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This Is Real Life
IN THE GRAND SCHEME, IT’S ONLY A number change on a calendar, but many of us attach significant hopes to the dawn of a new year. The holiday season and the onset of winter have allowed for greater personal reflection. Then comes decisive action when
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Sky King
KIRBY CHAMBLISS DOES MOST OF HIS FLYING WITH HIS FEET on the ground. Back when the native Texan was a world-champion pilot in the Red Bull Air Race, before the series abruptly folded after the 2019 season, Chambliss believed that each race was won or
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Thank you for your magazine. I love the content, which is unique. The other reason I love C&I is because it is nonbiased. I read other magazines on a range of topics and feel like I am getting attacked for my political and Christian beliefs. Writers
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Taylor Sheridan
TAYLOR SHERIDAN IS ON THE PHONE, ON the road. After wrapping up production on the fourth season of Yellowstone, his smash-hit Paramount Network series starring Kevin Costner as the proud paterfamilias of a powerful Montana ranching family, the multit
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Homeward Bound
This lightweight fleece quarter-zip is an ideal daytime layer. Hooey Brand cream and colorful stripe pullover ($80), Add a little color to your favorite cozy corner. The Capistrano handwoven blanket ($98), Throw on
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Destination: DESIGN
FROM THE TETON RANGE TO THE DESERTS OF SEDONA, THE WEST AND its cultures and hues have long spurred our personal style and aesthetic. Here are just a few of the spaces out West — from hotels and luxury resorts to bed-and-breakfasts — that continue to
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Western Storefront
Many clients pinpoint Reads Jewelers as a staple vendor at Western industry trade shows such as Cowboy Christmas and major stock shows such as the Houston Rodeo, but a trip to the storefront has also become a destination for its customers who have fo
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FRAMED ON A RUGGED WOOD-PLANKED wall of Carla Harrison’s sprawling Oklahoma ranch you’ll find a number 31 bib from the 1967 National Finals Rodeo. It’s one of eight framed bibs she has, each worn between 1959 and 1969 at the NFR by rodeo legend Freck
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Don King Days
Don King was a legendary Westerner and acclaimed saddle maker, recognized for developing what’s known today as the Sheridan style of leather tooling. His saddles are owned by the likes of Queen Elizabeth II and displayed at the PRCA Rodeo Hall of Fam
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Escape Plan
COLIN MCALLISTER AND JUSTIN Ryan weren’t always the country-cabin aficionados they are today. In fact, the self-described “city boys,” who hail from urban Scotland, didn’t develop a taste for the great outdoors until 13 years ago, when they moved to
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Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale
William “Buffalo Bill” Cody overcame his share of adversity throughout his legendary life. And organizers of the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale in the town Cody founded have followed his example, hosting a successful event this year despite the ongoing
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Josh Turner’s Country Cottage
IT’S BEEN NEARLY 20 YEARS SINCE SOUTH Carolina native Josh Turner made his Grand Ole Opry debut to a fervent standing ovation. He was asked by the crowd that night to do an encore of the song he’d performed, a haunting redemption ode called “Long Bla
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Happy Trails
RENI SANTONI is arguably most familiar to film and TV audiences as San Francisco cop Chico González, Clint Eastwood’s partner, in Dirty Harry (1971), and Poppie, a notoriously unhygienic restaurateur, on the long-running NBC sitcom Seinfeld. During h
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the REAL DEAL The Gospel According To PAUL CAUTHEN
In country music, “the real deal” is a title reserved for those who not only possess iconic voices, but who live the lifestyle they sing about. Or, at the very least, make you believe they live it. Cash never served time in Folsom Prison, and while M
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Legacy Gallery
THE DUST HAS BARELY SETTLED ON LEGACY GALLERY’S BLOCKBUSTER NOVEMBER 2020 JOHN COLEMAN exhibition, and Brad Richardson’s already thinking about this spring’s Scottsdale Art Auction, which he puts on with a consortium of other art dealers, and his big
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CONSIDERING THE EXTRAORDINARY HISTORY BEHIND the new National Native American Veterans Memorial, the story of the hawk that consecrated its location on the National Mall doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Shortly after the design was selected in 2018, the
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Sonja Caywood
HER EASEL STANDS BETWEEN TWO WINDOWS THAT LOOK OUT AT THE BIGHORN MOUNTAINS IN Northern Wyoming. On any given day, perched on it are portraits of girls with names like Ada, Martha Sue, and Beatrice — coffee shop names, like the ones you find on a wai
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Superior Concrete
Though he’s a longtime businessman, you’re just as likely to find Todd Sternfeld outdoors working on the ranch he bought and refurbished outside of Dallas. He may be on his tractor or busy perfecting his fields with picturesque landscaping. But unlik
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Brian Asher
LOOKING AT ONE OF BRIAN ASHER’S DRAWINGS, IT’S HARD TO IMAGINE 1) THAT IT’S NOT A PHOTO AND 2) THAT those delicate strokes were created by the calloused hands of a man who has spent nearly a half-century as a working cowboy. The son of a private corp
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In The Bunkhouse With Red Steagall
I swore that I would raise my son to have a gentle handTime will tell, but Lord knows that I’ve tried.’Cause he didn’t have no mama, I raised him by myselfThe kid was born the day his mama died. I guess it kind of scared me when I seen him flog that
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Anita Fields
ANITA FIELDS’ SELF-DESCRIPTION CLUES YOU IN THAT HER WIDE-RANGING TALENTS AREN’T EASY TO categorize: “Clay sculpture, contemporary ceramics, traditional Osage ribbon work, arts educator. Also Osage In-Lon-Schka Hominy committee cook, specialty — grap
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Benson, Arizona BAXTER BLACK
Cowboys & Indians: Since you performed so many times back in the day on The Tonight Show — and, indeed, you’ve released a DVD featuring your appearances there — we have to ask: What was Johnny Carson really like? Baxter Black: [Laughs.] Well, first I
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A Ranch For All Seasons
DRIVING ONTO THE MASSIVE MIDDLE CREEK RANCH IS LIKE ENTERING A WESTERN WONDERLAND. THE gravel road that cuts through the 10,000-plus acres takes you past herds of grazing buffalo, cattle, and a horse facility with almost two dozen very well-cared-for
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Bear Pascoe’s Second Dream
BEAR PASCOE KNEW HE HADN’T PLAYED WELL IN his last preseason game. The journeyman tight end only had a few weeks to learn the complex New England Patriots offense, so he understood there was a chance he’d get cut again. When he saw someone from the t
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We talk with historian and author David Kiehn about the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum’s annual festival and some of the greatest silent movies of all time. Just search “silent film” at Actor Martin Sensmeier (Westworld, The Mag
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The Songs That Rebuilt Tom Douglas
WHEN TOM DOUGLAS WALKED OVER TO the piano in his Dallas home in 1992, he essentially walked away from a lucrative career as a real estate broker. And in the nearly 30 years since, we’ve all been better off for it. “How did a guy selling real estate f
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Cowboys & Indians
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All Hat, No Sound
ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF TOWN IN OKLAHOMA’S former territorial capital of Guthrie, there’s a building that once housed the Blue Belle Bar. Founded in 1889 in the wake of the Land Rush, it was one of Guthrie’s most popular watering holes. But the saloon’s
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“The Songs That Rebuilt Tom Douglas,” page 80 The song I played at least once a day in 2020 was Chris Young’s “Drowning.” I’d lost a friend to the coronavirus at the very beginning of the pandemic, so every time I heard it, it reminded me that it’s O
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FOR AN ART FORM THAT DISAPPEARED NEARLY100 YEARS AGO, IT’S REMARKABLE HOW SILENT films have retained a loyal following among movie buffs. They still air almost every Sunday night on Turner Classic Movies, and continue to find new audiences with resto
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