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From The Editor
The coronavirus has meant that all over the world people have been forced to cancel events or hold them via video conference, so it is truly wonderful that Kiwis have been able to celebrate success with two live events recently! The Aotearoa Music A
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Quick Fire:
Favourite way to spend a day off? Having a good ol’ dance, doing anything social with good food, or going waterskiing. Biggest tip for starting a small business? Only do it if it’s 100% your passion or purpose. Last thing your children did to mak
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There’s nothing like going on a sentimental journey, re-reading cards you’ve received over the years, marking a milestone in your life, and hearing those voices from the past speaking to you again. Signing off! May I raise the issue of greeting ca
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Spark Arena was alive with great Kiwi sounds for the first ever Aotearoa Music Awards last week. Six60 gave a spine-tingling performance of Kia Mau Ki To Ukaipo , the Maori translation of their hit Don’t Forget Your Roots, supported by an incredible
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New Zealand Woman's Weekly
EDITOR: Marilynn McLachlan DEPUTY EDITOR: Karyn Henger CHIEF SUB-EDITOR: Denise Bowden ART DIRECTOR: Mirella Monteiro DESIGNERS: Bela Trussell-Cullen, Demelza Callesen, Archie Blohm STAFF WRITER: Rebekah Hebenton CONTRIBUTORS: Cloe Willetts, Donna Fl
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Diabetes-friendly DINNERS
PREP + COOK TIME 35 MINS SERVES 4 1½ tbsp sunflower seeds2 tsp pepitas (pumpkin seed kernels)1 tbsp cumin seeds500g beef fillet steaksExtra virgin olive oil cooking spray2 bunches broccolini 400g can cannellini beans, drained, rinsed1 garlic clove
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To keep a scarf in place over your hair, place a narrow elastic headband inside the fold of the scarf, then tie the scarf ends back. – 2810 Sandflies can be a nuisance. To stop them in their tracks, make a lather of soap and apply to exposed areas. L
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Wendy’s fighting spirit ‘I CAN DO SO MUCH MORE!’
Surreal – that is the word Wendy Petrie uses to describe her life right now. Most likely lots of us feel that way about the pandemic-struck year that is coming to an end. For Wendy, it has been particularly challenging to get her head around the way
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PREP + COOK TIME 20 MINS SERVES 4 200g ricotta cheese200g feta2/3 cup sour cream2 eggsSalt and black pepper8 sheets filo pastryCooking oil spray 2 Lebanese cucumbers, finely sliced250g mixed tomatoes, halved½ cup black olives, pitted, halved½ cup
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Over the TEACUPS
I have joined a gardening club and each week we have been having a competition for the best shrub. When I entered two pieces of fuchsia the other week, another member approached me and asked if she could have one as she did so admire it. Flattered, I
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Separating Fact From Fiction
A team of researchers compared claims made in The Crown with events written about by respected royal biographers and came to the following conclusions: ✘ Charles was cold and cruel to Diana from the start. FALSE ✔ Charles told his sister Princess An
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PREP + COOK TIME 40 MINS MAKES 12 125g rindless bacon rashers, chopped80g butter, melted1 egg1¾ cups (430ml) buttermilk1 cup (120g) coarsely grated cheddar1 cup (150g) chopped roast pumpkin (see notes)1 cup (160g) wholemeal self-raising flour1 cup
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Fashion Stockists
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Cruel, untrue & damaging THE CROWN UNDER ATTACK
In its first three series, hit drama series The Crown was accused of “bending a few facts” when it came to depicting the lives of the royal family. But now, the fourth series of the Netflix show has been slammed for the inaccurate and insensitive way
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THE PERFECT Scrambled eggs
PREP + COOK TIME 20 MINUTES SERVES 4 8 eggs½ cup (125ml) cream30g butter 1 Lightly whisk the eggs and cream in a medium bowl. 2 Heat the butter in a large frying pan over medium heat. 3 Add the egg mixture and cook for 1 minute, then use a wide
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It’s In The STARS
You’re in for a roller-coaster ride at the start of the week. In fact, you might want to get off and run away, which might not be a bad idea if you have holidays due. But the positive will outweigh the negative, and you’ll get to the weekend with a s
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Not Wilde About You!
Actress Olivia Wilde and her Horrible Bosses fiancé Jason Sudeikis are the latest celebrity couple to become COVID love casualties, after news of their shock split was revealed last week. The pair have been together since 2011 and share two children,
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Christmas is just around the corner and Bluebells Cakery has launched its festive range, which is a perfect way to say thank you to your kid’s teacher, a valued client or your favourite local business owner. Delivering nationwide, choose from the ext
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Welcoming A NEW BABY
Not absolutely everything about the coronavirus is awful. On the very short list of good things about it is the fact that it’s bringing some of our children back home to New Zealand. The New York branch of my vast and far-reaching tribe has, in fact,
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Singer’s Anxious Wait
It should be the happiest time in her life, but Christina Perri has revealed that her unborn child will need surgery immediately after it is born. The A Thousand Years singer, who shared that the “baby could come at any moment”, explained what was ha
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How To Wear LINEN
Opting for matching coordinates takes the pressure off compiling an outfit, plus there’s the added bonus of being able to wear them as separates, too. Try a chunky sandal this summer – ones that strap you in are more modern looking and they won’t sli
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HEALTHY New Habits
I thought, when the Woman’s Weekly came out with me as the cover girl, that the photos might have been stimulus enough for me to kick off a healthy phase in my life. The lovely crew did very well to tart me up as well as they did, but I’ve been a Wee
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Checking Up On Each Other MARK & DUNCAN’S MAN TROUBLES
They’re two of TV’s best-known faces, fronting up to the nation each morning, often bantering and seemingly a picture of health. But behind the dad jokes and quips that come with presenting The AM Show, hosts Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson have ha
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Once brows are groomed to perfection (see right), it’s time for the finishing touch. A good brow product should define your shape, fill in any areas that need extra help, and give a natural yet full finish. For those who are new to filling brows, a p
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CROWN Dispute
It has been 50 years since one of the most memorable Miss World pageants in history, when a group of feminist protestors stormed the stage, followed by the crowning of the first-ever black winner. In new movie Misbehaviour, Keira Knightley plays Sall
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Just months after being accused of being mean to her staff, Ellen DeGeneres has thanked them profusely after winning a top TV award. The host’s self-titled programme was named best daytime talk show – voted for by the public – at the E! People’s Choi
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Brow Lamination
What is it? “Brow lamination is the process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in the desired shape,” says celebrity brow expert Colette Manion. What’s it good for? “This is the perfect brow treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregul
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What’s New This Week...
As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Whakaari/White Island disaster, this documentary brings harrowing first-hand accounts and unseen footage from survivors and emergency responders. For the first time on TV, Kiwi tour guides Jake Milbank a
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IN DEPP TR OUBLE Johnny Hits Rock Bot Tom
He began his stellar acting career 36 years ago in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street – and it seems the nightmare is far from over for Johnny Depp. Broke, jobless and branded a wife-beater by the High Court in London, the future is looking grim for t
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Boost Your Mood NATURALLY
Chocolate is the go-to when we’re feeling down because of the magic of cacao. As cacao is high in antioxidants, it’s protective against free radicals and has been shown to activate a pathway in the brain that may help prevent depression and anxiety.
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