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Creating A Championship Team
At my last physical, the doctor asked about the sources of various bumps, bruises and aches. My response to her was that life is a contact sport, and it really is for many of us. Along those lines, our hunting land is our home field that we play so m
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I may be the only deer hunter in the world who doesn’t expect to shoot a buck on opening day. I suppose you might say that makes me a lousy hunter. Someone who has diligently scouted prior to the season, learned which bucks were present and had a goo
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Deer & Deer Hunting
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Daniel E. Schmidt SENIOR EDITOR Chris Berens CREATIVE DIRECTOR Rebecca Vogel ONLINE CONTENT SPECIALIST Sara Sommercorn DEER RESEARCH FIELD EDITOR John J. Ozoga FIELD CONTRIBUTORS Steve Bartylla, Bob Zaiglin, Dr. Stephen Ditchkoff, Ste
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Lessons FROM MY Dad
We all know that person — the one who can’t find a sandwich in the front of the fridge but can tell you the minutest details about a buck grazing by the side of the highway. In my life, that person is my dad. Families have countless stories of mentor
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A Southern Stomper
Tyler Jordan is a devout deer hunter. He spends a lot of time behind bows and guns each fall and winter. For him, it’s a place of peace. For years, he’s hunted throughout the South, Midwest and West in search of big deer, but for him, the meaning of
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Off On The Right Track
Pick up any magazine like this one, query “big bucks” on any social media outlet, scroll “hunting stories,” on any online hunting site, and you never need search far to satisfy your hunting fix. But I bet it’s rare to see a search engine blown up by
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Mentality Of A Traditional Bowhunter
Not too many years ago, there was no tra ditional bowhunting. It was just bowhunting. Sometimes, I think I was born in the wrong era. In a world where bowhunters rely on their sights, releases and drop-away rests to perform correctly, traditional arc
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Cutting boards have an aggravating way of sliding on a dry surface, such as on a kitchen table or countertop. There’s an easy way to stop that and hold a cutting board in place, which is a good safety feature. No one wants to use a sharp knife, or an
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Newborn Fawn Survival Rates
If not for their adaptive survival strategies, newborn whitetails would be easy meat for marauding wolves, coyotes, black bears and bobcats. This is not to say that certain predators aren’t proficient fawn-killers. To the contrary, there is mounting
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New Gear
The B-14 Hunter rifle features a molded synthetic stock made of glass fiber reinforced polymer. The well-known Bergara barrel on this rifle is complemented by the smooth B-14 Action, which is a two-lug system with a sliding plate extractor and a cone
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Readers Recoil
KUDOS TO THE D&DH staff on your finely made and presented video, “The Shot That Drops Deer on the Spot.” I specially liked your introduction in which Dan Schmidt unequivocally and clearly addressed the issues of ethical hunting and the humane treatme
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Little Liars
One of the greatest innovations in whitetail hunting during the last few decades is arguably the trail camera. Making visible the invisible, this technology has changed the way many people hunt. Assuming they are telling the whole truth about deer ac
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The Facts On Doe Hunting
EXCLUSIVE! AUBURN UNIVERSITY SCIENCE-BASED WHITETAIL INSIGHTS With the advent of quality deer management, opposition toward antlerless harvest in the whitetail world seems mostly a relic of the past. It’s no secret that proper deer management require
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WHITETAIL Maternity Ward
One spring, I got a call from a rural mail carrier who wanted to know what he should do with a fawn he discovered bedded in the middle of a gravel road on his route. I told him to place the fawn off the edge of the road in some high grass, and its mo
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More than a million years ago, a mature whitetail buck was walking the edge of a saltwater drainage in what is now Florida. Su ddenly, he was brought down by a predator doing what predators do best. He might have been killed by a canine, feline, huge
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The Ethics Advantage
The monster buck emerged from the thicket and stood just 40 yards from my stand watching the handful of does and fawns that fed under me. There wasn’t a blade of grass between me and the buck I had waited my whole life to see. There he stood, so clos
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Focus On Integrity
A college professor once told me that irreverence toward dead creatures (namely, from hunting) is common among humans. The way he explained it was that those who seemed most obnoxious in their displays of irreverance to slain creatures are those who,
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The Best Deer Rifles Of All Time
The company survived Chapter 11 and is in transition, but Remington’s iconic bolt-action rifle remains one of the all-time greats. It doesn’t hurt that the gunmaker offered numerous variations of the reliable, accurate rifle, but when the 700 was int
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Bowhunting From Semi-permanent Box Blinds
When most bowhunters think “blind,” they think either the portable pop-up type, or a brush blind built themselves. But there’s another type — the box blind, those expensive, massive, heavy, hard-shell shooting-house-type blinds most commonly associat
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Grasping And Rolling With The Changes
I was going to begin this piece with examples of how I was on a buck only to have it switch patterns and disappear, unless I saw it in the back of a neighbor’s truck. I’m going to skip that, as most of us have experienced similar situations. Merely w
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Venison Stew
Everyone appreciates a good stew that sticks to the ribs, especially during the colder months of the rut. This is a recipe that accommodates both roast and trim, although trim, or any cut from an older buck, may take longer to tenderize. Nevertheless
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Pursuit Community
FACEBOOK.COM/THEPURSUITCHANNEL INSTAGRAM.COM/PURSUITCHANNEL @PURSUITCHANNEL/TWEETS JUNE 3, 10:00 P.M. CST WHAT YOUR PROPERTY HAS TO OFFER There is so much more to most properties than what people realize. This episode provides expert tips on making t
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For the 100th time you check the darkening November sky. Midday is long gone, dusk in the deer woods is fast approaching and you still can’t decide which direction leads out. With rising desperation, you push on through the brush, your pace increasin
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Digestible Energy Dilemma
Winter often arrives early on the whitetail’s Northern range, sometimes with devastating consequences. Even a few inches of snow can cause deer to switch from eating highly nutritious herbaceous plants to consuming woody browse, forcing them on to a
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Heightened Hormones
In 1985, I was given the opportunity to photograph at Avery Place, a huge property in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York. The Avery family allowed no hunting on their property, which made it a paradise for white-tailed deer ph
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How To Pack For An Bob Robb Out-of-state Bowhunt
Traveling bowhunters face a serious dilemma. You have to bring everything you need to be safe, comfortable and successful, not forgetting anything. If you drive, no worries – you can overload the truck with half of everything you own (and I do!). If
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5 Best Hound Breeds For Deer Hunting
The American Foxhound was first meant to chase down foxes, but today, it is commonly used for deer hunting, too. In fact, with such high energy and stamina, it’s likely the most popular choice for modern deer runners. A close relative to the American
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For The Trophies Beleaguered
Having just downed the sec ond-largest buck of my life, I was, of course, floating on air. From a sequential standpoint, the event happened almost verbatim in step with how I downed the largest buck of my life; the tales so hauntingly similar they co
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