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Trokosi Practice In Ghana the Way Of The Gods?
most women live for Trokosi because they believe that a sacrifice was to be made and thus they are willing to accept the punishment, regardless of the fact that they know that it is a crime they never committed. Whilst a lot of people are still total
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Is Zimbabwe Pricing Itself Out Of Business?
zimbabwe’s local currency is crumbling what with the introduction of the RTGS. The recent spate of price hikes follows the continued devaluation of the local currency after the central bank removed exchange rate controls on the bond note. Hotel opera
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4 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Booking Travel
of all the “epic fails” SMEs encounter to save a few Rands by doing things themselves, bad travel experiences are among the worst. Ask any jetlagged traveller who’s been stranded in an airport for eight hours waiting for their connecting flight. Flig
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This Car Changed My Mind On compact Crossovers
when it comes to cars, the young professionals have always been a slippery demographic companies have tried to capture by any means possible—they will soon be in the market for pricier midlife-crisis vehicles, after all. Some brands became best-selli
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Should Hoteliers Feel Threatened By airbnb?
after a recent announcement from Airbnb that bookings in Nigeria have increased by 213% as of June 2018, with Ghana and Mozambique coming in second and third, what does this mean for hoteliers in Africa? While the results mean that there is increased
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Oyster Box Hotel Durban, South Africa: africa's Top Hotel?
with over 86 first class category rooms to choose from, the Oyster Box meets each individual’s needs and expectation. They have highly skilled staff members who appreciate and value every visitor that walks through the doors. They surpass their servi
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Business Tourism A Vital Component Of The South African Economy?
the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) is the recognised umbrella body of the conference and meetings industry in Southern Africa. It is well-poised to take responsibility for this vital economic component in the region.
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South Africa's top 10 Restaurants
i decided to travel South Africa’s most populated cities in search of the best places to tantalise the taste-buds, from high-end dining to fabulous flavours without the fancy prices. I had heard about them. Reviews varied according to where you were
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Get An Online Degree In tourism Management At Botho University
now, distance doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can pursue the courses and get a perfect degree at the comfort of your home or office. Through Online bachelor degree programmes in Botswana Africa, you can give yourself the chance to enhance your c
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Free-ranging Wild Lions Introduced To mount Camdeboo private Game Reserve
it’s the culmination of a long and challenging journey for the Buchanan family who have owned the property for more than two decades. “The importance of these introductions are pivotal in helping us reach our goal to establish this property and ultim
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Welcome TO AFRICA!
a concept was born from a passionate desire to dispel the negative perceptions, which the world has held of the African continent, and to replace them with a positive focus. That concept took form in the launch of the Nomad Africa project in 2012. Th
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Beyond The Horizon With Javed Malik skywise Airlines co-founder
as one of the major international gateways to Africa, South Africa is benefitting from the growth in global tourism more than most African countries due to its healthy mix of a stunning location, diverse culture and economic lure for business travell
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Target Back On Elephants In botswana
After the announcement, from the Botswana government, “the lifting of the hunting suspension in an orderly and ethical manner”, this decision seemed more inevitable and an enormous blow for the country’s tourism and conservation reputation. A decisio
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Martin is a South Africa-based Zimbabwe-born Journalist, Media Consultant, Arts Writer & Critic with many years' experience working in Zimbabwe, South Africa and across the African continent. He is the founder of Tipindewo Afrika Media, a Johannesbur
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Ethiopia: On The Path To Become The Next China?
this is not far-fetched, considering that the government’s current focus is on ambitious broadminded and market-friendly reforms. Though the economy was hard hit by civil wars and famines of the 1970s and 1980s respectively, the government has made i
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My Unforgettable Trip To marrakech
i mean why else would Morocco be the most visited country? Being here I must say, I know I made the right choice, nothing could have lifted my mood more than standing on these grounds and inhaling the fresh air of this country. After landing at one o
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Editor’s Note
Managing Editor Epic adventures. We dream about them, save for them - plan for them months in advance. For many of us, getting out of our comfort zone and seeing how the rest of the world lives is a form of escapism. It brin
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Township Tourism Cultural Immersion Or Poverty Touting?
the real question is, what is ethical and responsible when dealing with tours or experiences of this nature? Is it giving humanity a glimpse into the lives of the poor? To draw compassion and support for the injustices they face? Or are we in actual
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At A Glance: Mauritius
With a population of almost 1.3 million, you would expect Mauritius to feel crowded, but it doesn’t. Although the main towns are frequently teeming with pedestrians and the roads jammed with cars, deserted areas of beach and forest are easy to find.
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Will Township Tourism Eradicate unemployment in South Africa?
fast forward a few decades and township tourism has become a legitimate and accepted way for tourists to break away from luxury 5-star hotels, albeit for some hours, and go on guided tours through some of the lesser known parts of world cities. In Af
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This Year’s Global Travel Trends
across new frontiers in technology, brands are focusing on strategic expansion beyond traditional boundaries; travel’s purpose is growing with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion; improvements in disruptive technology; operators are finding new wa
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Exploring the Roots of Township Tourism
far from being viewed as off-limits, no-go-zones that outsiders would be wise to avoid, some township-like areas in cities like Mumbai, Johannesburg, and Rio de Janeiro have now become bonafide tourist attractions, bringing in tens and even hundreds
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How To Spend Five Incredible Days In The Seychelles
For the honeymooners and romantics of the world, sunset horse rides along beaches on La Digue Island are an absolute must. And a photo adventure around Coco Island cannot be missed, especially when armed with the knowledge that most travel companies
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The Responsible Guide To township Tourism
so is township tourism ethically acceptable or is it exploitative? What are the advantages and disadvantages of slum tourism? Do our tourist dollars actually help these communities or are we simply paying for a peek into lives we have no intention of
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Best Lunch Destinations on The Seychelles
i couldn’t visit a country and not try out dishes I haven’t tried and dishes I have tried so I can make a comparison. With tourists flooding the islands, Seychellios had to cook up some special cuisines to keep them fed and entertained. Local traditi
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Soweto Up Close And Personal
many people seem to become more sceptical about visiting a township, they seem to have this theory that these places are just not safe. Soweto, South-West of Johannesburg in South Africa has become one place that has attracted millions of tourists. I
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Learning To Kitesurf In langebaan
my instructor, whose eyes reflected the same serene blue as the lagoon on a calm day (which today sure was not) seemed completely unflappable. This was just another summer’s day in Langebaan, and the perfect weather for kitesurfing. I still wasn’t co
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Rwanda Rolls Out the East Africa ePassport
rwanda now joins other EAC states—Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania—that have already issued the electronic passport to their citizens. The move follows a directive by EAC heads of state earlier in March 2016 to adopt the new generation passports and phase
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My Journey To The Nation Of A thousand Hills
Also known for its devastating past, the 1994 genocide is still very much a part of this country’s consciousness today. But 25 years on, the nation often called the ‘Switzerland of Africa’ and the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ is in the midst of mighty,
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Uganda Ranked Among 25 Most Beautiful Places in the World
the world’s a spectacular place, full of hidden and overt beauty in every corner. But beauty’s also subjective. It’d be impossible to get a unanimous decision on the most beautiful places around the world — but we think this list is a good start to p
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