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If You Are Having Trouble Recalling Dreams…
• Don’t judge any images that come forth. Just allow them to arise. In general, at this point, you don’t want to play editor; you want to assume the role of an inviting audience, witnessing all that is occurring. • You may recall a storyline or perh
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3 REASONS WHY… Teens Need Their Sleep
Teenagers who get fewer than eight hours’ sleep each night could be less able to deal with stressful situations such as bullying, anxiety and depression. ‘If sleep drops to less than six hours a night, research shows that teens are twice as likely to
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Rainbow Tags
✔ Macramécord (Natural, Yellow, Dusty Rose, Grey, Aqua) ✔ Snap clasp with square base, 40mm ✔ Hot glue gun & glue sticks ✔ Scissors ✔ Tape measure 1 Cut the Natural cord into 4 lengths measuring 150cm, 120cm, 100cm, 80cm. 2 Fold the 150cm length in
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Pets Are Pawsome!
Each week we bring you the cutest pets from Instagram! Buster taking some time out with his that’s life! mag. Allison Longstaff, Yanchep, WA Why was the bull afraid? He was a cow-herd Sausage dog Snags is full of energy and is usually in pla
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THE Buzz
Don t fret – these pics are heavily photoshopped! Designer Stephen Crowley used his creative skills to edit his toddler, Hannah, into dangerous looking situations, and the results are not only hilarious, but have also gone viral online. The pictures
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Simple Swap
Seeing a movie at the cinema on a Saturday night can cost anywhere from $15 to $25 per ticket. Instead, have a movie night at home. If you have a smart TV you can rent new release movies for around $5.99, otherwise you can grab a DVD from your loca
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Get Creative With... KIDS’ CUPCAKES
MAKES 12 PREP AND COOK: 1 HOUR, 15 MINS 410g packet vanilla cupcake mix Liquid pink food colouring6 pink marshmallows Mini pink baking marshmallows and edible black writing icing, to decorate 125g unsalted butter, softened⅓ cup cocoa powder1 tbls
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Nikita Gibbons, 18, Bendigo, Vic Dumping my bags on the floor, I hugged my mum, Dalleen. ‘Did you have a good time, darl?’ she asked. ‘It was amazing,’ I gushed. We lived in Gisborne, Vic, and aged 12, I’d got back from a Scouts’ trip to Sydney. ‘G
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Your LIFE!
While waiting for the next match to begin at the Australian Open tennis, I thought I’d have a read of my favourite magazine! Andrew France, Erskineville, NSW Now this is my ideal glass of wine! Krissy Buckman, Wynnum, Qld Running into coun
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Meeting The BOO-KEEPER!
Kag Allwood, 55, Adelaide, SA Do you hear that?’ I whispered. My colleague Alison and I were sitting in the dark in eerie Margam Castle, a large Victorian era country house in Wales, UK, when we heard the rustling and swishing of long skirts circli
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YOUR Stars
Doubt someone’s words? Maybe give them the benefit of the doubt, as you could be mistaking fakeness for shyness. As you plan for an engagement, baby shower or anniversary, stick to the budget, guest list and gift options. LUCKY NUMBERS 10, 19, 29
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Have You Got A Question For Dr Dawn?
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OUR HERO NURSES We Will Remember Them
Kate Simpson, 41, Sydney, NSW As the final note of The Last Post played, a hush fell. Aged 12, I’d marched in the Anzac Day parade as a Girl Guide, paying my respects to those who’d protected our country. At school, we’d learned about the courageou
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Animal MAGIC
When Maryam Khalil arrived at the college she worked at, ready for the day, she got a bit of a surprise. Her office had turned into an aviary! ‘I saw a beautiful owl near my cubicle,’ Maryam told The Dodo. One of Maryam’s colleagues had found the sma
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Sweet Dreams
Some people can regularly recall the finest details of their dreams, while others wake with no memory at all, even questioning whether they’ve had a dream. What determines whether someone can remember their dreams is something that researchers have
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ASK THE Doctor
QI had a baby six months ago. While I was pregnant, my hair was thick and shiny, but now it is coming out in handfuls. The shower tray and my brush are full of it. A friend of mine has recommended some supplements, but I’m still breastfeeding. Is it
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Teach Your Kids
• Does your child know how to use the phone? If your mobile is password protected, do they know how to unlock it? • Teach your little one how to call Triple-0, but also remind them of the importance of only calling when it’s an emergency. • Role pl
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Spraying the couch with the special product, I smiled up at my hubby. ‘I think we’re almost done here,’ I said. It was July 2017, and David, then 34, and I ran a cleaning business doing other people’s housework. And, today, we were waterproofing a cl
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Did You Know…?
Loyalty is still rewarded by some companies. I recently called my phone provider to ask about a cheaper deal on my phones and internet. Not only did they swap me to cheaper plans, but when I asked for a discount for staying with them, they reduced my
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Nikita’s Mum, Dalleen, 68, Says
When I first heard that Michael had abused my girl, it struck my heart. He had been our friend and someone I trusted dearly. He didn’t just groom Nikita, but also me – he took advantage of the whole family. It’s been a very hard few years, but I’m so
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Fabulous Frocks
If you are not an animal print lover, try a natural leaf print in your favourite colour. Look for long sleeves and breathable fabrics such as cotton to take you from season to season. to Stripes don’t have be black and white. Let your personality
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Try A New Use For...
■ Remove marker pen marks from walls or hard furniture with some hand sanitiser on a cloth. ■ To clean and disinfect your mobile phone, use a little hand sanitiser on a soft cloth. ■ Clean hairspray smudges or other marks from mirrors by using a micr
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I can’t walk, BUT I CAN FLY!
Lying on the patio floor, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Stunned, I’d fallen through a glass door and was covered in shards of glass. One minute, I’d been chatting on the phone to a friend, and the next, my legs had turned to jelly and I’
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My friend Amanda found some lovely globe bookends, a bargain at $30. What she received was just one bookend, the size of a tennis ball, and too light to support books. She wasn’t scammed, she just didn’t read the item description properly. If the de
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Hello Readers!
My name‘s Sam and I’m an average Aussie mum determined to uncover every money-saving, budget-friendly tip I can. Each week, I’ll share them with you, so that your family – and mine – can get into the best financial shape of our lives! And if you
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Truffles the black and white cat is taking the internet by storm, posing in her colourful glasses. Optician Danielle Crull, 50, knew Truffles was a special cat the day she rescued her as a kitten, and soon trained her to do high-fives and shake hands
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Dear That’s Life!
My boyfriend and I live two hours apart and mostly just see each other on weekends. I’m moving further away to study for a year and I’m not sure if we’ll manage only seeing each other once every few weeks or even just once a month or less. Has anyone
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HEALTHY And Filling
SERVES 4 PREP AND COOK: 45 MINS 600g chicken thigh fillets, trimmed, cut into 2cm pieces1 tblsp olive oil2 cloves garlic, crushed1 litre (4 cups) chicken stock¾ cup light cooking cream 375g penne pasta 1 bunch asparagus, trimmed, cut into 3cm lengt
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Brave Rosie’s BIG BATTLE
Cassandra Ebenstreit, 39, Gold Coast, Qld Mummy, it hurts,’ my three-year-old daughter Rosie said, pointing to her neck. Pulling her in for a hug to get a better look, I could see she was right. There was a red mark across her neck. Rosie and her i
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Long-distance Romance
You need to have an open and honest discussion about what the move means for your relationship. If he wants to make it a more casual one and see other people, then you need to decide if it’s right for you. If not, then I think you’ve got your answer.
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