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The Next Level
When styling outside, seek to surpass the expected with interesting shapes and materials that echo your carefully cultivated interior aesthetic. Define your comfort zone with pieces like these that set a relaxed mood while placing equal value on form
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Spread Your Wings
An hour from Christchurch, 10 minutes from Methven and 2km from the Mt Hutt ski area, Kererū Retreat in Canterbury’s Pudding Hill is a micro-cabin that reinterprets the rural New Zealand vernacular and blends effortlessly into the landscape. It also
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Gold Standard
Covered with native bush and with a steep contour running down to the water’s edge, much of this property located on the furthest reaches of Waiheke Island is unhabitable, but the owners had long used it as an escape from their fast-paced city lives
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Good Times
It’s long been Beth Eastell and Joel Hedges’ dream to create an HQ like their new store West Supply in Auckland’s Waimauku. For six years, they’d been based in nearby Kumeu in a barn they turned into a workshop for their rooftop-tent brand Feldon She
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Furniture & lighting
1 Città Design Studio’s modular Point Lighting series can be combined to form everything from a single pendant light to a grand stairwell feature using a daisy-chain connector system. 2 Inspired by the fluted detailing of ancient Greek pillars, the
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Elevating essentials into artisanal accents, Powersurge’s Spring 20 collection sees arches and spheres find form in mirrors, hooks and soap holders, while handles (also available in custom lengths) are reimagined, pairing luxurious brass with timeles
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Inside Out
- Design an outdoor space with an indoor feel by creating a private room-like look using solid furniture and a screen. Follow our lead and elevate an inexpensive trellis with a dark stain. We painted ours with Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour in
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Spiritual Practice
For Auckland’s Jen Sievers, creating colours and applying them to a surface to see what will emerge is the embodiment of happiness. She describes the act of painting as a soulful expression of pure joy, one that lets her lose herself in her colours f
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Great Pride
These are productive times for founder Jessie Wong and her team at luxury leather-goods label Yu Mei. Among the many irons in their fire, they’re currently working on their Autumn and Winter 21 ranges, taking their already robust commitment to sustai
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Now You See It
After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking, a lack of money and equipment saw Wellington’s Tom Mackie fortuitously move from creating works on paper to experimenting with sculpture. For his early exhibitions, he created site-specific wor
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Crowning Glory
With architects Pac Studio, graphic designer Sarah Melrose and her PR consultant husband Gez Johns renovated this three-bedroom home in Auckland’s Freemans Bay for themselves and their daughter Stella (9). You don’t need to be a regular churchgoer
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As Far As The Eye Can See
This waterfront site in the Bay of Plenty’s Papamoa deserved something spectacular. And that’s exactly what it got. Its owners called on the talents of the team at award-winning Herbst Architects (led by principals Nicola and Lance Herbst, and includ
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Editor’s Note
I love putting together our December/January issue — we’re always fizzing with the anticipation of summer days ahead and the chance to down digital tools. Having a stack of must-reads on hand is one of my top offline priorities for the holidays, so f
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Can’t Hurry Love
It’s a dilemma many of us face at some point. As our family grows bigger along with our weekly grocery bills, do we renovate our existing abode or sell up and search for one that’s a better fit? For Rickie Dee and Onny Kaulima, the former option was
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Home Style
Alice Lines Philippa Prentice Juliette Wanty Monique Balvert-O’Connor Bonny Beattie Holly Jean Brooker Beth Eastell Sarah Ell Wendy Fenwick Stephen Goodenough Jackie Meiring Larnie Nicolson Emma Orchard Yaroslav Priadka Hazel Redmond Simon Wilson Nic
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Don’t Stop Believin’
You could roll a ball from one side of this house to the other when Gem Adams and Nathan Speeden moved in. So wonky were the piles, Gem, who was pregnant with their daughter Margot at the time, says, “I’d feel the slope of the floor as I went into th
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For decades, California has been more than just a place — it’s a dream, a vibe, a way of life. As inspired by travel as ever, for their Summer 2020 collection, Coco Republic has brought the Golden State’s enticing ethos and aesthetic to you in the fo
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Brain Boxes
Making your way through a valley where Hamilton’s city limits meet Waikato pastures, you can’t miss Kylie and Noel Jessop’s new home. A dark form rising from the ridgeline catches your eye on approach, though it’s not until you’re much closer that yo
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Come Spy With Me
You’ll get to Hôtel le Sud in the resort town of Juan-les-Pins in good time, and for now you can easily borrow ideas for updating your boudoir in its image. Interior architect Stéphanie Lizée drew on the hotel’s relaxed, southeastern France setting i
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The New Guard
When your good taste in upholstery says yes but your love of red wine, children and pets says no, there is another option. Introducing your new secret weapon: FibreGuard. How often have you coveted furniture or furnishings only to conclude they’re ju
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On The Shelf
Caterers and food stylists Arno and Mireille always take the scenic route and believe you can eat well on it. With this book, the drive to get organised and the odd supermarket stop-off, you can forgo takeaways for days and everything on toast on you
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A Positive Difference
Louise, what inspired you to take up architecture as a profession? As a child, I loved building blocks, Lego, drawing, and making huts in the bush by our home near the Hutt River. My father was a ministerial secretary in Wellington and I’d spend week
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Room With A View
Look at this space and what do you see? Virtually unrecognisable from other offerings, this fireplace and TV form a minimal focal point you can customise to your liking. Available in various sizes and finishes and a range of fuelbeds, Escea’s DS Seri
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Place Setting
Homes in harmony with their surroundings possess a particular kind of cohesion that goes beyond the visual to encompass feel and functionality as well. This dwelling is one such place, custom-designed specifically for its setting in Waikanae on the K
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In It Together
Reset. Retreat. Nourish. The names of the palettes alone are uplifting and soothing. And the paints themselves? Let’s take a look… The Dulux Colour Forecast 2021 is both a reflection of where we are now and where we’re headed. At its heart is connect
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Well & good
They had us at ‘three-way tilt mechanism for all-day shade’, plus we also love how deeply Raglan’s Tātahi Merchants care about their environmental impact. As well as their Koi umbrella being made from recycled plastic and aluminum with no unnecessary
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In Brief
What started with childhood hoardings of thimbles and stamps turned into a career as a collector for arbiter of taste Alex, who today sells all sorts in her London boutique and uses her home as a testing ground for her curious finds. For this project
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With All Due Respect
Being asked to design a house reminiscent of a tramping hut filled Martin Varney with joy. The director of Make Architects says it was an especially exciting assignment because the brief perfectly suited the landowners’ site. Sarah Cavill and James M
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Top Brass
It’s by no means hyperbole when we say that every single item in Powersurge’s Home collection is absolutely superb. Handcrafted in their West Auckland workshop, this dashing range of brass essentials makes masterful metalworks like those created for
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Best-kept Secrets
In the central Auckland suburb of Westmere, a neighbourhood of tree-lined streets flanked by heritage bungalows and villas, the frontage of this family home by Tim Dorrington tells little of the laid-back lifestyle that plays out on the inside. A dir
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