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Strategic Planning For Families In Business
Statistics suggest that a family business has only a one-in-three chance of reaching the second generation, yet few business founders believe that theirs will be the one to fail. The reasons why so many family businesses don’t survive have to do with
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Save On Weedicides
A crop expert pointed out that farmers’ past experience and knowledge of their local conditions should enable them to choose the correct chemicals for both weed and insect control. Many a farmer is having to slash input costs. Some, in fact, have to
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Marginal Uptick In Wine Grapes Amid Difficulties
Despite unfavourable weather and disease outbreaks in some wine producing regions, the 2021 wine grape crop is estimated to be 3,4% larger than that of last year (1,38 million tons compared with 1,34 million tons). This is according to Vinpro managin
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Namibian Farmers Warned Against Brown Locusts
Landowners and farmers in Namibia have been cautioned by the Namibia Agricultural Union to be on the lookout for outbreaks of brown locusts (Locustana pardalina). The organisation said in a statement that large-scale incidences of the insects were hi
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Ivor Price
If you were given R30 million to invest in agriculture, either in new or existing farming activities or in the agriculture value chain, how would you spend it? I often daydream about farming, and perhaps one day I’ll own my own land. But I’d rather i
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Animal Health Experts Warn Of Disease Threat
South Africa’s livestock producers have been warned to take proactive measures to protect their animals from pests and diseases proliferating due to widespread rain so far this year. In the Ruminant Veterinary Association of South Africa’s February d
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Farmers Far From Capitalising On Carbon Credits
While soil is one of the largest carbon sequestration mediums, farmers have yet to capitalise on carbon trading platforms. Carbon tax has brought opportunities for environmentally friendly operations to earn additional income through the generation o
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Ostrich Prices Under Pressure At Research Farm Sale
Prices at the annual sale of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s ostrich research farm, held recently, averaged R4 500/head, which is lower than last year’s prices and not much higher than what farmers are currently achieving for slaughter b
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Blended Finance Fund To Boost Black Farmers
A R1-billion fund for black farmers was launched recently by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (agriculture department) in partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The Agri-Industrial Fund (AIF) ai
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Let’s Hear It For Our Market Managers
The role played by the market manager is one of the most complex and challenging in the fresh-produce sector. For those who occupy this key post, it’s often a case of, ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t’. Whatever decision you take, somebody will
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Partnerships Work In Land Reform
The partnership-driven model for land reform has been the most successful plan to create a class of profitable black farmers [in South Africa] since it was introduced in 2013. It’s the legacy of the late Prof Mohammad Karaan, a former dean of the Fac
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A Tuscan-style Retirement Home
Dear Jonno, We plan to live in a development on a 1ha piece of land in the Hawane district of Swaziland, along with our daughter and son-in-law. Each family will have its own dwelling. This move is geared towards a simpler, downsized lifestyle in bea
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Decline In Global Prevalence Of Four Key Mycotoxins
Between 2019 and last year there was a global decline in the extent of contamination and concentrations of four of the six main groups of mycotoxins examined by Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s animal nutrition division. According to the United Nations’ Fo
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Australian Farmers Hard Hit By Floods
The NSW Farmers’ Association in New South Wales, Australia, has appealed for flood relief through the state’s Natural Disaster Relief Fund to assist farmers in their recovery efforts, following the recent unprecedented floods that battered the countr
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Call To Prevent ‘Imported Deforestation’
Agricultural expansion is responsible for approximately 80% of the 1,3 million square kilometres of indigenous forests felled globally between 1990 and 2016. Despite the resultant loss of essential ecosystem services and goods provided by such forest
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Agriculture Outperforms Other Sectors
The agriculture sector was the star performer in South Africa’s economy in 2020. According to recently released figures from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), the local economy shrank in real (adjusted for inflation) terms by 7% in 2020, following
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Help for ADHD
The move to COVID-19 lockdown Level 1 at the beginning of March, as well as the start of the school year, have seen the inevitable return of the stresses of ‘normal’ life, both for children and adults. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
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Books To Ponder On, Books To Relax With
When zoonotic diseases are not in pandemic proportions, we tend to pay little attention to them. Examples are the infections that can be introduced by game meat here in South Africa and the bush meat problems further north. Cruise, a specialist in en
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Biological Pest Control
The Second International Congress of Biological Control will be held virtually. The congress is the flagship event of the International Organisation for Biological Control, which promotes environmentally safe methods of pest and disease control. For
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Is It Time To Relook Water Governance In South Africa?
“The South African Human Rights Commission recently gave government stakeholders 60 days to respond after it ruled that the continued flow of raw sewage into the Vaal River, as well as into homes and public areas in the Emfuleni Local Municipality, w
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Farms Sold
Walton Golightly lists recent farm sales as recorded by the National Deeds Office. Please note that each transaction is unique and the price may not reflect the agricultural value of the farm. Email Walton at Subject line:
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Humans And TB
TB is a dangerous disease in humans, and affects particularly those in poor health, such as elderly people, children, and people suffering from malnutrition or living with HIV. People can become infected with bovine TB by drinking milk or eating meat
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In-feed Supplier ‘Triumphant’ After Court Case Dismissal
Animate Animal Health (Animate), a South African supplier of in-feed additives for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry, emerged victorious after a court case aimed at one of its products was recently dismissed with costs by the Gauteng Division of the Hi
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Records Tumble At Third Sale Of The Mohair Summer Season
A total of 167 887kg was on offer at the third sale of the mohair summer season, of which 99% was sold, according to Mohair SA. The offering consisted of some excellent-quality mohair, and buying houses competed actively for all types, with Responsib
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Challenging Times For SA’s Table Grape Industry
The South African table grape industry has experienced a “challenging and rough” season, according to South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) spokesperson Clayton Swart. He was speaking as a panel member during a monthly webinar hosted by the Produ
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Collaboration Aims To Achieve Climate-smart Cocoa Production
With cocoa production under impending threat from climate change, stakeholders are increasingly collaborating to secure its future, including sharing scientific research to change the unsustainable methods used by many growers. This was highlighted i
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Sugar Cane And Cash Crop Rotation Helps Improve Soil Health
Sugar cane was first planted in South Africa in 1848, and for most of the time since then was produced in a monocropping system. It was only in more recent years that agriculturalists and farmers began to understand the importance of biodiversity bot
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Ways To Reduce Your Overheads
Over the past months, many businesses have had to reduce costs drastically to remain afloat due to the economic conditions and uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Farmers should be thinking along the same lines, if they are not doing
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‘Market Access For Citrus Must Be Optimised’
The South African citrus industry is expected to increase exports by another 300 000t over the next three years, and optimised market access will be essential for the industry’s continued growth. The Citrus Growers’ Association of Southern Africa (CG
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