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Hijacking History
Sixty years ago, on May 1, 1961, Antulio Ramirez Ortiz boarded National Airlines Flight 337 in Miami, Fla., for a scheduled trip to Key West. Ortiz, an American citizen born in Puerto Rico, produced a steak knife and a gun and ordered the pilot to fl
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Ho Chi Minh Trail 1964-73
by Peter E. Davies, Osprey Publishing, 2020, $24. In important ways the story of the Vietnam War is encapsulated in the protracted battle to control the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the network of pathways and motor lanes that snaked mainly through the mountai
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Ditched Dauntless
A nondescript building on sprawling Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, Calif., houses a treasure trove of aviation history. Among the antique aircraft stored within the building is the last remaining example of an early-model Douglas SBD-
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Dauntless Forever
The Dauntless dive bomber flew almost entirely over the Pacific, and there it did more to win the war than any other bomber type, even including the Superfort’s two atom bomb missions. Yet of the 35 U.S. types that flew major combat in WWII, none was
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Forgotten Ultra Sabre
North American Aviation’s F-107A was the last fighter created by the makers of the iconic P-51 Mustang of World War II, the F-86 Sabre of the Korean War and the F-100 Super Sabre of the Vietnam War. It was designed to satisfy a U.S. Air Force require
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Marie Marvingt, Fiancée Of Danger
by Rosalie Maggio, McFarland & Company, 2019, $39.95. With so much attention being devoted to women’s achievements lately, it is astonishing that those brought to light in Marie Marvingt, Fiancée of Danger have been virtually forgotten. Nevertheless,
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Flying The World In Pan Am’s Clippers
Suddenly there’s a mighty roar from its four engines and the behemoth accelerates. You watch through portholes as the spray diminishes. Then, almost imperceptibly, there’s a feeling of release as the giant flying boat breaks the water’s surface tensi
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Movie Magic
In the ultimate battle scene of the 2019 Midway remake, Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless pilot Dick Best leads his squadron in an attack on the Japanese aircraft carriers during the epic June 1942 naval engagement. Viewers are along for the ride as the dive b
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A Red Devil’s Odyssey
Hopper told a gathering of fellow Harvard University alumni that his “long record” of close calls had begun in World War I when, in his mid-20s, he served as a bomber pilot with the U.S. Army Air Service (USAS) in northeastern France. He said that in
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Airware Microsoft Flight Simulator
Xbox Game Studios, 2020, $59.99. Fans of the grandfather of all consumer-grade flight simulations last saw action from this storied franchise in 2006 when Flight Simulator X debuted. Assumptions that the series since went defunct could understandably
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All-woman Afghan Airline Flight
Aviation history was made on February 24 when a Boeing 737-500 of Kam Air, Afghanistan’s only private airline, left Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, flew 350 nautical miles and landed at Herat 90 minutes later. The two pilots and four-mem
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Aviation History
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Raf Bomber Command Striking Back
by Alan Measures, Whittles Publishing Ltd., 2021, $24.95. On July 14, 1941, Winston Churchill delivered a rousing speech that included the declaration that “from now on we shall bomb Germany on an ever-increasing scale…until the Nazi regime has eithe
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> Before leaving the replacement air group, F-14 pilots were well educated on the TF30 engine’s limitations and knew the workarounds so that the “sudden and scary” things that Wilkinson talks about did not happen in an air combat maneuver environment
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Pan Am Time Capsule
The 1930s and ’40s marked the heyday of Pan American Airways’ storied Clipper era (see story, P. 36), when the airline’s flying boats “proved their superiority over all competitors,” as Pan Am president Juan Trippe put it in 1939. Below are several r
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South Pacific Air War, Volume 4
by Michael Claringbould and Peter Ingman, Avonmore Books, 2021, $46.95. The fourth in Michael Claringbould and Peter Ingman’s detailed and profusely illustrated series about air combat in the South Pacific focuses on the first of Japan’s forays into
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Aerial Minesweepers Of World War II
Within days, four ships totaling 14,575 gross registered tons were sunk and another 10,391 GRT of shipping was damaged. Although mines were suspected, minesweepers dispatched to the area did not find any, leading most Royal Navy officials to believe
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Earning My Gold Wings
The phone rings and I’m the only one in the house, so I answer and the caller asks for me. He says he is calling from Navy Air recruiting and they have a class date for me to begin pilot training in Pensacola, Fla., on January 10. Am I interested? Ye
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> As sculptor Elisabeth Frink eloquently puts it in the preface to this impactful book of aviation paintings, “The mind and eye of the artist is a very powerful lens.” Author and filmmaker John Fairley has compiled an impressive collection of images
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Raised Dauntless To Fly Again
On March 1 a Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless dive bomber recently acquired by the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Va., went on display in its unrestored state. At the end of the month the airplane was withdrawn to undergo a thorough rebuild and e
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Tomcat Pilot
Regarding the cover story about the F-14 Tomcat by Stephan Wilkinson [March], I understand that by pairing a renowned airframe with a provocative coverline you hoped to sell more magazines. The problem arises when Wilkinson, while being informative i
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Fighting In The Sky
by John Fairley, Pen & Sword, 2020, $42.95. The very thought of paintings conjures up expressions of great beauty. It seems counterintuitive, then, that scenes of aircraft with pilots pitted against one another in mortal combat could convey aesthetic
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Beyond “Vina”
When Susan Oliver landed her Aero Commander 200 in Copenhagen on September 28, 1967, she was treated like Hollywood royalty. Photographers, reporters and local dignitaries swarmed around her, two Scandinavian Airlines flight attendants presented her
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F-102 Delta Dagger Units
by Peter E. Davies, Osprey Publishing, 2020, $24. The airplane’s evolution from pistons and props to rockets and turbojets was accompanied by a new variety of shapes, each with its particular strengths, weaknesses and overall fascinations. In 1946 Ge
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Topgun Goes Commercial
The next air-to-air fighter training involving American pilots is likely to pit Topgun against “hired gun,” as a Canadian commercial operator, Top Aces Corporation, will be leasing General Dynamics F-16 fighters from its base in Mesa, Ariz., to the U
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Mystery Ship
Match the golden age transport with one of its individual names. A. Sikorsky S-42B. Focke-Wulf Fw-200 V1C. Latécoère 300D. Martin M-130E. Short Empire CF. Dornier Do-26 V1G. Martin M-156H. Latécoère 522I. Junkers G.38J. Boeing 314A 1. Ville de St. Pi
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Echoes Of The Past In A Parking Garage
Form and function combine with art and local aviation history in the steel mesh fencing designed for the new Grove Bay public parking garage in Miami, Fla. Produced by Cambridge Architectural Mesh in Cambridge, Md., the fencing achieves several seemi
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ART A fan of historic aviation since childhood, Ron Cole built his career in Los Angeles as an industrial designer and product development engineer with Disney, Pixar, Mattel, Boeing and JPL. He also worked as a model-maker on such films as Terminato
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Spirit Of St. Louis 2 Takes Flight
When we last checked on Robert Ragozzino he had just completed a promising taxi test in his scratch-built replica of the Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis, inching him toward his goal of re-creating Charles Lindbergh’s nonstop solo flight to Paris. Ragozz
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Aviation History Online
Led by Colonel William “Billy” Mitchell, the U.S. Army Air Service embarked on its first major campaign in September 1918—at the time, the largest air force ever committed to battle—at St. Mihiel, France, presaging the combined-arms assaults to follo
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