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Are you considering a major decision, like going back to university, having a baby, starting a business, moving, or a career switch? How can you know if that decision will make you happy in the long run? Humans are very good or very bad at making maj
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Deliciously Simple & Simply Delicious
Ready in five minutes, this bloody delicious salad will leave you feeling like a health god/dess! Serves 4 Dressing 2 tbsp cider vinegar2 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice finely grated zest of 1 orange2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil2 tsp runny honey
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Good Stuff GOOD SWIMMERS Swimsuit shopping can be daunting at the best of times so we’ve made it easy for you with these ocean-friendly suggestions. Designed in Wellington and made from ECONYL, a 100 per cent regenerated nylon recovered from the ocea
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Health doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not a ‘magical status’ you obtain by becoming a certain weight, fitting into a particular item of clothing, or pledging to avoid sugar. At BePure, we think of health as a journey – it’s made up of our daily actio
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Chuck It On The Barbie
Covered in spicy goodness, this Cajun grilled corn recipe is a real crowd-pleaser. I think they’re great straight up like this, but don’t forget corn is also awesome sliced off the cob and used in salads and salsas, or as a simple side. Serves 4 4 sw
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Rewilding The World
If there was one word in 2020 that brought hope for the future health of people and the planet it was “rewilding”, – thanks to David Attenborough. In his latest documentary film A Life on Our Planet, which Attenborough calls his witness statement, he
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Feeding Furry Family
We all want the best for our family – pets included – right down to ensuring they eat healthy, balanced diets. The health and wellbeing of every single family pet is the sole focus of Royal Canin. Since 1968, it has provided tailored, science-backed,
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Celebrate Summer
Every morning I do a movement ritual. I either lift weights, go running or stretch out with some yoga. Last year I learnt how to do double-under skipping, which was such a hard challenge, but so satisfying to get results. For those who don’t know wha
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Yaris day out AT HAMPTON DOWNS
There’s nothing like experiencing a hot lap to appreciate the skill and thrill of motorsport and understand the attraction to it. What makes it even more thrilling is doing one in a hybrid. Admittedly the fastest car on the track the day New Zealand
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Perfume For The Planet
Where does the name Abel come from? It's a bit cheesy, but Abel Tasman was the Dutch explorer to discover New Zealand. Subsequently one of my favourite parts of New Zealand, the Abel Tasman national park is named after him. As a Kiwi setting up a bus
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Go Bananas With Ripe Bananas There are so many reasons to love bananas. They make delicious snacks, giving you energy minus the fats and cholesterol. They make an ideal go-to snack before bed as they are an excellent source of magnesium, calming tryptophan, and potass
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Creating Changemakers
It’s a fact that all kids learn in different ways, and this philosophy is something that’s not only acknowledged, but it is integrated into the way students are taught at Green School New Zealand in ōakura, Taranaki. Their motto is ‘thrive with a pur
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Mindfully Made Beauty
At a year old, brand Emma Lewisham is not only forging an uncharted path, but the beauty label also rounds out 2020 celebrating becoming the youngest New Zealand range to launch in David Jones stores throughout Australasia. This achievement is an ode
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Something For Everyone
White Island Café 15 The Strand East, Whakatāne Open daily from 7am to 2pm If you are a first-time visitor to White Island Café you can be forgiven for struggling to make your mind up over what to choose for breakfast. Mus
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Ode To Insects
Have you ever thought about how incredible insects are? They play a critical role in the Earth’s ecosystem, keep our planet alive for us as we continue to destroy it and yet many fear their tiny existence and squash them! If you take time to marvel i
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Body Beautiful
These bars are so delicious you will want to eat them! They are basically chocolate and fresh coffee. I love making a batch as a self-care gift for a friend. They are great in the shower to gently exfoliate and moisturise, less wasteful than buying p
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In The Ice Bucket
Sophisticated and flavoursome, the unique fruit flavours of S.Pellegrino Essenza includes Lemon & Lemon Zest, Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate, and Tangerine & Wild Strawberry, all made with 100 per cent natural ingredients, zero calories and no art
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Bamboo And Copper Guardian
Lisa Vanin was looking for a creative outlet beyond her busy life as a mother of four when she entered WOW more than six years ago. Her first entry was a challenge she and her sister, Sacha, and sister-in-law, Jenny, set themselves after they headed
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Beauty Buzz
Corbin Rd Bian Sha and Sculpta tool, $60, is the modern version of a face roller with a little gua sha thrown in. This battery driven facial massage tool provides 6000rpm of micro-vibration to help stimulate blood flow. The multi-taski
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Harmonious Homage Take an American restaurateur who loves music, Martinborough pinot noir and great food and transplant them to Hawke’s Bay for the day. That’s the story, in a nutshell, of how the newest Hawke’s Bay wine brand was born. The brand is c
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Thanks to Bosch eBike Systems and Lake Wanaka Tourism Three day / two night outdoor escape for two people to Wanaka · Two nights’ accommodation for two people (twin share or double) at Wanaka Homestead Lodge and Cottages – Wanaka’s top rated Bed & Br
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Treat Your Sweet Tooth Taking care of your teeth is up there with the most important parts of your daily self-care regime. Knowing your toothpaste is New Zealand-made and uses only natural ingredients just takes the cake – or macaron in t
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Sparkle Naturally This Summer
Toasting the day with a drink just got better, and healthier, thanks to the innovation of trusted Italian sparkling water brand S.Pellegrino. For the past 120 years its sparkling water has dominated restaurant menus worldwide and been associated with
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The Good Festival Survival Guide
Prone to bringing the kitchen sink but don’t use everything that’s in it? If you know your skincare routine will go out the window in your new surroundings, stick to the basics: cleanser, moisturiser, lip balm and sunscreen during the day, and use a
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Nesting Instinct In the vast, ancient desert of Namibia, nature is the greatest architect. Millions of years have refined the shapes of the shelters that birds and animals create for themselves here. The gigantic domed nests built by sociable weaver b
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Summer Escape In The Central Plateau
It is possibly the craziest restaurant location in New Zealand. The Chef’s Table, reopening in January at Blue Duck Station, Whakahoro, is accessible only by hiking, four-wheel drive or helicopter. Situated upon one of the highest points of Blue Duck
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How To Manifest A Life You Desire
To manifest is to control our own reality – from how we feel, to the opportunities we encounter, and the things we receive. Though it’s a slightly scary thought, we are manifesting every second of the day. Once an ancient art, the history of manifest
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Living Lightly At Home
When we bought our home, my goal was for a place where I only had to plug in my vacuum cleaner once to reach every room. While I’m not a huge fan of vacuuming, there was obviously way more to the decision than just that. Choosing a smaller house was
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@orchardvalleyglamping Stepping into Orchard Valley glamping tent, one immediately feel glamorous. The luxurious colonial-style interior of the magnificent safari tent, which has travelled here all the way from South Africa, invokes the mood. I feel
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