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LIFE THREATENING disease has left me looking like this… Real life, puzzles, fashion, beauty, recipes, home, health… Dingy digs to BEACH BLISS I opted to have my BUM REMOVED! ON SALE 15 JULY ■
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A True Superhero
As we watched our little girl dart around the living room, my wife Aimee, 44, and I were thrilled. Our daughter Emily, then three, had just been given her first wheelchair, and watching her move around in a way she’d never been able to do before was
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Look Amazing!
It’s officially summer, which means it’s time to spruce up our beauty routines! Dewy, glowy and light skin is all the rage this summer. To help you achieve the sheer look of your dreams, Sculpted by Aimee Connolly has introduced six dreamy compacts f
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Three In A Row
Which city state is the only one to have been given its independence against its own will? To find out solve the puzzle… Make three nine-letter words using all of these three-letter sections and enter them in the grid. We’ve given you three letters t
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DIY Dangers
More and more people are choosing to enhance their natural appearance with facial fillers. Plumped pouts, fuller cheeks and chiselled jawlines are ubiquitous across the nation. But with cosmetic surgery clinics closed during the global pandemic, some
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Got The Itch?
Studies have shown the mind and skin are linked. Stress is a common trigger for skin flare-ups, in particular itchy skin like eczema. Experts, Balneum, share their tips to resist the itch. They recommend using non-perfumed products only, taking a bat
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Turning Point
Collapsing on the sofa with a bottle of wine, I ordered a Chinese takeaway to the house. ‘Another long day?’ my partner Graham, then 40, asked me. ‘Yep,’ I sighed. ‘It’s good to be home!’ In 2016, I was working in a corporate job – I travelled often
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Follow It
Solve the puzzle to spell out a term related to the picture. The arrows show you where to put your answers. The answer is spelled in the yellow squares. Your answer ___________________________________ Answer: UNGULATE
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Same But different
Waiting for my daughter, Annelise, then five, to finish school, I was nervous to hear how she’d got on. It was September 2020 when me, my husband Denzel, 38, and our foster sons Trey, 17 and Jaiden, 13, moved to a new house. We hadn’t gone far, just
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Healthy Balance
Supporting testosterone levels, cognition and mental agility, balanced mood, joint and collagen, energy and muscles, sexual stamina as well as a healthy prostate, Nature Plus has everything a man needs. The new BioAdvanced vital man is full of benefi
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Cat Burglar
Nestling her head into my leg, my cat Kee Kee was desperately trying to get my attention. ‘Someone’s hungry,’ I chuckled, heading to the fridge to fetch her some dinner. Only, as Kee Kee’s head was firmly buried in her food bowl, my mum appeared. ‘Yo
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In It Together
Sitting through my first class of the day, I was absolutely exhausted. Struggling to keep my eyes open, it wasn’t the first time it had happened. I’d been feeling like it a lot recently, but with my A-levels fast approaching, I just brushed it off as
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Pick Me Up! Special
Editor: Gail Shortland Senior Writer: Hannah Poon Feature Writers: Rosie Crass, Nia Dalton, Monica Meade Senior Designer: Victoria Elliott Designer: Yazz Williams Junior Designers: Hollie Moxham, Mel Walter Chief executive Zillah Byng-Thorne Non-exec
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Your Pick Me Ups
What did the air conditioning unit say to its owner? I’m your biggest fan. How funny! What did the pig say on the warm summer’s day? I’m bacon. How funny! Where do sharks go for their summer holidays? Finland. How funny!
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A World Away
Sitting in front of a mirror, I took a deep breath as I heard the buzz of the razor. ‘Here we go,’ my partner Chris, then 42, said to me. It was March 2017, and I was about to start chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Doctors said I’d definitel
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Slim One
What temptation does Olympic diving and TV star Tom Daley say he just can’t resist? To find out, solve the puzzle… Add a letter anywhere in each of the boxed-off words to fit the clue, eg, SORE + C = SCORE. Write the added letter in the space provide
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Sweet Heavens!
Pushing the trolley through Asda, my partner Dominic Delavega, 26, and I were doing our weekly shop. Scouring the fruit and veg aisle, I picked up an avocado. Over the last few years, I’d become a bit of a lapsed vegan and called myself a flexitarian
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True Or False
Did you know that 15 people are diagnosed with sarcoma every day in the UK? That totals to around 5,300 people a year. July is Sarcoma Awareness Month, so we’ve created some questions to see how much you know about these uncommon cancers. 1 They can
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The Biggie
What links Hollywood star Sandra Bullock and British guitar legend Mark Knopfler? To find out, solve the crossword then read down the letters in the shaded squares to find the answer. 1 State school independent of local authority (7) 5 Blue sparkly,
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To solve the puzzle, each 2 x 3 box, each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 6.
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Word Jumble
Research at the City University of New York has found that men are attracted to women who carry a red what? Unscramble the six words. Then read down the yellow squares for the prize answer. 1. ALL WET 2. CHALETS 3. BARGE PACT (6,3) 4. CAUSES IT 5. BR
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101 Dates
They say that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. This old wives’ tale rings true when it comes to my dating history. Over the past year, I’ve had more than 100 virtual dates. From accidental wig slips to bitter exes and awkward sile
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Have you ever considered adoption? Maybe it’s something you’ve looked into but not acted on. Well, latest figures show that there are currently 2,030 children waiting to be adopted in England – of those, 890 are part of a family group. It’s estimated
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Your Stars
March 21st - April 20th You have been giving close ones a hard time over things only you can change. Take a step and breathe in life and acknowledge the life you want to live. You start to see, as this month evolves, that you know what you want, you
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Super Easy Tips
This month… ECO-HOME Transform your house into an ultra-energy-efficient hub, using these top tips from money.co.uk. Consider a roof window, sun tunnel or find other creative ways to maximise natural light into your home. Choose clean electricity ins
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Horlicks Banoffee Pie
Horlicks have shared their how-stopper recipe – a banoffee pie with a hint of Horlicks chocolate! Serves 12 ▢ 50g chocolate Horlicks▢ ½ pack digestive biscuits▢ 1 large pack of chocolate malt balls▢ 25g melted butter▢ 400ml double cream▢ 1tsp vanilla
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Be-leaf In Yourself
Meet the man turning nature into art with his intricate leaf cuttings. Featuring anything from Dobby the Elf to Lilo and Stitch, artist Kanat Nurtazin, 29, from Kazakhstan, has even caught the attention of Disney! Kanat began making leaf cuttings in
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Your Style Fruit In Fashion
Fashion’s latest muse appears to be the fruit and vegetable aisle. From lemons to cherries and oranges, fruit prints offer a rich and varied colour palette and are endless fun. Here’s how we’ve styled fruit-inspired accessories from Oliver Bonas… COM
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The Aftermath
Dr Lucy Glancey, from Dr Glancey Clinics, couldn’t stop her patients from experimenting during lockdown… ‘I have had a few clients contact me during lockdown desperate for treatment which I just wasn’t able to fulfil, and I advised each one not to do
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Hide And Seek
...Atau Temukan Sesuatu yang Baru