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A Real Kiwi Supercar Heron Mj1
Published 2020 by Wilsonscott Publishing Intl Ltd. ISBN 978-1-877427-59-6 Is the Heron a supercar? Author Patrick Harlow asks the question straight off. Some people would write off any suggestion of a four-cylinder car making that grade but the respo
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Hannu Mikkola
Rallying arrived in New Zealand in 1973 like a tsunami. It had been only a few years since the sport was introduced here and shortly afterwards Heatway came on board as the sponsor to take rallying to a new level. The 1973 Heatway would be the longes
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Next Month
#365 ON SALE 26 APRIL The Teams Event has always been a hotly contested competition at the Ellerslie Classic Car Show, with the winning team hosting the following year’s event. At this year’s 50th anniversary Classic Cover Ellerslie Car Show, the Tea
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Duzgo Does The Job
The Duzgo was one of at least 10 farm utility vehicles designed and built in New Zealand to fill the gap between farm bikes and the few options like Land Rovers that managed to slip through mid-century import restrictions. The country is now overrun
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Energetic Investigator
Quinton has been with New Zealand Classic Car almost since day one. He grabbed the first issue off the shelves and saw the publisher’s appeal for information on any interesting cars. He got in touch straight away and was soon installed writing the so
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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It’s A Flying Horse
When you have a ’50s Thunderbird and a ’60s Mustang and your son buys your daily driver Fiesta, what do you replace it with? Well, a modern classic, of course. In 2008, motor sport legend, Nascar team owner, and aviation enthusiast Jack Roush looked
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Southerners Get Into Grilles And Gasoline
Invercargill’s Southern Grilles and Gasoline Car and Bike Show 2021 spokesperson Jason Pope is very pleased with the support that the show received from the community when it was held at the beginning of February. “It went down really well this year.
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Fast Fix With Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax
Does ceramic paint protection in under five minutes seem too good to be true? No rubbing, no buffing, and no machines required? Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax is a sprayon application that is the simplest and most foolproof waxing process we’ve ever us
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Thirty Years And Counting
This month we celebrate 30 years of New Zealand Classic Car magazine. At its inception, in an old, isolated shed, a former coffin factory in Grey Lynn, Auckland, publisher Greg Vincent — and his new company Parkside Media — had the vision and passion
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Castrol R In His Veins
“The teacher said, ‘Well, it’s good that he’s reading. Don’t worry, he’ll eventually grow out of racing cars,’” says our Motor Sport Flashback columnist Michael Clark. “Fifty-two years later and motor racing is still my drug of choice. I suspect it a
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The Wonderful, Troubled World Of Replicas And Continuations
If you ever find yourself in the South of England wandering around the back streets of terraced homes in suburban Surrey, you’d be hard pressed to notice a small alleyway halfway down one such street. Follow it down and you’ll find the home of Richar
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Jaguar’s Last True Sporting Sedan
Never buy a used car on a rainy night. This message was hammered home to my brother many years ago when he was beguiled by a dark-blue 3.4-litre Jaguar Mark II sedan. Of course it is so easy to be wise after the event, but the one thing understood as
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Wellington’s Brit And Euro continues To Grow
This year’s British and European Car Day took place on Sunday, 14 February, at Trentham Memorial Park, Upper Hutt, in near-ideal conditions for displaying, viewing, and photographing cars. Experienced attendees — I’m a newcomer, starting in 2009 — to
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Raging Bull Revival
Marcello Gandini’s uncompromising sculpture stills wows onlookers. While production stopped at just 1983 examples, after 16 years the Countach achieved a transcendent stylistic immortality. It was the supercar many a young boy fantasised over and as
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Making The Perfect Martini
There are few pairings in the motor sport world as Italian as that of Lancia and Martini — the two go together like Lambrusco and prosciutto. The same could be said for Allan and Alex Carter’s love of all things Lancia. Their passion for the Italian
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Rural Delivery
Lew might be slowing down a bit on the car restoration front. He says that he just does projects for friends and family now, but any time you visit Lew and Ann’s place in Invercargill you’ll see at least one or two restoration projects underway. “I’v
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Donn Anderson, The Motorman
His accomplishments, favourite moments, and even a summation of the breadth of his experience in the field would simply not fit into the 750 words we have allocated here, so it’s fortunate indeed that Michael Clark interviewed Donn for his Lunch With
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Whatever Happened To The Sixth Lotus Esprit?
In 1976, Lotus began production of its first true supercar, the Lotus Esprit. Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro wanted it to be called the ‘Kiwi’, but Lotus had decided all of its car names would begin with the letter ‘E’. Hence, in 1975, the finished car
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Penny’s Pagoda
We scouted out a few different locations for photographing this car, but they all had one thing in common. At every stop, people could not help but come up and compliment owner Penny Webster on her stunning Horizon Blue Mercedes 230 SL. There’s somet
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Classic Garage
While we might be comfortable with the odours of oil rags, petrol, or furry four-legged friends, some visitors to the passenger seat might actually find those off-putting. Sphere Car Air Fresheners are uniquely designed with grid-like inclusions and
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Flight Plan Cleared Thunderbirds Are Go
After starting life as the US’s first version of a European sports car, the Ford Thunderbird evolved into a truly American statement in the form of a powerful, personal luxury car within just a few short years. Those early, compact ‘small birds’ gave
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30 Years Of New Zealand Classic Car
The first issue was black and white, except for the cover, and it didn’t even include a write-up on the cover car! Like the many enthusiasts and professionals now involved in New Zealand’s thriving classic car industry, founder Greg Vincent learnt by
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NZ Classic Car
EDITOR Ashley Webb, MANAGING EDITOR Ian Parkes SUBEDITORS Karen Alexander, Sarah Beresford, Richard Adams-Blackburn PROOFREADERS Odelia Schaare, Richard Adams-Blackburn DESIGN Day Barnes, Henry Khov, Mark Gibson, Bobby Saunder
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Nuts — And Bolts — About Cars
Then, after illness forced him to retire from teaching — the career he had chosen after starting his working life at General Motors’ (GM) Upper Hutt assembly plant — he had to come up with a new plan. He had noted that a column in New Zealand Classic
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Rollcall: Kiwi Muscle Car Hall Of Fame
RON KENDALL AND RAINTON HASTIE — Early ’70s Waikaraka saloon racing muscle car maestro and the King of Karangahape Road, Auckland, and owner of the legendary Pink Pussycat Club The unholy alliance connecting the spangly neon allure and the shady red
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Southern Gentlemen And Ladies Again
After the biff and bash at Scope the previous weekend, competitors were given a stern talking to by the organisers of this meeting. ‘Rubbing ain’t racing’ was the order of the day for these valuable classics. The result was some great, close racing f
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The Other M3
Send your enquiries, questions, and comments to If you are a keen driver and prize a fast ride with day-to-day practicality, you would surely consider a BMW M3. BMW’s M division managed to invent a new type of branded per
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The Man With The Plan
Greg credits his success to the fact that he didn’t have a background in either journalism or, strictly speaking, classic cars. He says those who did know about those things almost uniformly said a magazine wouldn’t work. “I just didn’t know any bett
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Part-time Writer, Full-time Energiser
“As you can imagine, when I told Greg he was over the moon. In fact, he called me back twice that day to say thanks. The only mistake we made was only getting 40 copies. We could have sold two or three times that many.” That vindication was vitally i
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