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Fresh Finds
The secret to creating a bedding look that will make you want to make your bed in the morning is a palette of complementary hues, a playful pattern and plenty of pillows. Try out this look with the George Street Linen bamboo linen duvet cover set in
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Tile Counsel
Kiwis have traditionally used tiles for the wet areas of their homes, but these days they’re installing them elsewhere too. It’s a trend that’s growing as home and business owners look for attractive, durable and low-maintainance floor, wall and outd
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New Chapter
Author Alice Nelson used to write in cramped studios and at noisy public libraries, always dreaming of having a library in her own home. It would be a peaceful space, where her favourite books would be to hand and creativity would come easily. Except
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Make omelettes instead! This blue cheese and mushroom souffle omelette is a tricked-up posh version of the humble plain variety that is well worth the effort. SERVES 4 100g butter500g mixed mushrooms, sliced2 tsp thyme leaves2 garlic cloves, crushe
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Top Finds This Month
These days, I can’t bring myself to buy a takeaway›coffee without using a reusable›cup, and these glass vessels from Lu Saint make the experience even more luxurious.› @lu__saint I’m quite enamoured with the vintage and slow-made goods from Elle B
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Noodle Bowls
SERVES 4 300g sweet potato noodles2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil400g beef scotch or eye fillet, thinly sliced2 cloves garlic, finely grated1 onion, thinly sliced1 carrot, julienned1 red capsicum, thinly sliced6 shiitake mushrooms, sliced2 cups baby s
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Shop Their Style
What areas did you save on? The building work done by Doug. What areas did you splurge on? Wallpaper, curtains and blinds. We wanted window coverings that were beautiful and effective. Best lessons learned? Always use an interior designer. Mary-Ell
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Ripple effect The legacy of legendary Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid continues with her studio Zaha Hadid Design and co-directors Woody Yao and Maha Kutay. This Pulse collection of glass is a case in point. Each piece explores the rippling effect of
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Seasonal Adjustment
A change in season brings with it a change in mood. We invited interior designer and stylist Kate Alexander to share her tips for transforming your living space into an autumn and winter retreat with statement pieces from King. A simple way to make y
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Style Tip
When choosing colours, consider the existing colours in a space. If you have a grey benchtop or a concrete floor, start with a cool white and layer colours with blue undertones on top. If you have golden flooring or a cream benchtop, you’ll want to b
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Top Tips For Kids’ Bedroom Makeovers
Embrace handmade accents Adding handmade items to the room through art, cushions, toys and upcycled furniture will make the room feel inviting and comfortable. Add a feature wall It brings in so much personality and can be swapped out relatively easi
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Kids’ Corner
A room filled with vintage-inspired floral motifs is bound to make any little girl smile. Here’s how to get the look at home. Transform your child’s bed with a bit of petal power. This floral-inspired headboard is an easy one-day DIY job. To start,
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The Constant Gardener
Clear spent crops from the vegetable bed and compost. Or cut them down, chop up the thicker stalks, and leave on the top of the soil to break down over winter. Tomatoes, however, should be removed as they can harbour diseases that may over-winter in
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Sound Bites
Wellington’s Vicky Ha honed her dumpling skills as a youngster in her mother’s kitchen in Hong Kong and carried those lessons into her own House of Dumplings store. The frozen foods Artisan Awards 2020 winner uses locally sourced produce and ethicall
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Rock The Block
While repainting the entire interior of her home, Danelle Kendrick learnt a couple of things about colour. Firstly, how effective warm neutrals can be in turning a plain room into a welcoming one. “Resene Sandspit Brown or Resene Sour Dough are proba
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The Bright Side
As it is situated in a row of brick homes, the facade of this house is almost identical to those on either side of it. Step inside the front door, however, and the uniquely colourful style that interior designer Kim Stephen has brought to her own abo
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Hedge fund Are you ready to get down and a bit dirty? A well-maintained hedge helps to define different zones in the garden and works as a wind breaker. Regular trimming is the key. Remove any dead or diseased branches, then the branches that will im
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Top Reads
British cook Anna Jones limits the pots and pans usage and tells how to knock out all-in-one fast and stylish dinners that celebrate vegetables in One Pot, Pan, Planet (HarperCollins, $55). Tauranga chef Cherie Metcalfe, who is known for her tasty P
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There’s no putting it off any longer. Autumn is here and it’s time to stow the sun umbrella, stash the gauzy muslin curtains and commit to some serious velvet cushions. This seasonal soft furnishings edit will be a welcome silver lining for the short
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BUZZ CUTS A bumblebee with Echinacea purpurea alongside Astrantia, pompom dahlia, snapdragons, fuchsia, Achillea, Iceland poppies and larkspur. The good news is, in general, echinacea is a very uncomplicated and rewarding plant. I have raised it fro
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Falling For Autumn
A slight drop in temperature, not immediate but still noticeable, and shorter days can mean only one thing – autumn is coming. Apart from signalling a switch up in the wardrobe department, these changes also prompt a start in prepping your home for t
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Back To Nature
The significance of Easter means something different to each of us, but its universal themes of renewal, fertility, nature and the continuity of life remain a time-honoured cause to celebrate with family and friends (and of course, eat copious amount
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Shop Their Style
+ Choose pieces you love and don’t apologise. + Structural things generally cost more and are harder to change. + Be bold! I’ve had so many people say they wish they’d made bolder choices with their own houses after seeing ours. I know it’s not eve
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Welcome Mat
Roll out the welcome mat Make a doormat that’s a fun entry into your home. In just a few simple steps you’ll have a front door mat that will make guests feel a whole lot more at home when they arrive. Garage matting Plates in various sizes Pencil Sci
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Head For The Hills
For Laura Shallcrass, having a house in the hills with space for horses was always a dream. Settled in Queenstown for the past 12 years with her husband, architectural designer Robbie Dick, Laura, who works as an illustrator and graphic designer, had
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Meal Planner
When we take a moment to consider all that goes into cooking daily, it can be easy to feel instantly overwhelmed. Deciding what to make, planning what to buy, going to the store, shopping within a budget, keeping everyone happy and finding the time t
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A Brief History Of... The Tolix H Stool
Where will I see one? Walk into any bar or cafe the world over and you’ll no doubt encounter the Tolix H stool or one of its many replicas. For that matter, you’ll likely spot one at a kitchen island near you. How will I ID it? You’ll recognise it b
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Your Home And Garden
Fiona Hawtin Deputy editor Bea Taylor Art director Nicola Feeney Sub-editor Michelle Joe Garden editor Mary Lovell-Smith Senior designer Béla Trussell-Cullen Designers Demelza Callesen, Alice Bush Kate Alexander, Robyn Alexander, Mandy Allen, J
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The kids are all right Creating a second living room ensures there’s enough space for the teens to pursue their own interests – and parents to experiment with a boldly tiled floor. To find out more about this house turn to page 52. ■
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Entranced by Michael Smither’s Diver, which is a limited edition of 82 screenprints. It’ll remind us just how good it’s been to dive and swim this past summer. $600 from New Zealand Fine Arts, Envious of Suzie of Slab Ceramics’ Handbui
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