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Claudia Winters is on the run from her abusive husband, Marcus, a banker with links to the underground world of drug dealers and gangsters. She’s endured so much that she decides to change her identity, along with that of her teenage daughter, Jasmin
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under, Madelein. I hope this month’s prize goes a little way towards making you feel as appreciated as you are. Thank you and your colleagues for everything you do for us. First of all, may I say how much I love your magazine! I have been reading it
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‘The Women of the Future competition has really shown me the incredible impact women in business are making in their communities. It’s an inspiration,’ says Dr Mmamontsheng ‘Dulcy’ Rakumakoe, foundef Quadcare, which operates a netork of primary healt
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BEHIND THE wardrobe
The ideal pair of jeans is... I honestly love revolving my denim styles as the trends change, as long as they’re not too tight! What is your go-to feel good outfit? I love high/low dressing... so maybe something very casual and comfortable paired wi
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Your completed MegaXword and Brainteaser crosswords should reach us by 30 June 2021. Email them to puzzles@fairlady.com with MegaXword No 175 or Brainteaser No 174 in the subject line, and provide your name, residential (or postal) address, email add
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❛Dry’ and ‘dehydrated’ are often used interchangeably, but there’s actually a big difference between the two, says New York dermatologist and cosmetics expert Shereene Idriss. Let’s back up a bit. In her YouTube tutorial on the subject, Idriss lays o
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Quick-fire Questions
MORNING RITUAL? An early-morning prayer, yoga with my parents and writing 500 words WHICH BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY ON YOUR BEDSIDE TABLE? Lucy Foley’s The Guest List, Angela Makholwa’s Critical But, Stable and Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly THE PERFECT LA
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Think RICH To Get RICH
AS Coco Chanel once said, ‘There are people who have money, and there are people who are rich.’ While the concept of being rich doesn’t guarantee happiness, life can be far more pleasant – and easier – if you don’t have to worry about money. But how
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Final Thoughts
I’m excited to see what I will look and feel like in 30 to 40 days’ time, but almost as encouraging as the procedure is having consultants offering me encouragement and answering my questions. At the time of writing, three weeks after the procedure,
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One-pot Wonders
SERVES 4 • ¼tsp chilli powder• ½tsp ground turmeric• 1tsp ground cumin• 2tsp ground coriander• 1tsp garam masala• 2tsp freshly ground black pepper• 2red onions, peeled and grated coarsely• 900 g chuck steak, trimmed of excess fat and cut into 4 cm p
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We Also Tested. . .
A good budget-friendly option, this dish is perfect for cooking small servings. It is light, compact and easy to handle. The dish heated up quickly and its performance was relatively good, but it was a bit slower at cooking the food than some of the
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With a newfound fondness for thrift, more consumers are starting to question whether we really should be throwing away food if it has passed the expiry date printed on the packaging yet still tastes and smells unspoilt. Manufacturers supply certain d
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I Was Supposed To Be A Tragedy.
I am the last born of four daughters in an Indian family, which obviously means my birth was a tragedy. Well, at least for those who congratulated my mother with, ‘I’m so sorry,’ or, ‘Better luck next time,’ or who said things amongst themselves like
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Sign up AND WIN!
Sign up to receive the FAIRLADY newsletter between 12 and 30 April 2021 and stand a chance to win a truly beautiful GUESS watch, worth R3 499. Known for its classic branding, GUESS continues to hold its position as a fashion leader. From glitzy dial
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The available information about serums can be confusing: Do you need one at all? Should you apply it in the morning or at night? Does it replace an existing product in your skincare regime? Should you use it every day? Because they’re expensive, you
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‘ My baby DIED ’
She was going to be our baby and the little sister to our daughter, filling that little space reserved for so long for a fourth member of our family. She was our last hope after years of hoping, of trying everything. Three months before, we had reach
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This Month’s Fabulous Prize
The LaBeau brand takes a minimalist, pure approach to fragrance and prides itself on using quality ingredients to produce the freshest of scents. There are four singular floral fragrances in the collection – all elegant and unabashedly feminine. They
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Calling All FEMALE Entrepreneurs It’s Your Time To Shine!
WE are looking for the most impactful, resilient, inspiring women entrepreneurs in the country. If you recently started a new business or you’ve been running your own business for a while – or you know a woman who has – we want to hear from you! Ther
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Breaking New Ground
STARTUP COSTS: ‘All I had was my retainer from a maintenance contract with the Westin Hotel, an old industrial sewing machine and a lot of ideas.’ TURNOVER: ‘Initially, we did quite well, then hit a dip, then changed tactics and did okay; then the d
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Editor’s Letter
I love Robyn MacLarty’s story on book clubs (page 42) because I love my own book club so deeply. The eight of us (we used to be nine) have been together for 21 years, through four divorces, one wedding, many children, too many deaths, many triumphs,
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Jailbreak Practices
Dr Rein shares a number of tools in her book Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Barrier to Women’s Success and Happiness. Here are two easy ones to get you started: This tool takes only 1–2 minutes and has a cumulative effect: the more often y
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What I’m loving
This video of a young Canadian woman singing The Beatles’ song ‘Blackbird’ in her native language, Mi’kmaq (pronounced Micmac): https://youtu.be/99-LoEkAA3w. Mi’kmaq is a First Nations people’s language in danger of disappearing, and as part of an ef
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Storage Guide
HERE’S HOW LONG YOU CAN KEEP A FEW STAPLES IN THE FRIDGE OR PANTRY: COOKED MEAT: 3–4 days in the fridge DELI MEAT: 2 weeks unopened, and after opening 3–5 days in the fridge EGGS: 3–5 weeks at a constant temperature below 20ºC MILK: 7 days in th
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A LONG WEEKEND in the Elgin Valley
Our weekend starts at Wildekrans Country House, a historical Cape Dutch homestead at the foot of Houw Hoek Mountains. Owner Alison Green and her architect husband, Barry Gould, moved here from Johannesburg in 1999, after Alison’s father gave her the
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Rescue Plan
It seems like a silly one, but if you put on a heavy face cream before applying your serum, the ingredients won’t penetrate the skin. The rule of thumb is: start with the thinnest consistency and work your way up to the heavier creams. The first tip
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Why DOLLY PARTON IS A Feminist Icon
I've been a fan of Dolly’s for ever. (‘Is it okay if I call you Dolly?’ ‘What else would you call me – Reba?’) I loved her long before her Glastonbury appearance in 2014 rebadged her as ‘cool’ – as if she cares about cool – and in the weeks leading u
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I’LL BE There FOR YOU (but Maybe Not After 30)
IN the Western world we have long placed romantic relationships at the peak of human connection. But for most people their friendships tend to last longer than their relationships, and their connection with friends is often at least as – or even more
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A LIGHT touch
A classic utility jacket gets a feminine makeover in satin. Layer it over a slip dress in a similar fabric or juxtapose it with a more structured outfit. We’re throwing the rulebook out of the window with this white piece – who says a coat has to be
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5 EASY WAYS To Reduce STRESS In Your Life …starting Right Now!
There are five Tibetan Rites, and they have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with physical and mental wellbeing and clarity. Also called the ‘fountain of youth’, they’re a series of five yoga poses that you do daily, eventually workin
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Shopping BASKET
◗ SIMPLE TRUTH ORGANIC COCONUT CHIPS – in Smoked Chilli, Salted Caramel, Peruvian Cocoa and French Salt – are a delicious (and healthy) snack. They’re high in fibre and contain no added preservatives. R19.99 (40g); Checkers ◗ FAUXMAGE DAIRY-FREE CA
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