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Something For Nothing
It has oft been remarked that the best things in life are free and, as the month of May arrives, nature — the great provider — seems more than usually generous. The sap is rising all around, the grass is growing at a rate of knots and the 40 shades o
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No Huge Shock
LAST MONTH, friends tragically lost their 10-month-old cocker puppy when he was hit by a car as he ran across a country lane. They were devastated, as they had put a great deal of work into socialising and training their highly promising working-bred
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In Conclusion
These lightweight bolt-action stalking rifles were technically similar and would provide satisfactory experiences if used with bipods on the hill and if set up and zeroed correctly, so your decision may come down to price. As for me, I have hankered
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LACS Under Investigation By The Charity Commission
The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has found itself under investigation by the Charity Commission after activists launched another campaign of harassment against a business seen as supporting hunting. League activists launched a massive online at
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Charge Of The Light Brigade
I was two-thirds the way up ‘the Ben’ and puffing some when my companion started. “You should get a lighter rifle, like mine,” he said. At that moment any rifle would have been too heavy, but I refrained from replying that maybe the 40-year differenc
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From Deer To Dog Hair
An old acquaintance, David, phoned recently for what proved to be a long chat. We had last spoken 17 years ago, when I still lived in Kent. David has always been a keen all-round shooting man, though these days his main interest is deerstalking. I wa
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To Do This Week
Get dogs swimming to keep them fit. Keeping gundogs fit but not overheated over the summer can be a challenge. Swimming is a great way to keep a dog in shape while keeping it cool. All but the most reluctant dogs can be persuaded to swim by throwing
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Need To Know
Manufacturer SsangYong Model Musso Saracen Top speed 115mph Power 181bhp Torque 420Nm 0-62mph 11.9 seconds Emissions 216g/km Fuel economy urban 27.4mpg Extra urban 38.7mpg Combined 34.5mpg Towing weight, braked 3,500kg Towing weight, unbra
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Stalking Diary
How nice is it to be getting some warm weather at last? While it has been dry through most of spring, it has also been very cold in south-west Scotland. Don’t get me wrong, I will take cold over wet any day of the week. From a stalking perspective, t
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Stoat Control Crucial To Protect Red-listed Birds
Gamekeepers have spoken out on the value of stoat control as ground-nesting birds hit the peak of their breeding season and incidents of trap damage continue. In North Yorkshire, gamekeepers published images of a dead curlew, the fourth one found in
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The Experts
BASC’s head of firearms and global authority on guns Airgunner and journalist from the West Country Vintage gun expert, firearms dealer, author and journalist Shooting Times rifle reviewer and stalker Highly regarded writer and ornithologist NGO
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Native Britain
Latin name: Agaricus campestris Common name: Field mushroom Other names: Meadow mushroom How to spot it and where to find it: Where sheep, cows or horses graze, you will find the field mushroom. But it is also found in meadows, parks, lawns and ev
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Keepers Honoured With NGO Long-service Medals
The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) Long-Service Award has been presented to 11 gamekeepers. Receiving their medals for 40 years’ continuous service were Robert (Bob) Cooke from Hampshire, Keith Minty from Luton in Bedfordshire, and Larry Pe
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Sporting Answers
Q During the last few weeks of the roe doe season, we caught up with half-a-dozen deer — two mature, a youngish one and three kids from 2020. All of them were lacking at least two bottom front teeth. I boiled out the lower jaws and saw that in some c
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Game Cookery
The grey squirrel is a fiercely invasive species and a real threat to British flora and fauna, including our much-beloved garden-nesting birds. Not many people eat squirrel in the UK, but they love them in the US, especially in the south. This squirr
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The Buck Stops Here
A few weeks ago, son number two phoned with ominous opening words: “Father, I have good news and bad news.” This usually means he would like me to look after his dogs for him while he’s away for a few days. That’s the good news. The bad news is that
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Groundhog Day For Grouse
Shooting organisations are preparing for yet another parliamentary debate on grouse shooting. The petition, titled ‘Ban driven grouse shooting: wilful blindness is no longer an option’, made it past the 100,000 vote response required to trigger a deb
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Defra has published its new and long-awaited general licence (GL43), to cover the releasing of gamebirds on European protected sites. These protected sites are Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Special Protection Areas (SPA), Ramsar wetlands and p
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Folaghe Alla Puccini
1 Carefully remove the coot’s skin. Marinate the birds in cool water and vinegar for one to two hours. Rinse, then cut the birds into quarters. 2 Heat some olive oil in a pot and sear the quarters. Add carrots, plenty of onion, basil, marjoram, ment
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I was amazed to see the photo you used of the line of Guns in action (It’s never too early to fire their interest, 19 May). It is full of everything we shouldn’t be doing. The Gun closest to camera has his muzzles just about horizontal and is not eve
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Warning Over UK Wildfires
One of the UK’s top academic geographers has warned that the UK is moving towards a situation like that of the US or Spain where large wildfires could be a regular occurrence. Dr Thomas Smith, assistant professor in environmental geography at the Lon
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News In Brief
The official Scottish government 2020 catch statistics for salmon and sea trout have been published. Final figures show a rod catch of 45,366 salmon, which is the third lowest since records began, and a total sea trout catch of 13,313 fish — the lowe
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We Must Support Our Organisations
With the SNP government in Scotland now dependent on the Green Party to ensure it can deliver its policies, and the departure from office of Fergus Ewing, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Tourism, who was a supporter of fieldsports, I suspect
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Putting The Wind Up Them
I’ve said so many times that peas are a fantastic all-round crop for the passionate pigeon shooter. From drilling to harvest, if you manage your protection duties correctly, it is a crop that can reward you with multiple outings. There has been quite
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Dog Of The Week
Fox-red labrador Ted loves going picking up, whatever the weather, and is always keen to impress. He lives in Leicestershire with two other working labs, one being his daughter, and as a proven stud he is father of many. ■
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They said What
“Birds of prey are terrorising Henley-on-Thames.” Who said it: The Daily Mail Why: The Daily Mailgets a little overexcited following an incident in which a toddler was scratched by a red kite that stole his custard cream. ■
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THE MUSSO is a reliable workhorse with plenty of comfort and flair. It doesn’t feel quite as solid as some of its competitors, but it’s a damn good effort from SsangYong. The higher-spec Saracen starts off at £34,250. Throw in the metallic paint, tow
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Vegan Friendly?
There aren’t many countries that are having an easy time, but on top of it all, in Australia, they are in the midst of a mouse plague. The situation is so bad that the government there has committed to a A$50million fund to help farmers. I thought of
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Weekend Twitter poll
On a shoot day, what do you wear?  follow us @shootingtimes Respondents: 120 ■
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