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Estuary Lure Techniques
Despite being regarded as the “Dry Continent” numerous waterways line Australia’s east coast. Rivers, estuaries, and salty lagoons are common and attract many fishermen. Most are tidal, rich in aquatic life, and support populations of fish anglers wa
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Summer In The South
Summer in the south is both an exciting and trying time of year for keen fishos. We have some exceptional fishing and a wide variety of species on offer at this time of year, but the fickle summer weather and busy holiday period can make accessing th
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Finding The Fast Fish
The East Australian Current starts to run south along the NSW and Queensland coast in early summer and brings large numbers of pelagic game fish with it. At this time of year the water temperature increases to over 25 degrees and big schools of slimy
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Learning From Doughnuts
OVER the past few weeks I’ve spent a few trips offshore looking for small black marlin and dolphin fish. Late November and early December can be a difficult time to fish off the Gold Coast. The winter species have shut down and often the summer speci
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Fishing World
Editor Scott Thomas Ph: (02) 9213 8278 Field Editors David Green, Greg Finney, Sami Omari, Dave Rae, Chris Cleaver Technical Editor Mark Williams Marine Biology Editor Dr Ben Diggles Environment Editor John Newbery Foreign
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Night Time Lure Tactics
SUMMERTIME is prime for night time luring. Elevated temperatures increase overall metabolic activity of predatory fish and whilst they will actively feed during the day, certain conditions and situations will trigger a night bite for many species in
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Game Changers
EVERY so often technology comes along and revolutionises the way we fish. For the most part it's the gear we use; the rods, reels & line. Graphite rods, high-tech reels and in more recent years, braided lines, have made the job of casting and catchin
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Chasing A Feed
A lot of us go fishing to get ourselves a feed. It doesn’t matter whether you fish the salt or fresh, Australia is blessed with good stocks of delectable fish, be it flathead fillets from the salt, or succulent golden perch from the inland. Now is a
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Kingfish Fever
Whilst I love the thrill and challenge of chasing a diverse range of species, my fishing pursuits have taken a turn in recent times towards a more one dimensional approach. With family and work commitments building in momentum, the fishing windows ha
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Bello Bass
The Bellinger Valley is located on the Mid North Coast of NSW, approximately halfway between Sydney and Brisbane and it is a region filled with accessible bass-filled waters. The township of Bellingen is located on the banks of the Bellinger River, w
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Blue Drummer
THE blue drummer or bluefish (Girella cyanea) is reasonably common on Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands and is a close relative of the luderick and the rock blackfish. It’s protected in NSW and very occasionally one turns up as a by-catch species off the
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Tackle Shops
EVERY sportfisher has a local tackle shop. I can remember growing up in Sydney in the ‘70s and ‘80s and haunting Arthur Chapman’s and Jim Mitchell’s in Rockdale and Hurstville as a teenager. Then Bluefin Sports opened up in Hurstville and was a mecca
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Fish Facts: Fishing Technology Today
OVER the past 20-odd years the digital revolution has seen enormous changes in the way we access information and communicate with each other. When I began writing for this magazine... ■
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Fishing Club
Q HOW DEEP TO SET DOWNRIGGER FOR  KINGFISH? Joel E-mail A Kingfish will feed anywhere from right on the bottom to busting the surface of the water chasing garfish, pilchards or similar. Knowing what depth to set your downrigger bomb and bait is tric
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Environment: Striped Marlin
WE’VE been reporting on attempts to make striped marlin a rec-only species in Australia for about 30 years now. Back in 1998, the Australian government banned... ■
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Grin And Win!
1 Eight-year-old Luke Bell caught a great Australian bass on shrimp in the Richmond River near Kyogle. 2 Ollie Dredge with a port jackson shark caught on squid in Port Phillip Bay and released to fight another day. 3 Keen angler Marli caught this
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Marine Pollution
The CSIRO has provided the first ever global estimate for microplastics on the world’s seafloor, suggesting there are 14 million tonnes …. double the amount of plastic pollution estimated to be on the surface. Its researchers believe millions of tonn
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Win Big!
SEND YOUR DIGITAL PHOTOS AND A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR CATCH TO PICTURES@ FISHO.COM.AU FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN. Each month we will select five lucky winners for our Grin & Win section. Grin & Win winners will each receive a cool Shimano cap and Squidgy D
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Nsw Dpi Presents
THE next few years will see interesting – and very beneficial – changes to the way NSW manages its fisheries resources. These changes will involve the implementation of management systems known as “harvest strategies” on many of NSW’s fisheries. This
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Make A Difference
TODAY was a personal milestone for me. After a few years of research and far too much time learning to write scientific papers and the idiosyncrasies required by universities, my masters thesis has been accepted. Titled, “Studies on stocking marine s
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Fishing World and Berkley are giving one lucky winner each month the chance to win a handful of new Berkley Shimma Fork Tail lures. To be in the draw, simply head over to our Facebook page and enter our Berkley Shimma Photo of The Month Competition.
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X Factor
CHOOSING a boat is made a whole lot easier when you make a repeat purchase. That’s what happened earlier this year when I decided to sell the Fishing World Bar Crusher. The 535XS rear console had served me well over the past few years. It delivered o
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Rowley Shoals Midnight Snapper Aged 81 Years
AN 81-year-old midnight snapper caught off the coast of Western Australia has taken the title of the oldest tropical reef fish recorded anywhere in the world. The fish was found at the Rowley Shoals—about 300km west of Broome — and was part of a stud
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Chasin’ Fin
Well known TV fishing show presenter Michael Guest recently updated his boat with a brand new 7600 Yellowfin Centre Console. The 7600 replaces the 7000 Centre Cab, which Guesty made solid use of with a long list of good captures up and down the coast
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What’s New
THE popular Fish Inc. Egilicious range of squid jigs has expanded to include new 2.0 and 2.5 sizes, ideal for fishing the slack tide and shallow water. Egilicious is constructed from high quality materials, designed with a buoyant “tail up” design to
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Quintrex Celebrates 75 Years
FROM humble beginnings in 1945, a big dream for two entrepreneurs quickly flourished into a big reality with Quintrex quickly establishing itself as one of Australia’s most sought-after aluminium boat brands. Today, as it celebrates its diamond anniv
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WHEN you think big snapper and lures, a soft plastic rigged on a heavy gauge jighead will come to mind, and rightly so. They have nailed many impressive fish over the years. I have dabbled in many types of lures while chasing my beloved “reds” and ca
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Safety At Sea
As serious fishos, many of us are boat owners. I’ve been a boatie all my life and spent a lot of time on the water from small estuaries and creeks to 40 miles offshore. My first boating experience was in an old De Haviland car topper that my father h
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Fish Facts: Striped Marlin Facts
Striped marlin (Kajikia audax) are widely considered to be the most hotly contested of the billfish species. This is because, as the best eating of the billfish, they are heavily targeted by the commercial longlining sector in many parts of their ran
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New Year Boat Gadgets
THE C-MAP Boating App is free to download and offers the user access to a range of charting and features from their phone, tablet or computer. Users have the option off a free version or trial version of of Premium features. As well as improvements t
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