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My Story The Day I Lost My Mind … And How I Found It Again
I’m back at last … back to how I was before I lost my mind. Sitting in the tranquil Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland, I roll a ball of black sapote ice-cream around my mouth, feeling all the terrible anxiety I’ve carried for the last year
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Great Scott!
This month I … had an embarrassing encounter in a French bistro in Melbourne. In my defence, the light was dim. Or perhaps, as I’ve suspected for some time, my cheap, crap, 3.5 spectacles no longer cut the mustard, French or otherwise. I was dining w
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The Show Must Go On!
The year is 1941 and Soho is ablaze. Piccadilly Circus is bathed in a bright orange glow as German planes roar overhead dropping more bombs into the furnace. An incendiary crashes through the roof of some stables near Great Windmill Street, engulfing
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In The Stars
Good news for your happy birthday month: planet Mercury is in Gemini for all of June. Not so ab-fab is that for the first three weeks it’s retrograde, meaning in mischief mode. Also known as Hermes, the Greek god of travellers, Mercury stimulates mov
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Keen To Sex-plore?
Listen Dying for Sex (Spotify) When Molly Kochan was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she upended her entire life and embarked on a sexual adventure. Dying for Sex is that story, with Molly and friend Nikki Boyer discussing her trysts in all their hil
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Would You Pay $70 Million For This Digital File?
From the time early humans began daubing pictures of woolly mammoths on cave walls, art has remained a relatively simple business: someone creates it, someone buys it and the rest of us get to see it in galleries or museums. For decades, there have b
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What Women Really Want
The premise of the book is problematic at best: a sociopathic, albeit handsome, Sicilian crime boss, with a penchant for throat-clutching sex play, kidnaps a “feisty” hotel sales exec and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Inexplicably, she
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Women On Top
High-jumper Nicola McDermott has smashed the Australian record to become the first Aussie woman to clear the two-metre barrier. The first female Arab astronaut, Nora Al Matrooshi, 28, is one step closer to fulfilling her dream of space travel after
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Open Line
The Queen may have grand castles to live in, but she had what surpasses these – the love of a caring man and a very special marriage (Prince Among Men, AWW, May). My heart aches at how the Queen will be missing her beloved consort and all he stood fo
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Creating Hope
You may not realise it, but you already know and love the honey-toned voice of Aussie singer-songwriter Martha Marlow. In 2014, she brought the perfect dash of longing to Randy Newman’s Feels Like Home for a moving series of Qantas ads. Martha’s rend
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Done In A Day
Coffs Harbour to Dorrigo Follow the Waterfall Way, with a pit stop at pretty Bellingen, to the Dorrigo National Park. Take a short drive to nearby Dangar Falls (above). Distance: 65km. Cowra to Dubbo Explore Cowra’s Japanese Garden, then head to W
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High Spirits And Shooting Stars
It’s not hard to imagine Jurassic Park from the summit of the Grand High Tops, a remnant volcano shield which 13 million years ago hissed, grumbled and belched Warrumbungle National Park into existence. Here, 960m above sea level, the world seems pre
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Coming Up…
Mirando Otto leads this funny crime caper in which a gang of women attempt a heist. June 3, 8.30pm, SBS/SBS On Demand. Trent Dalton’s hit novel leaps from the page to the stage in the 2021 Brisbane Festival. Purchase tickets at Rodg
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Remember The Time
When Kay Cottee sailed into Sydney Harbour on June 5, 1988, she was surprised by the number of boats with sailors partying. “Why are they here?” she asked her friend. “For you, you idiot!” was the reply. Kay told The Daily Telegraph: “I don’t know wh
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Home Is Where Our Art Is
She was raised in Ballarat with a rural Victorian childhood and “a great interest in the natural world”. But Robyn Lea always dreamed of living overseas and at the age of 15 started plotting her future. “I had these plans of understanding the world t
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Ask The Weekly
I have a small oriental rug that smells musty from being in storage, but it isn't colourfast and is quite fragile. How can I remove the smell? Put it in a large, sturdy garbage bag and tip in a packet of clay-style cat litter. Seal the bag for a w
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David Warner’s Girls Pen Heartfelt Note
While Aussie cricketer David Warner was in isolation in India, a handwritten letter from his eldest daughter brought a comforting glow to his heart. “My gorgeous Ivy, so much love,” he wrote after seeing his little girl’s colourful words of love. A
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Baker’s Delights
SERVES 8 PREP + COOK TIME 55 MINUTES 2 cups (200g) hazelnut meal1 cup (80g) desiccated coconut½ teaspoon baking powder4 eggs¾ cup (165g) firmly packed brown sugar100g butter, melted, cooled 200g red grapes½ cup (55g) caster sugar¼ cup (180g) honey
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Singing The Same Tune
Our little grandsons Finnegan and Luca are coming to play, and they’ll be here soon. The corridor outside our door is something of an echo chamber, so we’ll hear them coming. So will everyone else in the building. I check the “emergency treat” supply
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“We Were Made For Each Other”
It was 11.30 in the morning and the Charlestown Square shopping centre was bustling with activity when Sharnae Furner arrived for her first date with Jimmy Berresford back in November, 2017. Nervous but excited, Sharnae had spent the morning trying o
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Star Power
Cate Blanchett Vigilant about sun protection, Cate swears by cold spoons on the eyelids to de-puff and loves Giorgio Armani foundation. Michelle Yeoh The actress has attributed her underlying glow to using Augustinus Bader’s cult moisturiser and T
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Wise Words
Every now and then brands tackle the beauty vernacular. The magazine I worked on in New York banned the word ‘anti-ageing’ many years ago. It was quite inconvenient given that most of the products we wrote about were formulated to improve ageing skin
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Big Chill
Caudalíe Resveratrol-Lift Instant Firming Serum, $105, tones and smooths skin with a blend of resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Face Cream, $48.99, has fruit extracts and an amino-peptide complex to hy
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Women Win Big!
Chloé Zhao (right) brought a triumphant end to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, claiming an historic Best Director win for Nomadland – which also took out Best Picture – but was censored in her birth country China, where there was a news blackout. Wom
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They Said What?
“I think anyone who has to eat on camera learns pretty quickly to not take the bite they wish they could have.” Melissa Leong talking to The Daily Telegraph about being a judge on MasterChef. “I’m grateful I don’t have to get naked in front of an
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Stellaria, derived from the Latin word stella, meaning star, refers to the tiny, star-like blooms that flower on this green plant friend in the darkest months. You probably have chickweed in your garden already. The first hint on home soil that the c
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Side Kicks
SERVES 4 AS A SIDE. PREP + COOK TIME 15 MINUTES 1/3 cup (80ml) extra virgin olive oil2 tablespoons lemon juice1 teaspoon finely grated lemon rind1 small clove garlic, crushed750g broccoli150g marinated goat’s cheese chilli flakes, for serving 1 Wh
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Tapping Ritual
This exercise gives your circulation a serious wake-up call, so it’s a great antidote to feeling tired or sluggish. Do it on waking then repeat regularly throughout the day; for example, every time you wash your hands. Tying it to a regular action wi
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From the Test Kitchen
Coconut aminos is a salty, savoury seasoning sauce made from the fermented sap of the coconut palm and sea salt. It is similar in colour and consistency to light soy sauce and can be easily substituted. You can find it at major supermarkets and healt
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Out Of The Box
As we approach the front door of a terrace home in Sydney’s Newtown, a waft of patchouli oil comes along with its owner, antiques dealer and jeweller Sarah Jane Adams. Hugs are given and offers of masala tea are made as, wide-eyed, we take in the ecl
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