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Green Light
As a warfarin user, I have a list of foods to avoid that are rich in vitamin K, which works against the blood thinner. It takes in green, leafy vegetables such as silverbeet and just about every otherwise healthy food. Any advice? Given vitamin K is
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Cold Comfort
The Cook Islands travel bubble is now opening up. An ice-cold beer at Trader Jacks in Rarotonga, a swim at Muri Beach and lounging by the pool on Aitutaki. Ah, no thanks. Not at the moment. I might wait a few months. The pandemic has made most of us
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Looking For Clues
More children than ever before are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Potentially, this is the result of greater awareness of the condition, which tends to emerge in early childhood and shows up in such things as di
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Nutrition Bites
Adults in their late seventies who ate a Mediterranean-style diet – particularly one rich in green leafy vegetables and low in meat – achieved higher scores than others on a range of memory and thinking tests, University of Edinburgh researchers foun
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Teem Work
David Eggleton, “the mad Kiwi ranter”, is New Zealand’s Poet Laureate. It’s a career arc a bit like Tim Shadbolt’s, who went from author of Bullshit & Jellybeans to mayor of Invercargill. On the way, Eggleton has won every literary award it’s possibl
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Complacency Kills
When it comes to progress with the coronavirus pandemic, the old normal has never seemed so distant. India’s deadly second wave of Covid-19, and disturbing new insights into the severity of post-Covid syndrome, means this country must face up to some
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Autonomous greenhouses and vertical farms are part of what’s known as agriculture. In the greenhouses, huge indoor gardens come equipped with sensors that tell their managers what their leafy inhabitants need. The warehouses’ sensors collect data abo
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Readers were asked to provide examples of a tired cliché used in a context where it could be read literally. Thanks to Ellie Henderson for the suggestion. Hamilton’s Neal Utting: They were really going to town in the quiet country pub. Kate Gore, Pye
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Who at TVNZ 1 failed to note the insensitivity of having ad breaks during They Shall Not Grow Old on April 26? The colorised version of the historical black and white films from World War I ensured we could identify and empathise with the young men e
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Deadly Delusion
In the hit true-crime drama The Serpent, English actress Jenna Coleman joins the 1970s jet-set as Marie-Andrée Leclerc, the French-Canadian who became an accomplice to Charles Sobhraj, the French serial killer who preyed on young Western tourists on
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Optimism Prevails
The title makes it clear: Times Like These: On grief, hope & remarkable love is no celebration of Michelle Langstone’s stellar acting career. This debut essay collection is instead the work of a writer interested in the down-to-earth business of bein
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Eye For Music
The Art of the Record collects the original artworks from 21 local albums released since 2000 in a touring show to mark NZ Music Month. The works on show include musicians whose talents extend to illustration, such as Chris Knox and Ruban Nielson, as
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The Cow Loves Robots
The video begins with dawn breaking over rows and rows of white-roofed greenhouses. They stretch as far as the camera can see. Music swells. Then, the voice-over: “Vegetable cultivation is becoming increasingly important,” a sensible man with a Briti
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Taste of Syria
Originally from Palestine, where they serve a whole chicken with sumac on bread, topped with a lot of sumac-spiced onions, this recipe is a Syrian version that uses the same ingredients, but we shred the chicken, then fry it with onion and sumac befo
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Countering Cancel Culture
That the Featherston Book-town cancelled a Harry Potter quiz because of JK Rowling’s supposed transphobia is the height of both stupidity and ignorance (“Off the guest list”, May 1). Shame on the organisers for not having examined for themselves what
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Pictures In Music
New Zealand conductor Holly Mathieson looks remarkably fresh by Zoom a day aft er her arrival here from her Glasgow home. She’s in managed isolation preparing for her podium debut with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and agrees the upcoming four-c
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Tyranny Of Choice
If my GP called me now and told me he had a spare Covid-19 vaccine, you wouldn’t be able to slide a bus ticket between “I have a spare vaccine” and “I’ll be there in five minutes”. Others might be more cautious, picky or even “vaccine elitist”. How c
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Poison Or Remedy?
In Elizabeth Kolbert’s own words, her latest book is about people fixing problems created by people fixing problems – and invariably giving the next generation yet more wicked problems to fix. In all her writing, including her Pulitzer Prize-winning
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‘Te Rauparaha Will Never Die’
In the autumn of 1833, Te Rauparaha and a small group of Ngāti Toa were in a canoe that was being driven east by fierce winds towards Te Rae-o-Te-Karaka (Cape Campbell), after they had narrowly avoided death at the hands of a Ngāi Tahu war party at K
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Whānau & aroha
Agentle, lightly cooked documentary about a centenarian and her middle-aged son living harmoniously in Kawakawa, Northland, James & Isey touches on issues of colonisation and Māori identity. It also provides some insight into tikanga, but at its big
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Money Ball
In 2012, US insurance giant AIG reportedly paid about $80 million to have its logo on the All Blacks jersey for five years. There was widespread condemnation. Words such as “prostitution” and “betrayal” were bandied about; AIG’s cash was labelled “di
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Spectres Of The Past
Siobhan Harvey’s GHOSTS (Otago University Press, $27.50) has much in common with one of her earlier collections, Lost Relatives. It is intensely concerned with families and their effect upon us for good or ill. Ghosts may be the sense we have of some
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It’s Recharge Season
Research shows that the fastest way to feel good-as-new is to do something you’ve never done before. Even better if it’s all wrapped up in a holiday with a touch of adventure and luxury thrown in. The perfect recharge for people with a little time on
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What Doesn’t Kill You …
Radioactivity may not be as dangerous as previously thought. That’s the message from a large-scale survey by Israeli scientists who compared background radiation levels in all 3129 US counties with health statistics from those counties. The rocks and
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TV Films by
TOOTH FAIRY (TVNZ 2, 6.40pm). Seeing “The Rock” in tights and a tutu has a certain charm, but this is one of Dwayne Johnson’s duller family movies in which he’s a tough ice hockey player moonlighting as a tooth fairy. (2010) KUNG FU PANDA (Three, 7.0
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Risk And Reward
Awriter with a knack for evoking a strong sense of atmosphere, Jon McGregor has been longlisted for the Booker Prize three times and has rightfully won a slew of notable literary awards for his previous novels. A careful craftsperson, McGregor spent
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TV Sport
RUGBY: Super Rugby Trans-Tasman round one continues with the Crusaders hosting the Brumbies (Sky Sport 1, Saturday, 6.30pm) before the Blues visit the Melbourne Rebels (SS1, Saturday, 9.30pm) and the Western Force host the Chiefs (SS1, Saturday, 11.5
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Damned Lies And Gun Control
In 1991, President George HW Bush – the brightest bulb in the family lamp – nominated archconservative Clarence Thomas to be just the second black US Supreme Court justice, replacing the first, arch-liberal Thurgood Marshall. Everyone over the age of
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10 Quick Questions
1. Which of these countries has the larger economy? ❑ Italy ❑ Russia 2. True or false? The pronouns thou, thee and thine are still used in everyday language in parts of England. ❑ True ❑ False 3. Which of these best defines the word “antediluvian”? ❑
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