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Working Relationship
For some people, the outdoors way of life is embedded in their DNA. Depending on your view of the world, you might even say it’s programmed into every human. We’re just not designed to be cooped up behind walls of brick. That’s why the slogan ‘live t
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Early Vs Late
The Type 25 is an unfortunate beast. For the last decade and then some, we’ve been banging the drum for them and saying how their time has finally come, but in actual fact it would appear to have been and gone. If you blinked you probably missed it.
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The Verdict
So which is best? Early or Late? In this instance it’s very much a case of do you prefer form or function? Without the radiator grille the front end of an air-cooled Wedge is undeniably prettier. Helped in no small part by the slim, chrome bumpers an
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VW Breakout
For the past 25 years, our summers have consisted of non-stop VW events pretty much every every weekend from April through ’til October… until 2020 when Covid changed everything. Missing a year of The VolksWorld Show was a bitter pill to swallow but,
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All Part Of The Service
Sometimes I like to get other people to work on my vehicles. I am not being lazy, it’s just that I like the reassurance of having a second set of expert eyes giving everything a good eyeball underneath to make sure I’ve not missed anything. As I was
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Expensive Table
An option on the Caravelle is a smart fold-down table which slides up and down in the centre two floor rails. With five kids, I thought it would come in handy for impromptu picnics so I began my search for one secondhand. Out of interest, as I was at
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Need To Know
Tools required: Various spanners/ screwdrivers; staple gun; bradaw Materials: Staples; wood strips; fringing Skill level: 3 Time taken: 6 hours Cost DIY: £400 approx. for parts and materials Cost Pro: £700 approx. parts and labour ■
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Here's to 2021
It's been a mad year, and like a lot of folk I guess, I'll be damned pleased to see the back of it. The thing 2020 has demonstrated, though, is just how important our Transporters are to us. In the gloomiest moments they've provided an escape from al
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Under (new) canvas
Last month we showed you how to breathe new life into a tired original Westfalia pop-top; repairing damage and applying fresh paint to make it last another 40 years. This month, it’s time to refit it to the Bus with a new canvas and rubber seals, lit
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Camper & BUS
COVER IMAGE: ANDY SAUNDERS ISSUE: FEBRUARY 2021 @camperandbus camperandbus.ed@kelsey.co.uk www.volksworld.com Camper&Busmagazine, Kelsey Media,The Granary, Downs Court,Yalding Hill,Yalding, Kent, ME18 6AL ■
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There’s so much going on at this time of year, and it’s great – Covid-19 permissible fun family get togethers, bubble-only parties. It’s a lovely time of celebration, but sometimes there is nothing nicer than a trip out in the Van for a little bit of
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VW Camper & Bus
Editor: Ian Cushway Email: camperandbus.ed@kelsey.co.uk Art Editor: Andy Saunders Contributors: James Peene, Andy Saunders, Paul Knight, Andrew Thompson, Mark Walker, Gordie Woollacott, Jenni Clayton, Richard Gunn, Robin Wager, Hans Klapp Hill View M
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It Has To Be Hazet
Hazet today is a thriving German company that produces a huge variety of general and specialist high quality tools. But mention the name to any Volkswagen enthusiast and one particular product will spring immediately to mind – the famous circular too
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Wonder Webb
A little enthusiasm goes a heck of a long way. Not just when it comes to seeing a restoration through to completion – that goes without saying – but also when you’re talking to a jaded motoring hack about your vehicle. Believe it or not, there are ti
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Karmann Quality
There can hardly be a VW enthusiast who is not familiar with the name Karmann. During a long, car-based relationship with Wolfsburg, the Osnabrück coachbuilding company has produced most of VW’s convertibles, with their beautifully constructed hoods,
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News, Views And Products
Give us a quick heads up on your latest project With Covid-19 we’ve had fewer opportunities to get out and about to say hello and see what you’ve been up to. And to say we’ve missed you all is an understatement. Therefore we’d like to invite you to
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Reader Buses
Eight years ago I was driving home from my job in the funeral service when I saw a bright yellow Bus parked on the main road with a ‘for sale’ sign in the window. My mum had not long passed away and had left me some money so I got home and told my gi
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Feel The Funk
This wonderful Westfalia is the handiwork of Essex-based petrol head and all round good guy, Norman Gregory. Norm has been VW-mad since ’95 when he picked up his first VW project, a stock Beetle, which he restored, modified and, of course, lowered. T
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Buying an old VW with a known history is usually a given, especially in the UK. Afterall, it’s rare to buy a car here with no paperwork or an uncertain ownership record. However, in the States things are a bit different. Having been personally import
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Stand By Your Van
Gene Balyasny hails from Southern California and has been into old VWs most of his life. He had a 21 Window Split Bus at the age of 17 and he’s an active member of the Bus Bros club – @bus_bros on Instagram, who are really active in the SoCal VW scen
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Grab a great post-lock down deal and stay safe by having VW Camper&Bus delivered direct to your door.You can buy a single issue at the usual cover price, with free UK delivery (£1 extra for international postage), when you visit shop.kelsey.co.uk/iss
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Need To Know
Tools required: various spanners/ screwdrivers; saw; wood plane Materials: sandpaper; Scotch-Brite pads; Gorilla glue; fibreglass mat; fibreglass resin; wood; stone chip paint; white primer; aerosol paint Skill level: 3 Time taken:12 hours Cost D
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We Want Your Bus!
If you’ve just finished restoring a VW Transporter – be it a Split, Bay, T25 or later water-cooled model, or happen to own an interesting or unusual feature-worthy example of any of the above, then we’d love to take a look and help you get it into pr
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Pop-top Repairs
The Jury is out on whether pop-tops are aesthetically pleasing, but you can’t argue with the extra space and usability they offer. The trouble is, whilst fibreglass doesn’t rust, it can still suffer with age. The pop-top on the project ’73 Westy we’v
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Ethical Choice
North Berwick-based Jerba Campervans has joined some of the country’s most responsible organisations in being awarded the Good Business Charter (GBC). The entirely employee-owned camper conversion company, whose bespoke conversions for the T6.1 are o
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A Trip To The CoastVW
C&B: Thanks for the mug of tea, and for giving us guys such a warm welcome. Okay, why don’t you kick things off by telling us a bit about who you are, what you do, and your setup down in Devon. CoastVW: We’re a team of VW enthusiasts first and forem
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Tar For That!
WHERE FROM: www. diamondbrite.co.uk HOW MUCH: £6.25 for 500ml Need something to get rid of glue, sealants and tar spots? Then try Diamondbrite Tar Away. It’s a professional strength solvent-based spray that’s fast acting and easy to use – all you do
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Souped Up!
This month we’ve got one of those recipes that you can adapt to whatever you and those you’re feeding enjoy eating. The smell of it cooking will make you hungry, and it’s like a warm fire and comfy socks on a cold day – it’s soup for the soul! It’s b
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T25 Coasters/fridge Magnets And Keyrings
WHERE FROM: vwt25coasters@gmail.com/Unique Slate Coasters on Facebook, or @ Unique_Slate_Coasters on Instagram HOW MUCH: Coasters £20, magnets £6, kr £8 Here’s a special gift idea specifically for T25 owners. Simply send in a photo of your Bus and th
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Top Tipple
A lovely glass of wine goes surprisingly well with minestrone! If you prefer white, Morrisons do a great value White Zinfandel at £4.25 a bottle.›The fruity flavours go perfectly with the veg in the soup.›If it’s cold outside, red wine often seems mo
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