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Good Neighbours
Splitting time between his three restaurants – Sidart, Cassia and Sid at The French Café – Sid Sahrawat’s adaptability has been key to his success. Following a stint as head chef at The Grove – where many of Auckland’s top chefs had their start – his
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A Quick Word With Robyn Malcolm
I spent the first half of my childhood in a small town in the north of the South Island called Motueka. I’ve got really strong food memories of Motueka. My father used to fish every weekend and I grew up eating a lot of snapper, herring and cod, plus
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QT Auckland
Auckland’s QT is at once the stylish rich aunty and the quirky eccentric cousin of the hotel world. With 150 guest rooms, it is luxury through and through; from plush king beds and waterfall shower heads to fine dining and some of the best service yo
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Morgan Mcglone
I’m from a small town called Tokoroa. My parents owned a fish and chip shop called Tiki Takeaway, which they had for 10 years. Everyone drives straight through Tokoroa to Lake Taupoã, but they’d always stop at Tiki Takeaway for fish and chips. After
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Central Otago NEW ZEALAND
Samantha is a sommelier, writer and wine consultant. @sl_payne A kind of ethereal magic lingers in the air when you walk through the vineyards of Central Otago. There’s a reason Lord of the Rings was filmed there. It is almost as if the land is imb
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Beer Batter
Golden, light and wonderfully crisp, beer battered fish is a classic and delicious cooking technique that is easy to master – it just requires a bit of science. When the batter hits the hot oil, the carbon dioxide in the beer froths and expands, lift
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A Little More Luxury
The original luxury lodge in New Zealand, Taupō’s Huka Lodge has played host to all manner of world leaders, royals and celebrities looking to escape reality and enjoy the serenity of New Zealand’s native bush. The lodge is said to have been Queen E
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Goumet Traveller
Editor Joanna Hunkin Creative Director Hannah Blackmore Deputy Editor Karlie Verkerk Group Food Director Sophia Young Senior Food Editor Dominic Smith Art Director Laura Jacobs Group Designers Jeannel Cunanan & Kelsie Walker Digital Editor Yvo
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The Kitchen Garderner Pears
As autumn wears on in the colder parts of the country, one of my favourite fruits is ready for harvest: the pear. As a boy I used to resent seeing pears in the bowls of chopped fruit given to us in school, as it seemed like we were being deprived of
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Sweet As
MAKES 30 // PREP TIME 20 MINS // COOK 18 MINS (PLUS COOLING) We’ve pimped these classic café cookies with an espresso hit in the ganache. Pictured p105. 250 gm butter, softened165 gm (¾ cup) raw caster sugar25 gm (¼ cup) Dutch-process cocoa250 gm
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Local Hero
It can be hard to know what to expect when a restaurant simply declares itself as “Australian”. Quandongs and finger limes? Surf ’n’ turf? Restaurant Labart, which sits amid the hurly of Burleigh, has a simple answer. Find and serve the best Australi
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The Great Bake Off
Recipes from NZ’s best chefs, nostalgic trans-Tasman treats with a twist, and into the wild with Analiese Gregory. ■
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Dishes And Destinations
A week spent picking grapes in New South Wales’ verdant wine hub left me in complete awe of the wine region’s flourishing, underrated beauty. Georgie Meredith, writer and editorial coordinator Perfectly pink duck breast is paired with crisp, salty
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Having worked in hospitality for much of her life, Leisha Jones writes about food with well-versed empathy and experience. In this issue she showcases how and why the dining scene in the land of the Long White Cloud is continuing to gain momentum. “O
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Natural Selection
Combine a monochrome palette with functional designs and sleek silhouettes for a modern, minimal look. For an autumn-inspired interior, pair terracotta tones with tactile materials and a touch of bronze. Broaden your fashion horizons with these
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Lisa Reihana
Lisa Reihana made a profound impression on me years ago when I first met her through my wife Nell. Lisa is formidable; her energy is powerful, courageous, calming, respectful, healing, exquisitely sensitive and grounded, all at once. Lisa is one of t
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What Gt Loves This Month
Here at GT, we’re firm believers that a table just isn’t complete without some artfully draped napery. And we’re loving this quirky and colourful collection from Australian designer Liz Ellis. eustonellis.com We’re instant converts to this new susta
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The Art Of… Reinvention
If the world has a showroom for fabulous lifestyles, that showroom is New Zealand. As far as Europeans and Americans are concerned, it’s a little bit off the main drag, but when you get here, we’re told, the journey is worth it. Because all the inspi
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A High Note
When it comes to postcard panoramas, the vista from Aria’s dining room is unrivalled. Pearlescent Opera House sails to the right, the iconic Coathanger to the left, and a big shimmering pool between. It’s a view that has been drawing diners in for tw
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Three Of The Best
Made on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Westgold uses milk from free-range, grass-fed dairy cows and has used the same churning process since 1893, resulting in a richly flavoured, creamy yellow butter. 400gm, $5.15. This canned butter
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How To Book
Each of the Great Walks is managed by the Department of Conservation and numbers are limited. To secure a spot, visit doc.govt.nz and search ‘Great Walks’. Some tracks are seasonal and not open year-round so be sure to research and plan ahead. For pr
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Three Whiskys To Try
This New Zealand whisky producer prides itself on using just three ingredients – quality malted barley, water and yeast – aged in a range of different casks. $143 for 700ml thomsonwhisky.com The combined use of ten different casks, including ex-A
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6 Things To Know About Nz
Te reo Mãori is an official language of New Zealand and part of everyday life in New Zealand. From a casual “kia ora” in the street to a formal poãwhiri [welcome] at events and ceremonies, you will hear te reo used frequently. While no one will expec
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You’d be hard pressed to find a more nostalgic coupling than popcorn and caramel. These deliciously sticky slabs combine a honey-sweet caramel with generous nuggets of popcorn and peanuts. It’s the ultimate salty-sweet snack. $11.95 for 125gm, random
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You Have Eaten?
What happens when a hive mind of contributors – led by a food journalist and a software developer – join forces? In Nick Jordan and Louis Lepper’s case, tasty things. Have You Eaten is an interactive food map created by the pair, that lists recommend
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Restaurant News
Chippendale’s Kensington Street has welcomed Jung Sung, a sleek, modern Korean-leaning destination restaurant. Korean-born, New York-trained, now Sydney-based chef Insup Kim, earned his stripes cooking at the Shangri-La Sydney and Del Posto in New Yo
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VEGETARIAN GLUTEN FREE DAIRY FREE and fennel SERVES 4 4 blocks firm feta (200gm each)2 tbsp honey125 ml (1/2 cup) extra-virgin olive oil4 mandarins60 ml (¼ cup) apple cider vinegar1 tbsp coriander seeds, toasted andlightly crushed3 white
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Old Fashioned
Along with the Martini, the Old Fashioned is commonly considered one of the great cocktail classics. Once referred to as the “bittered sling”, the iconic drink has been a king of the cocktail scene and a staple on bar menus since the mid-1800s. Many
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A Taste Of Central Otago
Made of fruit from Bendigo and Pisa’s sub-regions, the Prophet’s Rock Pinot Gris should be the benchmark by which all other pinot gris is judged. Think texture and minerality, with an abundance of carefully integrated floral and orchard fruit flavour
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Spread Your Wings
It’s not every day I escape to a five-star version of paradise. Here, my private quarters are an entire suite of deliciously airy rooms opening out to a manicured terrace and pool. My dressing room has an avenue of storage space, my zen-toned shower
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