to tell you something, and last Thursday was one of them. Let’s begin with the moment just after breakfast when I went upstairs to tidy the spare room. Unfortunately, access to the spare room was blocked by Mr De
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Maybe it’s time to throw this away?’ Peter held up the patchwork quilt. Several seams hung open. The backing sagged. Helen stared at him in disbelief. ‘I hope you’re not serious.’ How could he even suggest it? Helen had made the quilt when they were
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3 Of The Best... Easter Eggs
Bettys’ Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg (£21, bettys.co.uk) is the best dark chocolate egg we tried, in a beautiful box. The M&S Eggstremely Thick Chocolatey Biscuit Egg (£8) is a completely moreish egg with biscuit pieces captured inside. Their tast
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All about SKIN
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Monodose Make Up Remover, £16.50 for 30, feelunique.com Making your evening skincare routine all the more simple, these gentle but effective make-up remover ampoules provide the exact portion you need to lift off dirt, stubbo
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‘My Funny Old Week’
WHAT I’VE SEEN This is Us on Amazon Prime. I’ve absolutely binge-watched every episode and I sob constantly at it! WHERE I’VE BEEN Looking after the animals on my farm. It’s great for tallying up my steps, as I walk the dogs, say hello to my cows an
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What you’re WEARING
Tell us about your look I love digging around vintage stores, markets and charity shops. It’s fun, plus it’s good for the planet – and my budget. My jacket is Adidas, my Whistles shirt is decades old, my Monsoon skirt I found in a pre-loved shop, boo
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Here To Help
Q I was made redundant during the pandemic and I have a job interview coming up, which is great. I’m very nervous and I know that isn’t going to help me. I’ve read about building confidence on the internet, but I just can’t do it. Name and address w
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You Wore It Well
This is a favourite photo. My younger cousin Alison (on the left) visited to borrow an outfit for an important date. Here we are enjoying the spring sunshine in Toronto, Canada. ✢ We’d love to see how great you looked in any era up to and including
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Light from the outside world crosses a series of tissues to reach the retina, including the cornea, the lens and the vitreous fluid. Problems with any of these can cause blurred vision, while the issue could be with the retina or the optic nerve. Sim
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Timeless classics BIKER JACKETS
A classic black biker will work from day to night Choose a neutral shade to make it work with your whole wardrobe A biker will give a more relaxed look to a formal dress Mix textures like suede and leather for an updated look
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We probably shouldn’t have been there; it was an abandoned Victorian garden and my brother and I were just children, stumbling across what seemed like a magical time capsule of past grandeur while on holiday in the country. But the things I remember
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4 Fixes For... Shoulder Pain
Stand up straight, with your shoulders down and gently back. Sit with a lower back cushion and rest your arm on a lap cushion. Roll your shoulders, bring your neck forward or completely stop using your shoulder. Don’t invent strenuous exercises or us
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The Pearl Of The CARIBBEAN
The past year of lockdowns and restrictions has left many of us fantasising about an exotic holiday in the sun. And when it comes to dream breaks, the Caribbean tops many people’s bucket list. Lush, tropical islands set in an azure sea, the West Indi
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Carry ON
33.5cm/13in wide above base and 26.5cm/10½in high, excluding base. 1 x 100g (230m) ball of King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK (50% cotton, 50% bamboo viscose) in each of Navy (542), Orange (Jaffa 3049), Lime (Green 583) and Pink (Fuchsia 536)*. Size 4mm croc
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Your Wellbeing
You may have seen myself and swim buddy Nicola on the news – we’re the Lido Ladies. With retro flowery swimming hats and a sense of fun, we’d been taking daily dips in our local Brockwell Lido for two years. Until the first lockdown hit. We were dem
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Don’t Miss
our great Crossword magazine, with 90+ puzzles and a £500 cash prize! ON SALE NOW! © FUTURE PUBLISHING LIMITED, 2021. PHOTO (POSED BY MODEL): GETTY ■
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• Floral gift wrap or wallpaper• Twine• Floral gift tags• Quail egg decorations (Etsy)• Hay or moss• Spring bulb plants in plastic pots• Double-sided sticky tape 1 Cut a large square of gift wrap or wallpaper and fold in half to form a triangle shap
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True Or False?
False: Gyms suggest protein shakes, claiming a 30-minute ‘anabolic window’ for protein after workout. Although you need protein for muscle growth, around 0.7-1g per lb of bodyweight daily, it’s best consumed in three to five balanced meals – a post-w
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Move To Protect Your Brain
We know that physical activity protects against dementia. However, social and intellectual activities seem less effective, according to a study of 8,000 British civil servants. People in their mid-50s who were involved in clubs, played games such as
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Show Your Clothes Some LOVE
It’s hard to believe, but a recent survey showed we Brits send a staggering 350,000 tonnes of wearable clothes to landfill every year. That’s equal to more than 25,000 London buses! Taking better care of our wardrobe can help to reduce this figure,
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