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Golden Age
Times of dramatic change, call for dramatic dress. In the 1920s, as in the 2020s, the world was in a state of flux. Instead of fretting, Jazz Age women celebrated their newfound freedoms in loose-fitting dresses, with a higher hem for kicking up thei
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Beauty Notebook
Inventive colour remains a signifier of makeup nous, but previous minimalist streaks of neon and primary hues have been watered down substantially. Now in favour? Candy shades diffused around the eyes and in graduated tones on tips (try one on each n
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Shopping with FQ
A road trip has never looked more glamorous. Maserati is set to redefine the luxury SUV market with the launch of the all-new Levante GTS. Featuring a powerful twin-turbo V8 engine on a finely tuned chassis, the vehicle’s energy, sound and performanc
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Couture De Force
France’s bad boy of fashion Jean Paul Gaultier has always loved a party. That’s why when he decided to retire on the eve of his 50th anniversary in the industry, he staged his own funeral for everyone to enjoy. The provocateur’s last Paris haute cout
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Look Within
How can we improve our relationship with our skin? Think of it as a toddler – it needs lots of sleep, lots of love, good food, hydration and lots of sunscreen! Oh and eat your vitamins rather than taking a pill; your skin will love you for it. How ha
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Early Daze
The world was… turbulent. Globalisation and free-market capitalism reshaped the economy. The ozone hole was discovered, and global warming became more widely discussed. The United Kingdom changed under Thatcherism, and countries including Zimbabwe, C
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Simple Things
For a brand that pays such meticulous attention to detail, you can still spot a Cos-wearing woman from a mile away. Smart and sophisticated, she’s the one in the slightly oversized, light taupe coat, with a cream turtleneck knit fitted snuggly undern
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Face Value
Writing the title of Funmi Fetto’s book – Palette: The Beauty Bible for Women of Colour – makes me feel a bit emotional. It also makes me think about how 16-year-old me would feel reading it – looking through the book while wearing pink-based foundat
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The Bold And The Beautiful
As the economy boomed so too did evening events, requiring a rotation of showstopping gowns for the socially mobile. One of the most becoming design details was a shapely slouched back, preferably in playfully light wool or sensual silk. At once roma
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Style Notebook
In what is likely to be the most tender release this season, London-based, Kiwiborn fashion designer Emilia Wickstead (herself a mother of two) chose to capture a selection of her friends wearing her pre-fall 2020 collection, accompanied by their chi
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The Luminaries
Some 2020 beauty maths: glossy hair is to glass hair what glass skin is to highlight. Still with us? Liquid and powder highlighters were once the beauty world’s obsession. There was nary a woman who wasn’t swiping a layer of pearlescent product onto
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Nostalgia With… paula Ryan
Originally Fashion Quarterly was to be… simply a pictorial shop window for retailers and manufacturers. A catalogue of seasonal clothing to drive consumer business and create awareness with current local fashion. It was originally a complimentary cat
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Five Wardrobe Staples To Buy For Quality
1 WINTER COATS Coats are complex garments that need to be sturdy enough to be worn daily and taken on and off for months on end. Buy the best you can afford. Choose something well made and timeless. Likewise, a good leather jacket should last a lifet
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Lactic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, beta hydroxy acid, heptapeptides… This would once have been a list only a scientist could decipher. Now, it wouldn’t be extraordinary to imagine you’re nodding in recognition, smug in the knowledge you have at
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Hire Calling
Designer Wardrobe founder Donielle Brooke started off selling her clothes in a private Facebook group. Now, over 180K people buy, sell and rent through her online marketplace and two stores. The Auckland-based entrepreneur shares her insights into th
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Smooth Moves
You may have heard the expression “the face starts at the nipples”, but we believe the best skincare routine should be approached from the ground up. Your skin doesn’t stop below the neck and that intensive regimen you’re implementing up top should a
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Feelgood Fabrics
Fashion is inherently emotive, helping us feel good, express ourselves, communicate our values and connect with others. Feeling is also influenced by a garment’s origins; who made it, and what is it made from? The globalisation of the fashion system,
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Find Your Voice
On Tuesday nights, a group gathers at a bookstore in Auckland’s Ponsonby. Others meet on Wednesdays at a Pt Chevalier hall – and at venues in Remuera and Howick, too. On Thursdays, folks turn up in Devonport, Mt Eden and Hobsonville. Further afield,
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Sustainable Fashion Guide
Everyone is talking about sustainability, but what does it really mean? The term started to appear in technical reports in the ’70s and ’80s to explain ecological, social and economic advancements that wouldn’t adversely affect conditions for future
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Team Tunes
“I’ve been singing in choirs all my life, and so much of what I’ve learned about personal and professional development in my corporate career is relatable to the experiences I’ve had in them. Workplace teams are looking for practical ways to build cu
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Handle With Care
KNITWEAR DEANNA DIDOVICH, CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF RUBY WASHING WELL “Always read the care instructions. Generally speaking, make sure you have a good-quality, gentle wool detergent (we love Cable Melbourne’s wool wash), wash by hand in cold water, insid
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At Home With Jasmin Sparrow
Jeweller Jasmin Sparrow’s stylish Ponsonby abode is a testament to her good taste and sentimentality. The small three-bedroom house she shares with her partner Oli, their children Archie and Lola, and dog Blue is full of eclectic pieces and creative
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Hand Me Down
91 STUART ST, DUNEDIN TWOSQUIRRELSVINTAGE.COM “Always look for quality fabrics, classic tailoring and garments that have been locally made. You can tell the age of a garment by elements like overlocking, zip materials, the type of fabric it’s made of
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I Do
Co-founders of local fashion brand Ingrid Starnes, Simon and Ingrid embraced fun and spontaneity in Las Vegas. “We booked a family holiday to the States, and thought it could be fun to take a trip to Vegas and get married after more than a decade of
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Earth To Fashion
Allbirds’ sustainability manager is changing the face of thoughtful fashion, one reduced carbon footprint at a time. Fashion has an image problem, and it’s more than skin deep. According to the United Nations, the industry generates 10 percent of glo
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Peak Wedding
The ecstasy and the agony of planning an outdoor wedding in the face of unpredictable weather patterns are part of the package when tying the knot in New Zealand. A sweeping sail tent is the perfect solution to keep your day as carefree as possible,
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Rachel Mills
What’s your vision? To be able to make the social, ethical and environmental changes the industry needs, but from within. We [The Pattern Table] first need to establish the work we currently do, with strong relationships and trust. From there, my pla
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Fiji’s high-end offering continues to grow, with its numerous private islands embodying the concept of ‘barefoot luxury’. Relaxed, no-fuss indulgence is the mood at the Kokomo Private Island resort (pictured), where guests arrive via seaplane to whit
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Clare Press
Can fashion ever be sustainable? Or are we just assuaging our guilt? Clare Press not only believes it’s possible, but is educating brands and consumers alike on how to get there. Sustainability is an obsession for the Sydney-based journalist, author
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A Packing Epiphany
There’s no better feeling than getting ready to leave your mundane day-to-day for a holiday, until it’s followed hard and fast by the realisation that you don’t want to leave anything behind by accident – at least that’s the case for me. I have been
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