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Puzzle & Dragons
Developer/publisher Gungho Online Entertainment Format Android, iOS Release 2012 There are two pillars to a free-to-play game’s longevity: successful monetisation and rapacious power creep. How do you get people to keep spending money? Offer somethin
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Gacha Con
Sakaguchi certainly doesn’t seem overly concerned about the challenge faced by premium games on mobile platforms, in light of the abundance of free-to-play games. In fact, he suggests players familiar with modern monetisation practices – particularly
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Nate Nanzer Phil Rampulla
How did the process of setting up a virtual concert with Travis Scott start? Phil Rampulla Travis had been a fan of Fortnite for a long time, and that stream with Ninja and Drake and Juju and Travis was the beginning of it all. And when we know we ha
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Most Wanted
After seeing what the Dishonored team did next, we’re more eager to compare notes with this, from the series’ former creative director, Raphaël Colantonio. It’s shaping up to be the perfect counterpoint to Deathloop’s triple-A ambitions, returning to
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Developer/publisher Sloclap Format PC, PS4, PS5 Origin France Release 2021 Your master is dead, and you’re on a mission to take down the five assassins responsible for his demise. Each is protected by an army of goons that you need to defeat single-h
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Ghost Stories
Though there hasn’t been a Splinter Cell since 2013, Sam Fisher has made cameos in other Ubisoft worlds, most often in Ghost Recon. The Ghosts aren’t known for their touching character moments, but Fisher’s scenes are made charming by the beloved mum
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Birds And Bats
With no ability to save, and limited chances each day, the sense of danger is cranked up in Deathloop. “If the player gets into too much trouble, then they’re done. They die, and they loop back to the beginning of the day,” designer Dana Nightingale
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Tony Mott acting editor Chris Schilling deputy editor Alex Spencer features editor Miriam McDonald operations editor Andrew P Hind art editor Jon Bailes, Sam Barlow, Nathan Brown, Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, Andy Kelly, Chris Kerr, Jordan Oloman, Emmanuel
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Arcade Watch
Game Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Manufacturer Play Mechanix It was only an issue ago that we were talking about how Gauntlet pioneered fourplayer adventuring in the arcade, and now along comes an entirely modern spin on the concept thanks to Play Mecha
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It may have picked up multiple Game Of The Year awards and helped its developer to record its best financial year to date, but don’t tell Remedy CEO Tero Virtala to rest on his laurels where Control is concerned Zynga’s Phuong Phillips announces a co
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Card Shark
Developer Nerial Publisher Devolver Digital Format PC, Switch Origin Russia, UK Release 2021 As kids we are told that cheats never prosper – a proverb that life seems to be doing its best to disprove. So why not get in on the grift? Nerial’s latest i
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Unreliable Narrator
An accepted truth in our industry is that no one knows how a game is going to work until they make it. This is why games are always late and sometimes don’t work out, despite best intentions. But is this really the case? As I grow older and more cont
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This Month On Edge
bit.ly/funracer From the team that brought you the original Minit comes this Excitebike-inspired spin-off that’s well worth playing even without the knowledge that all profits are going to charitable causes. Once again, your time is short: as you wea
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Genesis Noir
Developer Feral Cat Den Publisher Fellow Traveller Format PC (tested), Xbox One Release March 26 The Big Bang told through the lens of a classic noir? Not that old chestnut. As the film critic Mark Kermode once noted, 2001: A Space Odyssey takes the
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Made in Iraq
People have been making games in Iraq for thousands of years. A popular pastime in ancient Mesopotamia – a region that enclosed much of modern-day Iraq and Kuwait together with parts of Syria and Turkey – was a strategy game in which players raced to
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Viking Invasion
You know the tune by now: a game appears, seemingly out of nowhere, and grabs hold of the zeitgeist for a minute, pushing ahead of far more established titles and maybe breaking a record or two along the way. Among Us. Fall Guys. Phasmophobia. And, l
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Loop Hero
Developer Four Quarters Publisher Devolver Digital Format PC Release Out now Most of the imagined adventures we go on these days are lavish affairs, cast against the backdrops of vast, detailed open worlds. Loop Hero rejects that, taking the generic
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Trigger Happy
Welcome, voyager, to Antescher. Please watch your step, and read this important travel guide. “To explore the eerie ruins,” it reads, “without at least a motion scanner to warn of the sudden appearance of the gigantic ants, is still considered suicid
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Don’t Look Back, Just Keep On Walking
Thanks to our cover game, we’ve got loops on the brain this month. Designers talk a lot about a game’s core loop: that circular flow of action and reward that repeats for its duration. Loop Hero takes that concept literally, putting your diminutive h
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Parcel Up
Wolf & Wood’s firstperson narrative adventure The Last Worker won’t look quite like this – 2000AD artist Mick McMahon has produced this exclusive piece for Edge by painting on top of in-game assets. Though, as writer-director Jörg Tittel notes, “our
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Press Play
We realise we’ve done something wrong when the wooden door won’t open from the outside. To the glitch pop already pumping in our headphones, we add a flurry of hasty rightclicks, to no avail. The set we’ve all queued so long to see is just about to s
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Subnautica: Below Zero
Developer/ publisher Unknown Worlds Entertainment Format PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series Origin US Release May 14 Like its 2018 predecessor, Below Zero is a game of vivid atmospheric shifts woven around a simple bodily necessity: oxygen.
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Bravely Default 2
Developer Claytechworks Publisher Nintendo Format Switch Release Out now For a while, the third Bravely Default game is as confounding as its title. We’re loath ever to say of a game “it gets good after 20 hours” – anything that takes that long to fi
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Playing Your Part
When you think about it, every game is an RPG, after a fashion. Whenever we step into a protagonist’s shoes, we’re inhabiting a role. Yet, as Book Of Travels’ creative director Jakob Tuchten notes, some games don’t always think about what it means to
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Developer Santa Ragione Publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Format PC Origin Italy Release 2021 Night has fallen on the remote Sardinian village of Gravoi, and the streets have emptied. Everyone’s at home, safely behind locked doors upon whic
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Developer/publisher Nintendo (EPD) Format Switch Origin Japan Release 2022 Developer Heart Machine Publisher Annapurna Format PC, PS4, PS5 Origin US Release 2021 Developer Ace Team Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment Format PC, PS4, Xbox One Origin
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Reprise Fighter
It’s worth mentioning that dying doesn’t send you straight back to the start of the day. At least, not the first time around. One of the early powers Colt acquires is Reprise, a passive ability that lets you cheat the loop a little – think Hades’ Dea
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Olympian Legend
We can’t yet know what lasting effect Hades will have on the Roguelike scene, but the scale of its success must make some impact inevitable. What does Kasavin think about it? “I think Roguelikes would have continued to grow and evolve in exciting new
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Developer Hidden Fields Publisher MWM interactive Format PC (tested), PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series Release Out now See that mountain? You can climb it, though you might not be the same shape when you return. This folk horror adventure tell
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Still Playing
Switch Setup remains a faff, but once the cardboard is unpacked, unfolded and weighed down – a job for which, it turns out, wine bottles are practically purposebuilt – it’s still well worth the effort. The sense of speed on screen is remarkable, give
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