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Pet project
There are no pink-plumaged birds to encounter at Flamingo Estate, but you will find a kaleidoscopic home with an equally colourful history and two very happy dogs. Cocker spaniels Daylesford and Freeway live in a 1940s Spanish Colonial Revival origin
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Worlds Colliding
HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR WORKSPACE? Crafted with character. I’ve designed our Melbourne and Daylesford studios to feel like a representation of our work: less office and more residence, so the spirit of what we do shines through. For this space, I
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Smart Spaces
Alexandra Brown Interiors’ scheme for this opulent penthouse apartment in inner-city Sydney includes a glamorous dining space delineated by a statement joinery wall. See Global Dynamic, p104. ■
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Refined Figure
COLLABORATING ON the renovation of this warehouse apartment was a dream project for architect Rob Kennon and his client, a lifelong friend. What was the brief? The apartment was designed in the early 1980s by McBride Charles Ryan Architects and featu
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Editor’s Letter
Well, see you later 2020 – you were a bit of a niiiightmare – and hello 2021! I like to think of myself as an eternal optimist – deluded as it often is – I always think, keep on forging ahead – show up, do the work, be enthusiastic and everything wil
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Black Pearl
A ‘BRAVE’ MOVE in installing a curving wall in black devised by architect Brad Swartz delivers a cocooning mood within this newly opened up onebedroom apartment that can easily convert to offer a guest bedroom space. What was the brief? The client ha
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SPY Belle
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Light Work
EXTENDING UP and excavating down radically transformed this stylish terrace by Andrew Stanic and Rasmus Lund where an airy stairwell spans the home’s three levels and ushers light into its centre. What was the brief? Our clients had been keeping an e
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Right Now
Called on by Brickworks to reimagine the humble breezeblock, industrial designer Adam Goodrum responded with a deceptively simple geometric form that can be arranged in almost infinite configurations and patterns. Perfectly marrying technical precisi
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High Note
RICH TIMBER joinery with unexpected, marquetry-like details forms the dark and dramatic spine at the centre of this apartment by architects Peter McGregor and Julia English before opening out to a luminous living zone with softly sculpted curves and
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Piece Corps
Fornace Brioni creative director Cristina Celestino has updated the company’s HQ in Italy, wrapping the brand’s tiles from floor to ceiling to create hypnotic geometries and sinuous forms. A nod to knucklebones, a game that dates bac
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True Tone
DESIGN-SAVVY homeowners entrepreneur Joel Bartfeld and his partner, visual merchandiser Ross Sabatini, steered their own renovat ion of a beaut iful Victorian terrace to create flexible interiors with layers of contemporary comforts and design classi
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View Finder
SYDNEY Samoan-New Zealander artist Christopher Ulutupu’s cinematic trilogy, The Romantic Picturesque (still, right), draws on exoticised postcard depictions of Pacific Island people and landscapes to explore the performance of identity, cultural ster
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Photographic Memory
PIVOTING A SOARING loft-style space in inner Sydney was a return assignment for BKH’s Iain Halliday, who worked closely with owner Richard Baker to configure an expansive family home and workspace. What was the brief? IH: BKH’s involvement goes back
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Seeking Susi
“THE SUN NEVER KNEW how great it was until it hit the side of a building,” said Louis Kahn, the great American architect. His comment is what comes to my mind when looking at the exterior of Susi Leeton’s Birch Tree House in a leafy Melbourne suburb.
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Global Dynamic
FOR THIS EXCEPTIONAL penthouse Alexandra Brown of Alexandra Brown Interiors designed ultra-luxe interiors with a cosmopolitan flavour comprising two discrete retreats, one for the owners and the other for their two adult children, and an inviting sha
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Honour Roll
THE DECADE OF DESIGN shared by Belle and Coco Republic had a vastly different finale and awards night than anyone would have expected. Previously, the Awards evenings have seen Coco Republic’s Sydney headquarters bursting at the seams with establishe
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Urban Theatre
A CLEVER DESIGN solution by Andrew Donaldson Architecture & Design delivered a couple retiring to enjoy the vibrant creative scene in Sydney’s inner east a versatile apartment in which to display their library and art collection as well as space for
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Bold Chisel
Now in its 10th year, the prestigious Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards held in November celebrated today’s best talent – both emerging and established – in interior design and decoration. And in the true spirit of Australia’s flourishing cr
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Up In The Air
HAVING WORKED with the clients in the past, Felicity King was called on to bring warmth and connection to their new apartment 28 floors above Sydney Harbour, and the result is an elegant and cocooning home in the clouds. What was the brief? To create
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Natural Instinct
WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR ENDURING CREATIVE INFLUENCES? Scott Fellows: We have always been influenced by Modernism’s rigour and clarity, combined with quality craftsmanship and the warmth of natural materials. Louis Kahn’s work is the best manifestation o
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Peak Season
With its soaring cathedral ceilings, this threelevel home overlooking the harbour in Sydney’s inner east takes light-filled, airy living to lofty new heights. Sky and water are constant companions in a spectacular house that boldly defies its boundar
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Creative Pursuits
IS THERE AN ARTIST WHO HAS BEEN AN ENDURING INFLUENCE? Nan Goldin [7]. I was deeply impacted by seeing her show at the Whitney in 1996 and it really solidified my desire to work in a museum and with artists. I remember being so struck by who she was
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Perfect Form
The surprise element in this bijou Sydney eastern suburbs house, perfectly composed by interior architect Phoebe Nicol, is the pink carpet in the upstairs bedrooms. A brave colour choice it is not too ‘baby’ or ‘nursery’, says Phoebe, nor is it too ‘
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Portrait Of The Gallerist
WHAT HAVE BEEN SOME OF YOUR ENDURING CREATIVE INFLUENCES? Growing up around some of the greatest artists in Australian history, and my education in painting and drawing. Writing a memoir was an unexpected talent and a creative outlet I didn’t know wa
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Noble Profile
French designer Jean-Louis Deniot has a pragmatic, down-to-earth approach to decorating. He often likes to say: “You’re not going to change the course of the world by hanging a pair of curtains.” And although his interiors ooze elegance, they are not
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Away Game
OVE RNIGHT, outdoor space has become a commodity hotter than ever and can be just as restorative as a faraway jaunt. We can create holiday-at-home experiences by making outdoor areas comfortable, functional and ultra-luxe. In the Covid-19 era, howeve
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Well Connected
Combining the owner’s two passions, cooking and the garden, was the driving force in the revamp of this family home on Sydney’s lower North Shore by Justine Hugh-Jones and Katrina Mackintosh of Hugh-Jones Mackintosh. Faced with a fairly bland house w
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