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Katrina Howarth
KATRINA HOWARTH’S still lifes, landscapes, and interiors are created with a playful combination of illustration and painterly design, with colorful prints and patterns added for a pop of texture. Each composition is enhanced by the artist’s ability t
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The Standard Bearers
Reflecting back on his storied career in fine art, William Acheff says he received some valuable advice when he was a young artist that still echoes in his head today. In 1969, his teacher and mentor, Roberto Lupetti, counseled, “It doesn’t matter wh
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Wyllis Heaton
CALIFORNIA ARTISTS often have the luxury of a climate, community, and historical context that support their professional and personal lifestyles. Wyllis Heaton is well-acquainted with those benefits, having made a comfortable home and living as a pai
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Gerald Peters Gallery
A John Encinias painting is characterized by a subdued and subtle quality, a natural quietness. Encinias, who describes his technique as “impressionistic realism,” prefers painting directly from his subjects, whether still life or landscapes. He rest
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Peggy & Steve Immel
FOR PAINTER Peggy Immel and photographer Steve Immel, creating an art life together for the last 54 years has come as naturally as breathing. Although the husband and wife work in different media, their shared strengths in composition, values, design
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Plein Air Southwest
THE MEMBERS of the Outdoor Painters Society who are participating in Plein Air Southwest, its annual juried competition, are practically counting the days until they arrive on historic Galveston Island for the six-day event. After a year full of canc
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Our Golden Anniversary
IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE, but I’ve been part of Southwest Art Magazine for almost 27 years now—a little more than half of the 50-year history we celebrate this month. I joined the staff in 1994, as it was gearing up to mark the 25th anniversary. One of t
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Off The Easel: New Works
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Tim Solliday
IT’S ALWAYS an exciting occasion when a prominent painter known for creating one-of-a-kind, time-intensive work is ready to present a new collection. That’s the case when Tim Solliday’s exhibition, titled Fall Poplars, opens at Maxwell Alexander Gall
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The Cover Chronicles
Over half a century, Southwest Art has published nearly 600 front covers. As the “face” of the magazine, the cover is perhaps its most important page, and choosing the artwork for those covers each month is a decision no editor takes lightly. A trip
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THE Next Generation
How has your work evolved in recent years? It has gotten more and more in depth. I started out painting local cowboys I was hanging out with in Arizona. From there I started to dig into the past of western art, and I started to do more historical pai
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Matt Atkinson
STORYTELLING IS ONE of the hallmarks of great western art, and Matt Atkinson’s work has it in spades. His portraits and figurative scenes present detailed narratives of Native American and western life, with all of the epic history and heroism that w
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Yvonne Mendez
CAPTURING AN ANIMAL’S personality and spirit through portraiture can be decidedly more difficult than capturing a person’s. But Santa Fe, NM, painter Yvonne Mendez manages this endeavor effortlessly in her unique portrayals of horses, birds, dogs, an
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Where Are They Now?
How has your artwork changed since you were last featured? I have always painted a mix of subjects, and I still do, but lately I have done a group of pieces of women in kimonos. Another avenue I have enjoyed pursuing is celebratory themes: figures wi
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The Highlight Reel
In 1982, Southwest Art published the first-ever encyclopedia of leading artists of the American West. Written by Peggy and Harold Samuels, the book included some 750 artists with short biographies, samples of their signatures, and photographs of them
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Governor’s Art Show
THIS MONTH, art lovers and collectors are invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Governor’s Art Show & Sale, one of the largest juried fine-art exhibitions to exclusively showcase artists from Colorado. The 60 artists selected from 250 appl
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Fairy Tales
WALKING THROUGH the doors of Manitou Galleries this month, visitors may feel as if they’ve entered an enchanted forest in a classic children’s storybook or a colorful contemporary woodland, where the artful depiction of animals hints at timeless mora
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The Artists We Miss
Reynolds was one of the most acclaimed and admired of western artists, hailing from Scottsdale, AZ, and winning numerous awards from the Cowboy Artists of America and the Prix de West Invitational, including its purchase award. McGary’s detailed, col
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Southwest Art
Kristin Hoerth SENIOR EDITOR Allison Malafronte CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Bonnie Gangelhoff SENIOR DESIGNER Brian Roeth ■
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50 Years of Covering the West
Anniversaries are a time for celebrating the past and toasting the future, and that’s just what we’re doing this month as we mark our 50th year. We begin by honoring the 10 living painters and sculptors who have been featured most frequently in our p
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Western Art Show & Sale
ON MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, the Phippen Museum celebrates nearly 50 years of its annual Western Art Show & Sale by returning to downtown Prescott for three days of fine-art festivities. The event, which began as a fund-raiser in 1974 and led to the foun
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Joe Barbieri
JOE BARBIERI admires artists who paint loosely and impressionistically, but he admits that he is a confirmed “detail” man through and through. “I gave up years ago trying to be something I am not,” Barbieri says. “I just paint what I see and feel abo
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Marjorie Hicks
ONE DAY in a workshop, a student asked Marjorie Hicks how to paint something white against a white background. In response, Hicks quickly assembled a collection of various white objects in order to demonstrate the answer: three stuffed bunnies, a por
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Tara Will
TARA WILL used to describe herself as a homebody, but that changed dramatically when she attended her first pleinair event a decade ago. The outdoor experience was a revelation. “I hadn’t realized how much I love to travel and capture new places with
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Masters Of The American West
THE ANNUAL Masters of the American West exhibition and sale at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles is always one of the most anticipated western art shows of the year, and this year is no exception. Although there have been necessary adjustments to compl
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The Painted West
FOR AN AUTUMN SCENE set against shimmering golden aspens, Terri Kelly Moyers was sketching a blanket-draped Native American man on horseback when a gust of wind blew up. The blanket flared like a sail and the model leaned forward, spreading his arms
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Til Art Do Us Part
MANITOU GALLERIES is known for shows with imaginative concepts and titles that put a smart, engaging spin on the featured artworks. Recently, though, the gallery staff set themselves the challenge, in light of the pandemic, to do even more when plann
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Duff & Meikle
EVERY YEAR for the last six years, Cynthia Duff and Barbara Meikle have exhibited their work together at Cobalt Gallery in Tubac, AZ, at the invitation of owner Mesia Hachadorian. The gallerist sensed that the two artists would make a great pairing,
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Russell Chatham
IN HIS 80 YEARS, Russell Chatham earned a reputation as one of America’s preeminent landscape painters, sensitively capturing the light and atmosphere of the rural settings where he made his homes: first in Marin County north of his native San Franci
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Women Artists Of The West
WITH A TITLE like America the Beautiful, and a collection of artwork that organizers say is among the highest caliber they’ve seen in recent years, the Women Artists of the West’s 2021 juried exhibition is already off to a good-looking start. The 51s
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