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Events Of The West
Note: Due to the coronavirus shutdown, some events may be canceled or delayed “Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow,” a traveling exhibition of the New-York Historical Society, visits the Bullock Museum in Austin, Texas, The exhibition explores t
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‘Hadn’t We Better Keep The Regiment Together?’
Hollywood filmmakers are not always to blame for their failure to accurately portray history. The fault might lie with the sources they consult, even a participant in the actual events. Notwithstanding exemplary efforts to be true to the historical r
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Forting Up In Central Kansas
In the summer of 1864, near the junction of the Smoky Hill stage road and the Fort Larned–Fort Riley military road in Kansas, troopers of the 7th Iowa Cavalry under 2nd Lt. Allen Ellsworth crafted a temporary outpost of dugouts and log structures fro
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Dancing For Dixie
Among the most expensive U.S.- made firearms in the antique gun collecting field are those manufactured during the Civil War by and for the Confederacy. Wartime gunsmiths down South produced both rifles and revolvers, with more than a dozen small fir
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Drawing On Spaghetti Westerns
Mention the American West to Italians, and they’ll likely visualize violent shootouts from the “Spaghetti Westerns” filmed in Europe in the 1960s and ’70s by such homegrown directors as Sergio Leone (Once Upon a Time in the West), Sergio Corbucci (Dj
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Looking Over The Overlooked
The last person Julia Bricklin wants to write about is some historical figure whose name alone fills volumes. So nothing from Bricklin about Jesse James or Calamity Jane. Instead, she seeks out women and men often overlooked by biographers. The caree
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Westward, Christian Soldier
One would think losing an arm would be a turning point in one’s life. But by the time a surgeon amputated his shattered right arm after the Battle of Fair Oaks on June 1, 1862, Union Brig. Gen. Oliver Otis Howard had already experienced two life-chan
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The Short, Violent Life Of Cherokee Bill
Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) was home to the Five Civilized Tribes—the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole—and living among them were former slaves and the descendants of slaves. Crawford Goldsby was one such freedman, more no
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End Of Long Road
Several battle participants noted the death of the San Arc Lakota warrior Long Road on June 26, 1876. “Two [Sioux] men were killed in the fight with Reno on the bluffs that afternoon: Dog’s Back Bone [Minneconjou] and Long Road, a Sans Arc,” Minnecon
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See You Later…
Highly acclaimed outlaw and lawman author Robert Kendall “Bob” DeArment, 95, died on Jan. 16, 2021. Born on Aug. 29, 1925, in Johnstown, Pa., DeArment served in combat during World War II with the 63rd U.S. Infantry Division and began researching Wes
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I was a little shocked to see the cover photo of the February 2021 Wild West. I don’t know anyone who believes that’s a picture of Pat Garrett. Maybe it did belong to Jarvis Garrett at one time or another, but that doesn’t automatically ordain it a p
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Always wanted to hang a Western masterpiece in your home? The stretched-canvas replica paintings from Design Toscano [designtoscano.com] capture the original works’ essence—right down to the texture and intensity of color. To add realism the copyists
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Dirty Rotten Scoundrel
Colonel Benjamin Shepherd Wettermark was the most trusted man in Nacogdoches, Texas. The onetime mayor was also the town banker, a man willing to help anyone who needed a loan. Then one night in January 1903 he emptied the vault of his own bank, hopp
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Biggest Breakout, Bar None
California’s San Quentin State Prison held some of the most notorious outlaws of the Old West—highwaymen Tom Bell and “Rattlesnake Dick” Barter; gang leader Henry Plummer, later lynched by Montana vigilantes; gunfighter “Longhair Sam” Brown of the Ca
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Mitchell, Montana
On June 2, 1865, a prospector named John J. Doyle discovered placer gold in a stream a dozen miles east of a mining camp soon to be named Helena, the future capital of Montana Territory. Out of respect Doyle named the claim after his older partner, J
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National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Baker City
Most people with even a passing interest in the Oregon Trail are eager to find the ruts left by pioneers’ passing wagons all those lifetimes ago. There may be no better place than this 23,000-square-foot interpretive center near Baker City, in far ea
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WildWestMag.com Award-winning author Julia Bricklin writes that Edward Zane Carrol Judson, the notorious and prolific “Father of the Dime Novel” and shameless promoter of Buffalo Bill Cody and himself, married at least nine times, never formally divo
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Must See, Must Read
WEST OF HELL’S FRINGE: CRIME, CRIMINALS AND THE PEACE OFFICER IN OKLAHOMA TERRITORY, 1887–1907 1978, by Glenn Shirley): This is probably the best book by Glenn Shirley, the dean of outlaw and lawmen history of frontier Oklahoma. It covers most of the
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Wild West
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The Life And Death Of Victorio
Born in the early to mid-1820s, Victorio made his home near Warm Springs (known to the Spanish as Ojo Caliente), between the Black Range of the Mimbres Mountains to the south and the San Mateo Mountains to the north in what would become southwestern
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Badman Cherokee Bill
When we hear mention of Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma), most of us naturally think of Indians first. Even if we know little about such indigenous tribes as the Caddo, Wichita and Kichai, many of us know 19th-century Indian Territory became h
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When The West Was Wired
Historians often credit Winchesters and other firearms with having “won the West” in the 19th century. Certainly, gun-toting pioneers and settlers played a role. Other significant factors that moved the American frontier ever westward include victory
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Expert Shot Maker
Richard Jerome Tanner (1869–1943) followed an unlikely career path. The Western showman known as “Denver Dick” and “Diamond Dick” left the arena to get a medical degree, worked for a time as a doctor and then returned to showbiz as Diamond Dick. Tann
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Top 10 Reasons Cherokee Bill Was More ‘Outlaw’ Than Billy The Kid
1 The Name: Cherokee Bill is a cooler name for an outlaw than Billy the Kid. 2 Embracing Another Culture: Bill embraced the Indian freedmen, Cherokee, Creek, black and white cultures. Billy only embraced the Mexican culture in New Mexico Territory. 3
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Honoring Fallen Americans
The 1991 renaming of Custer Battlefield National Monument to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument represented a significant cultural step toward recognizing the American Indians who participated in the June 25–26, 1876, battle on that sacred
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Searching For Victorio
As a boy I first saw the photo at left, widely accepted as a portrait of the noted Apache chief Victorio. The ruggedly handsome man looks every part the gallant leader recounted in written records. My admiration of and interest in Apaches thus piqued
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Man From Montana
This historical novel follows adventurer Woodie Hart to the violent goldfields of what would become Montana Territory. Woodie discovers the boomtowns of Virginia City, Bannack and Hell Gate and faces the twin terrors of road agents looking to get ric
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Gall’s Last Stand
After the Great Sioux War of 1876–77 Sitting Bull and other Lakota leaders, including his trusted lieutenant Gall, sought sanctuary with their followers in Canada. Life up north was indeed better. Spared the wrath of the U.S. Army, the Sioux instead
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A Judge Of Good Character
Known for his integrity, Granville Gaylord Bennett was a celebrated jurist among the denizens of wild and woolly Deadwood, Dakota Territory. Though resolved to sentence a man to life at hard labor, the judge never sent anyone to the gallows. “Whether
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