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Naples Botanical Garden
IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA you’ll find the young but undeniably first-rate Naples Botanical Garden. In 2017—not quite 10 years after first breaking ground—it won the American Public Garden Association’s Award for Garden Excellence. Visitors here are met wi
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Orchid Advice From The Experts
Once so rare that explorers lost their lives seeking them, orchids are now items that you can toss in your grocery cart alongside your milk and eggs. But how do you pick the perfect plant and care for it once you get it home? Take your pick: Buying
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5 Favorite Plants For Subtropical Gardens
Native to south Florida and listed as endangered by the state, this slow-growing palm is highly tolerant of wind and salt spray and can withstand brief saltwater surges. Its beauty lies in three-foot fanlike leaves and feathery white flowers. Full su
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The Best Of The Bunch
Each year, organizations across the United States choose plants that are exceptionally garden worthy. These tried-and-true trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and edible plants are singled out by garden professionals in the hopes that they’ll find the
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The Layers of Lyndhurst
Just 25 miles north of New York City stands Lyndhurst, an elaborate mansion overlooking the Hudson River. Its landscape, now in the midst of restoration, is a remarkable example of American garden styles from the pre-Civil War era to the 1940s. Held
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Learn More
Lyndhurst is located in Tarrytown, N.Y. Typically mansion tours are offered from April through late December, although these were canceled during the 2020 season. The grounds are open year-round and themed landscape tours are available seasonally. Fo
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In Plain Sight
During the growing season, it’s easy to know the name of a tree. The clues are familiar, often learned when we were children. It could be the unique shape of a leaf, like the mittens and gloves of the sassafras, or the autumn color of a sugar maple,
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Editor Meghan Shinn Contributing Editor Jennifer Howell COLUMNISTS Scott Beuerlein | Thomas Christopher | Greg Coppa Jeff Cox | Niki Jabbour DESIGN Associate Art Director Carrie Topp GROUP PRESIDENT Peter H. Miller, Hon. AIA VP & GENERAL MANAGER
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Foul-weather Friends
They’re with us all year, but evergreen conifers call for some extra praise in winter, when their color, texture and form prove invaluable. They’re the sparks of light in a bleak landscape. These plants belong to a number of different genera from var
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Editor’s Note
What better activity is there this winter than to hunker down at home and plan 2021’s garden additions and changes? Horticulture is here to help. This issue includes our annual feature on award-winning plants (“The Best of the Bunch,” page 26). It’s
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Floor It
Large houseplants have become the pièce de résistance of many interior-decorating schemes, and with good reason. Having a large floor plant in your home brings nature indoors in a way that a smaller plant or collection of plants can’t quite do. And w
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Jimmy Turner
A TRANSPLANT from Dallas by way of Australia, Jimmy Turner arrived in Salt Lake City in March 2020. His leadership of the University of Utah’s Red Butte Garden began in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, but he is optimistic for the present and futu
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Out Of Thin Air
If a plant is completely out-of-control big, you can use a propagation technique called air layering to create a new, smaller version. This method is especially handy for schefflera, citrus plants, dragon tree (Dracaena marginata), croton, swiss chee
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Turner’s Top Picks
These all did great in Texas and Sydney, Australia, and they’re also doing well here in Utah. They all have one thing in common: They are vigorous. I’m not a fan of stunted, puny flowers. I love plants that fill in and cover the garden with color, li
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EACH YEAR I LIKE to write a couple of articles in which I share what I have recently observed or learned about gardening techniques or various plants. Sometimes this also brings to mind useful things that I once knew but I forgot. There is an apparen
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Carbon Gardening
I LOVE THE IDEA that my gardening can have a positive effect on the health of the greater landscape. That’s why I was particularly struck by an interview I conducted with Adrian Ayres Fisher for my podcast, Growing Greener, last spring. Adrian served
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Books To Feed The Imagination
by Julia Kelly This title isn’t a “gardening book,” but it is sure to delight gardeners who enjoy reading fiction. In The Last Garden in England, novelist Julia Kelly tells the stories of women separated by time but connected by one estate garden in
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Raring To Grow
SEED CATALOG SEASON has arrived and I’m busy making lists of all the varieties I want to grow this year. 2020 was a challenging year on many levels, including in the garden, where seed shortages and delivery delays meant I couldn’t stick to my origin
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Plants We Love
STARTING PLANTS from seed can be a fun activity for all ages, but, as with all things gardening, plant choice is key. Here the “right plant” needs not just match the site conditions, but it should also suit the sower. For young children and people wi
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Winter Checklist
Get organized! With the gardening boom expected to continue into 2021, my goal is to place my seed, plant and bulb orders as early as possible. I’m also inspecting my grow lights, replacing old bulbs and cleaning off any dirt and debris to get ready
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The Great Rebranding
I’M GUILTY OF IT, you’re guilty of it and almost all of our gardening friends are too: We all have a motley collection of plants still in their nursery pots living in our driveways. And before anyone gets all superior and claims that their driveway i
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Testing, Testing
EVERY TABLESPOON of healthy soil contains billions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that are critical to growing healthy plants. But how do you measure soil health when microbes are too small to see? Here are five simple tests that work as well
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Rooted In Nature
ALTHOUGH WE HUMANS tend to think of ourselves as something separate from nature—observers of nature but apart from her—that is a misconception. Nature is the tumultuous, inexorable river of life, and all of us animals and plants are swimming in it as
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A Botanical Memento
WHILE WALKING THE BEACH on a “winter’s day” at Florida’s beautiful Anna Maria Island, I became aware of hedges, little groves and individual specimens of what is commonly called seagrape (Coccoloba uvifera). On this particular early morning stroll th
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Rising To The OCCASION
A cutting garden, where the flowers are grown for use in fresh bouquets, often relies on long-blooming annuals and repeat-blooming perennials in order to prolong the harvest season. With the right plants and a layout that maximizes the space (e.g., p
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Seagrape Update
As this issue neared its publication date, we checked in with Greg Coppa for the status of his surviving seagrape plant. As of August, the seagrape continued to live and even thrive on his Rhode Island deck. Greg wrote, “The seagrape has come into it
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Tips For Spring Bloomers
Tulips — Tulip stems continue to grow after they’ve been cut, so err on the shorter side to avoid later flopping. They will turn to face the light, so keep that in mind with elaborate arrangements. For the best vase performance, tulips should be cut
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Grow organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers all year long in a beautiful Arcadia Greenhouse. We design and manufacture high-quality greenhouses in standard and custom sizes with freestanding, lean-to and kneewall options. Glass or polycarbonat
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Tips For Summer Bloomers
Dahlias — These can be cut partially or fully open, but be sure that the rearmost petals are still firm. Deadhead flowers that you’ve missed cutting, to spur more. Calla lily (Zantedeschia) — These are a good option for cutting gardens that receive
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Plants We Love
SUN, SHADE, beds, containers, indoors, outdoors—gardening presents so many choices. It seems there is a begonia for each situation, and that’s why we love them. Types such as wax begonias have long answered a need for shade-tolerant warm-season annua
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