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Married at First Sight’s Tracey Jewel is in a love bubble right now. Her son with new husband Nathan Constable arrived on March 18 this year. “He is such a little dream,” the 38-year-old gushes. “He’s eating, sleeping and feeding so well, we just ado
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7 REASONS TO WORKOUT (that Are’nt About Losing Weigh!)
Mindfulness is all about being in the moment, and it’s big news these days with research showing it can help with everything from stress and anxiety to depression. People often associate mindfulness with activities such as yoga and meditation, but ev
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Julianne Moore ‘LOVE Is Rare’
If Stephen King is known as the master of horror fiction, then Lisey’s Story is perhaps his most deeply personal novel – inspired by a brush with death 21 years ago when he was hospitalised with double pneumonia, only to return home to find his wife
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Majestic Moulin Rouge!
Moulin Rouge!, Baz Luhrmann’s decadent love story burst onto the big screen two decades ago. The musical production was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Film. And to this day, audiences still can’t get enough. Moulin Rouge! The Musi
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Easy Additions
Don’t be intimidated by bright colours with interior stylist Anna Giannis’ advice on how to incorporate it The beauty of wall paint is that you don’t have to paint the whole house, which is a big job, but rather focus on a sole room such as a bedroom
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A power pout is the perfect accessory to any outfit, so make these new lip shades from Revlon your go-to. Vibrant, full coverage and ultra nourishing, thanks to rich blackcurrant seed oil and vitamin E, they keep lips looking great for longer – and w
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Vale Tarzan Star Joe Lara
Joe Lara has passed away at the age of 58. The actor was killed in a tragic accident on May 29, alongside his Christian diet guru wife Gwen Lara, 66, her son-in-law Brandon Hannah and four others when the small jet plane they were travelling in crash
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Now is the time to release whatever is no longer working for you. Big lessons about the way you’re talking to people and how you’re thinking are coming. If you start to lose your temper, do your best not to speak in a way you’ll regret later. And if
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Team WHO are still buzzing from the revelation that the sparks between Ross and Rachel on Friends spilled over into real life. I got goosebumps watching the reunion special and had to wipe away tears between fits of laughter. It was exactly what we n
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Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen ‘ It’s Nice To Be Loved For Who You Are ’
ike many couples, Ted L Danson and Mary Steenburgen have had to adjust to an unusual amount of quality time together during the pandemic. “We’ve been alone for the past nine months, and we’ve decided to stay together,” jokes the actress, snuggling cl
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Casey Beros
Casey Beros has made a lot of mistakes in her life (some she’s even made a few times just to ensure they really sunk in). But the health journalist-turned-author has turned her mess into a message: you’re not your mistakes!“In the filtered, success-d
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Books ...
After barrister Ingrid Lewis defends John Webster against a stalking charge, he then turns on her – ruining her life. So when he shows up at Ingrid’s door and claims she’s in danger and only he can protect her, she has a tough decision to make. (Out
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The Rainbow Diet
You may have heard nutritionists say it’s important to eat a rainbow of foods. That’s because colours in your fruit and vegies aren’t just there to make food look pretty. From red to green to purple, each vibrant colour carries its own unique health
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Bitter Family Feud
Leni Klum was catapulted into the spotlight when she made her modelling debut on Vogue Germany’s first 2021 cover alongside mum Heidi. “She’s been doing fantastic. She’s been wanting to model for quite some time. And I finally said yes because she’s
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Star Quality
Following in her parents’ footsteps, Otto’s daughter Darcey (top right) plays her child in the show. But the proud mum isn’t sure if she’ll pursue acting full-time yet. “She’s at that age where she’s trying a bunch of things,” she says. ■
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With the kids back at home in London, David and Victoria Beckham enjoyed some alone time in NYC recently – where they were spotted leaving a casual lunch together. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is forever providing fans with fresh fashion inspiration,
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Happy Family
Jewel married her high school sweetheart Nathan Constable in February, and they welcomed son Frankie Robert on March 18. Jewel also has a daughter, Grace, with her ex. “She’s been amazing,” the mum-of-two says. “She’s such a nurturer.” ■
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Music Good Good Life EP
The legendary Australian quartet are back with brand new original music. “It had been 15 years since we’d written a song together!” Andrew Tierney says. “We wanted it to be positive, uplifting pop with a deeper message underneath – to make people fee
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She told the world she was “actually retired” from acting back in 2018, but it seems Cameron Diaz might have been persuaded to return to work. The 48-year-old has hinted to friends she’s ready to take something on but only if the job meets her strict
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To Be Reunited?
While Jolie regularly steps out with the children, Pitt was last seen in public with Shiloh back in March 2016 (below). While he has been allowed visitations since the split, Pitt is said to be hoping to enjoy more time with them soon. ■
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That’s The Spirit
Changing things up from the more serious stuff, Moore also recently voiced the character of Aunt Cora, who is tasked with raising her young niece Lucky, in the new family animated film Spirit Untamed.“It’s urgent for young girls to see themselves por
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Candy Crush
$31 O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz adorebeauty.com.au Spritz on a volumising spray like this, instructs Pulitano. “Then, take a round brush and blow-dry straight down and under with a slight bend.” $10.50 Batiste Wonder Woman Dry Shampoo batistehair.c
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What I’m reading
Kate Hudson has done her fair share of dating so Adelle Waldman’s tome The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P was a must-read for the star. “This is excellent!” Hudson said of the book. “She writes a witty, relatable and insightful novel about modern dating
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Couples Quiz
Who cooks the most? STEENBURGEN I do, but he makes lunches and breakfast much more than I do. DANSON So we’re going to have to go with me. Who gives the best gifts? DANSON Mary by far. Once every five years I’ll come up with a doozy. Who is
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Our Confidence Boosters
“I’m obsessed with my bright purple Zara blazer! It’s part of the ultimate ‘power suit’I treated myself to a couple of years ago. It fits me like a glove, the pinky-purple hue is so unique, and I have been stopped in the street wearing it so many tim
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Another MAFS contestant who found a husband outside of the show is Natasha Spencer. The 28-year-old was hitched to groom Mikey Pembroke during the 2020 season but when that ended, she found a life partner in best friend-turned-fiancé Gary Green, 40.
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Cyrell tells ‘I WON’T MARRY HIM!’
They recently celebrated two years as a couple, but 2019 MAFS star“Cyclone Cyrell” Paule says she won’t marry boyfriend Eden Dally – with whom she shares 16-month-old son Boston.“We don’t need a piece of paper to prove we’re together,”she tells WHO.
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First Kiss
“I remember saying to [David], ‘It’s going to be such a bummer if the first time we kiss is on national television,’” Aniston recalled. “And sure enough, the first time we kissed was in that coffee shop.” ■
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Kylie Denies She’s A Bully
After a TikTok video accusing Kylie Jenner of being“a bitch to everyone”went viral, the billionaire makeup mogul has shut down the claim, commenting,“This never happened.”In the video, model Victoria Vanna said she was working on a music video for Je
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Kim under fire ‘I FEEL LIKE A FAILURE’
Kim Kardashian has her hands full juggling four kids while struggling to complete her law degree and finalising her divorce from Kanye West. Now she can add fighting a lawsuit into the mix. The star, 40, is being sued by seven former members of the g
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